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Supreme Auto Feminized Mix-10 Seeds
SeedSupreme Seedbank's Supreme Auto Feminized Mix is probably the best mix of autoflowering feminized cannabis seed you will ever find; premium quality seeds at a great price.

Do you want to grow cannabis but not sure which of our top strains to choose? We’ve crafted just the perfect auto flower seed pack for you.

This package boasts a wealth of high-quality autoflowering strains cleverly paired with feminized cultivars for the most robust growth and vibrant yield. The bundle guarantees a range of highs and flavors, all ready for harvest in under ten weeks.

Whether you do it inside, outside, hydroponically, or on soil, this mix pack will blow your mind with brevity and diversity.

Ready to get started? Look no further than Seed Supreme. We’re the leading provider of autoflowering seed mix packs in the USA, and you’re sure to find the best from our five prime selections.

Why we've chosen these seeds for you?

Our grower-friendly weed seed mixes offer you the best of both worlds; feminized and autoflower varieties.

All the feminized seeds in this pack can potentially produce THC levels greater than 20%. Most of these strains are suitable for new cultivators. Being autoflower, you can grow them any time of the year without worrying about light schedules.

In other words, you get superior indica, sativa, and hybrid, all in one mix. They’re also ideal for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation, with moderate to high yields. The autoflower variety pack has mixed genetics and varying flowering times to keep steadily yielding.

The seeds can be grown almost anywhere at almost anytime. Growing outside allows you to reap multiple harvests within one season. The packs blend strains suitable for cultivating together and maturing well with each other for a bountiful crop.

Choose seeds from the best bank without hopping from store to store. We then ship them in one bag so you can delight in the surprise of diverse growth.

Who is this mix good for?

Our feminized seeds pack, enriched with autoflowers, is the go-to bundle for seasoned growers striving for a quality yield in a short span.

Each of our cultivars in the bundle comes with powerful genetics. They never produce male crops to interfere with your much-needed harvest, hence maximizing convenience.

The autoflower seeds mix pack sits well with cold climate cultivators looking to collect ripe buds before the first frost sets in. It’s also suitable for gardeners in hot regions hoping for two outdoor harvests yearly.

Is this mix good for beginners?

Yes, beginner growers have every reason to welcome this clever auto flower seed pack.

Autoflowering cultivars are among the easiest to grow in our seed bank. They’re also pretty hardy, boast remarkable resilience to diseases and pests, and yield much sooner than their photoperiod counterparts. Feminized seeds only birth female crops, so sorting out the male plants isn’t an issue and the pollination risk is reduced.

Merging these winning qualities makes our mix an excellent choice for new growers starting in small spaces. This novice mix pack also means you don't have to change the light schedule, and the growing cycle is relatively fast.

Please note that while autoflowers are easy to cultivate, their short life cycle leaves little room for recovery from mistakes.

Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights Autoflower (NL) is one of the most popular strains in our autoflower mix pack and the larger legal cannabis market. It’s believed to originate from Seattle centuries ago and is a crossbreed of Thai and Afghani, rendering it an indica-dominant cultivar.

NL is a favorite among the medical community thanks to its potential to help with mood disorders, pain, lack of appetite, and insomnia. Many hail the strain for its dreamy and euphoric effects, often transporting you to a blissful, altered reality. This feeling places you in a peaceful, relaxed, and laidback atmosphere, where sleep becomes refreshing, hence ideal for evening decompressing.

Growers shopping for our mix pack prefer this strain owing to its resinous buds, quick flowering, and resilient growth. It features purple, crystal-plated buds, and its THC content ranges from 16–18%.

NL boasts a distinct piney and woodsy aroma for the perfect camping adventure reminiscence. As the sedating smoke sets in, a strong, pungent scent suddenly engulfs the space. An earth-like flavor hits your taste buds initially, which soon translates to candy-like sweetness.

The strain is relatively easy to germinate and packed with high resistance to bugs, pests, diseases, mold, and powdery mildew. It does well in soil or hydroponics and has a flowering time of 56–63 days. NL may grow bigger outdoors with sufficient space and light yielding about 2–5 oz./plant and 14–17 oz./m² indoors.

White Widow Autoflower

The White Widow Autoflower is another upbeat participant in our cheap autoflowering seed mix pack. It’s an indica-dominant cultivar combining two potent strains, Brazilian sativa landrace, and South Indian indica. Initially bred in the Netherlands, this autoflower has become an all-time favorite on every Dutch coffee shop menu since the late 90s.

The highly potent and genetically-admirable White Widow features bright flowers with crystal resin and boasts intense effects. Thanks to its instant awakening of euphoria and energy, it's a darling to many worldwide. The strain is an exciting stimulant of creativity and conversation as it quickly stirs your talkative side.

While improving your social comfort therapeutically, the cultivar doesn't leave you lethargic. Many White Widow users report it helps them with pain, stress, and anxiety relief. It’s ideal for morning use.

