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Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds

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Pick up the scent of a mature Blue Cheese plant from far away and you’re either hooked or horrified. A firm favorite for millions and maligned by millions more, this herb never fails to divide the cannabis community with her signature stink...

Parmesan of the Pot World


Bud Basics

Guaranteed to test the palates of even the most seasoned stoners, Blue Cheese Feminized is inimitable, unmistakable and entirely uncompromising. You usually know whether you’re going to love or hate this stuff before you get anywhere near a batch.


Pick up the scent of a these plants maturing from far away and you’re either hooked or horrified. A firm favorite for millions and maligned by millions more, this herb never fails to divide the cannabis community with her signature stink.


Combined by bringing together the genetics of UK Cheese and Blueberry, this hybrid is a remarkable piece of pot engineering, delivering exactly what you’d expect from this kind of unification.


All the dank, funky and pungent stink of top-shelf Cheese weed, with the curious addition of sweet and sour berries. The result of which is an aroma you can only compare to stale cheesecake - not that you’ll have sniffed many stale cheesecakes in your life, but you get the point.


Aside from a truly unique fragrance and flavor profile, Blue Cheese impresses with an average THC content around 20%. Leaning predominantly towards the Indica side of the spectrum, this herb delivers a powerful and long-lasting body stone, which, rather than hitting like a ton of bricks, comes on much more gradually.


She's also a surprisingly simple strain to grow – though the same cannot be said for keeping these buds under wraps.


Long story short, you won’t know whether this is a strain you can handle until you’ve put her to the test. In any case, you can’t consider yourself a true cannabis connoisseur until you do!



Flavor and Fragrance of Blue Cheese Feminized

It’s not that Blue Cheese has a one-dimensional fragrance and flavor. It’s just that once you’ve picked up on that cheesy goodness, it’s almost impossible to focus on anything else. And that’s precisely what gets to work on the nose straight away – a curiously convincing cheese fragrance, with all the ripeness and pungency you’d expect from a wedge of the good stuff.


The difference with Blue Cheese - there’s also a distinct fruity-berry scent in the background. The cheese fragrance is far more pronounced, but you can definitely pick up on something sweet and almost candy-like in this herb's subtler nuances.


Set light to the buds and things really get interesting, with an inhale that’s bursting with berry flavors and just a small sprinkle of peppery spice. All of which practically disappears on the exhale, replaced instead with an eye-wateringly funky cheese aftertaste like properly aged parmesan. 


Needless to say, this stuff isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but is nonetheless a true showstopper you have to experience to appreciate.




Blue Cheese Feminized is a predominantly Indica strain, with just 20% Sativa genetics in her composition. Exactly as you’d expect from a strain with around 20% THC, this herb has more than enough power and potency to bring on a prolonged bout of laziness and near-numbness of the body.


Thankfully, as she's more of a creeper than a hard-hitter, this stuff is fantastically controllable and hugely versatile.


The mild Sativa side of the high kicks in first, in the form of a gentle yet enjoyable wave of pleasant positivity that fills the brain with happy thoughts. Nothing close to soaring euphoria or mindless giggles, but more than enough to have you forgetting the troubles of the day and focusing on everything that’s good with the world.


Slowly but surely, Blue Cheese then begins a journey from the neck down, relaxing the muscles and bringing a feeling of heaviness to the limbs. This cannabis can and will lock you to the couch if you want it to, but can also be great for a much more controllable state of drowsy enjoyment.


Take things slow and give each hit a while to work some magic, if staying in control is your aim.


Dry-mouth and the munchies are more or less guaranteed, so making allowances in advance is the way to go. High-THC batches of Blue Cheese Feminuzed should be approached with caution by novice smokers, as the high can be quite intense at its peak and has a tendency to linger for a good 3 hours at least.



Medical Uses of Blue Cheese Feminized

Blue Cheese has become a go-to for therapeutic cannabis users, famed for her capacity to quickly and effectively eliminate aches and pains from head to toe. Though not without psychological applications, it’s predominantly a physical therapy experience for the duration of the high.


In addition, the fact that the high comes on relatively slowly makes this marijuana a great choice for users with an underdeveloped THC tolerance. Despite weighing in at around 20% THC, Blue Cheese isn’t an inaccessible OTT strain for novice smokers. It’s simply a case of taking your time and carefully moderating your intake, rather than going at it both barrels.


These buds bring on a deeply relaxing body stone that lingers for hours, making them great for dealing with mild to moderate pain and general physical ailments. You'll also find this herb is an excellent sleep aid when consumed at the right time and in the right quantities, and a popular choice for the treatment of occasional bouts of insomnia.


Poor appetite and nausea are also known to respond well to the measured intake of Blue Cheese, as relatively frantic bouts of the munchies are all-but guaranteed.



Growing Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds

The only (arguable) negative aspect of growing Blue Cheese Feminized is the way in which the stink is practically impossible to keep under wraps. Not that this is an issue if you’re fond of such funky fragrances, which will permeate every inch of your property relentlessly for the duration.


Other than this, everything about the cultivation process is an absolute joy. This ganja demonstrates excellent resistance to most common plant pests and problems, so no major TLC is needed along the way.


It’s worth remembering that this herb has ancestry with roots in the UK – a place notorious for its consistently lousy weather. All of which means that irrespective of where you live, you’ll probably get away with cultivating a crop of Blue Cheese Feminized outdoors, if you prefer.


As this is the feminized version, you’re more or less guaranteed the total exclusion of male plants from the equation.


Flowering times average around nine weeks, after which a well-grown outdoor specimen could net you close to 20oz of quality weed from a single plant. Though again, be sure to factor that signature stink into the equation – discretion and Blue Cheese don’t make the best of bedfellows!




Blue Cheese Feminized is a strain that’s well and truly worthy of her legendary status. Even if this herb turns out to be more than you can handle, this is the kind of one-off hybrid you have to experience to appreciate. Though chances are, you’ll get a serious kick out of it.


Easy to grow, perfectly potent and relentlessly relaxing, Blue Cheese has enjoyable indulgence written all over. Just don’t be surprised if the funk of her fragrance catches you off guard with that first sniff – it’s a weird one to get your head around!

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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