This feminized auto has a fantastic flavor coupled with notes of skunk, peach, fruit, and spice. Its dynamic, stinky scent easily gives it away, driving you into isolated puffs. The strain also brags immense resin production and solid THC levels ranging from 15–25%.

White Widow is one hearty survivor cultivar fairly resistant to bugs and molds. It was originally bred for indoor growth but does well outside, too, under optimal conditions. Flowering may range from 56–63 days.

Expect a yield of 10–15 oz./m² inside and 2–3 oz./plant outdoors.

Bruce Banner Autoflower

Bruce Banner Autoflower features in our autoflowering seed mix pack for its stunning size, foliage, and strength. The unique name stems from its incredibly dense buds and high THC content of up to 30%. The high potency renders it a preserve for experienced users as improper intake may cause paranoia or anxiousness.

Its effects show up quickly, making you energetic, euphoric, creative, focused, and uplifted. The impact may linger in the head for a while to provide full body relaxation and help with depression, pain, and fatigue. The strain is hence ideal for daytime enjoyment.

Make no mistake, though, as this big boy instantly hooks you with a sweet aromatic scent straight out of the container. The inviting smell features fruity and floral undertones that pair nicely with a candy flavor and an earthy, diesel, and berry-like complement. Not what you’d expect from a huge, green, and furious monster.

Bruce Banner is a sativa-dominant strain drawn from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. It boasts high mold resistance and suits even beginner growers. The hardy cultivar thrives both in and outdoors with a flowering duration of 56–63 days.

It produces a sizeable yield of up to 2–5 oz./plant outdoors and 17–21 oz./m² inside.

Tangerine Autoflower

Tangerine Autoflower is a hybrid strain tracing its generational roots to the Ch9 Aroma. It borrows the delicious name from its tangerine taste and scent spiced with notes of pineapple and mango. The feminized auto is an exceptionally potent strain with a THC content averaging 22% and sometimes hitting 25%.

Thanks to the high THC and modest CBD (about 2%), Tangerine produces sativa-inclined effects. Users may feel creative, uplifted, euphoric, and energetic to the point of boosting social stamina or experiencing occasional bouts of giggles. A pleasant sense of relaxation sets in as the initial buzz wears off.

This member of our feminized auto seed variety pack also brags life-changing medical benefits. It features myrcene, a terpene that may help reduce pain and inflammation, and pinene, which may assist with focus. Some users have also experienced stress, anxiety, and depression reduction.

While Tangerine’s fragrance is predominantly citrusy and sweet, it's known for its subtle pungent, dank, and earthy aromas. The autoflower is typically bushy and may reach up to three feet high when fully grown. It features sticky trichomes and vibrant orange pistils covering large, dense buds.

Tangerine thrives both in and outdoors, either in soil or hydroponics. Flowering takes 49–56 days. The outside yield may go up to 4 oz./plant and 14 oz./m² indoors.

Critical Autoflower

Critical Autoflower is an autoflowering variety of the legendary Critical Mass and a cross of Critical and Lowryder. It’s among the indica-dominant strains in our feminized autoflower seed variety pack boasting fast flowering. The plant develops into a short, open structure and produces dense buds coated with a mass of sparkling trichomes.

It’s a beginner-friendly strain that brags high mold resistance and thrives indoors and outdoors. Critical autoflowering feminized seeds sit well with the SOG and ScrOG growing methods, and flowering may take 56–63 days.

Outdoor plants are typically taller, yielding 2–7 oz./plant and 1–3 oz./m² inside. The strain produces a sweet, fruity, lemon, and woody flavor for a delightful mix of puffs. Expect euphoric, relaxed, calming, creative, giggly, hungry, sleepy, and uplifting effects to crown the aromatic scent.

This cultivar has a 16–18% THC content, lower than the original version. It may be ideal for helping with insomnia, stress, and anxiety. It may also work well for patients trying to strengthen their THC tolerance with a milder, more manageable strain.

Despite the slightly lower potency, this autoflower only incurs minimal effort for maximum rewards.

Let’s help you grow with variety

Diversification is the secret to thriving in the vast cannabis industry. What better way to do it than with a cleverly selected mix of superior quality feminized autoflower seeds?

If you haven't started this journey yet, you’re missing out. Our results-driven autoflower seed variety pack features top-shelf strains ideal for all growers and stoners. They’re all easy to germinate and boast multiple sticky, aromatic delights.

Even better, every purchase at Seed Supreme affords you awesome deals, including:

  • A rich selection of cannabis strains
  • Numerous available weed seed variety packs
  • Safe, tracked, and discrete shipping in the USA
  • Loyal customer discount for free seeds
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Many payment options (including crypto)

Order our autoflower seed mix today and start experiencing the best of sativa, indica, and everything in between. Never again should you settle for less when we’ve got you covered.

Happy growing!

More Information
Strain IconsAutoflower, Feminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthMixed
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering TimeMixed
GrowsGreenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outside
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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