Green Crack Feminized Seeds

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Green Crack Feminized Seeds

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From an enjoyable wake and bake to an essential afternoon pick-up, Green Crack Feminized is simply unbeatable when you need an energy boost...

Snoop Dogg Endorsed Dank 


Bud Basics

Green Crack was originally known as Cush, before being given a new and wholly unofficial name by Snoop Dogg, inspired by the addictively delicious and energizing essence of this super strain. Given his knowledge and influence, it’s hardly surprising that this hybrid caught on immediately – both in terms of her name and general prowess.


Rest assured - this is 100% cannabis at its finest. If you’re on the lookout for something fragrant, flavorful and fantastic as a daytime smoke, Green Crack is no less than a dream come true.


One of the most celebrated daytime strains in the history of commercial cannabis, this stuff has the power to energize and invigorate like nothing else out there, without the risk of a catastrophic crash on the other side. 


From an enjoyable wake and bake to an essential afternoon pick-up, Green Crack Feminized is simply unbeatable when you need an energy boost. Of course, the fact that this hybrid smells and tastes absolutely dreamy is an added bonus – as is the surprisingly modest THC content for less experienced smokers.


Something of a mystery treat, there are two main phenos you can expect with Green Crack - a 65% Sativa-dominant variety and a 75% Indica-dominant specimen. The Sativa pheno is by far the most popular, and where the instant recharge and energizing properties are at their strongest. If you happen upon an Indica-dominant batch, you’re in for a more relaxing experience.


Green Crack’s THC content varies from 15% to 20% - usually hovering around 17%. While this means this hybrid isn’t the most potent specimen, it also significantly improves her versatility and appeal.


Rather than reducing you to a quivering mass of nervous hysterics, this powerful bud energizes you in just the right way. Even if you’re relatively new to cannabis consumption, you’ll find Green Crack an enjoyable and controllable strain.



 Flavor and Fragrance of Green Crack Feminized

The most prominent and prolific terpenes in the average batch of Green Crack are myrcene, beta caryophyllene, alpha pinene, humulene and beta pinene.


On the nose, the fragrance is dominated by a primarily fruity-citrus aroma, with plenty of freshly dug earth and a good amount of dank. There’s a sharpness to the fragrance when the buds are broken, releasing a wave of heavy dank that gives you some indication of the experience to follow.


The first flavor to hit the taste buds is one of sweet and sour citrus, which makes for a tangy and enjoyable experience that has you instantly craving more. On the exhale, a well cured batch of Green Crack can leave behind anything from punchy pineapple to juicy mango tang, making for a moreish aftertaste that is simply irresistible.


Though dense and heavy enough to be extremely satisfying, Green Crack produces a smoke that is also refreshing and rarely cough-inducing.




It’s difficult to describe or understand what Green Crack Feminized is all about, without giving this stuff a try yourself. Though she typically comprises approximately 65% Sativa genetics and 35% Indica genetics, these buds get to work like a pure 100% Sativa specimen.


Perhaps the best way of describing it is a little like chugging down a huge cup of potent coffee, though without the nervousness that often accompanies a caffeine overdose.


Initially, the effect gets to work on the mind, bringing on waves of positivity, optimism and the feeling that you could quite easily conquer the world. This quickly subsides to create a lasting feeling of motivation and beautifully balanced energy, keeping you fired up for hours on end.


Despite all this, Green Crack can be counted on to bring you back down to earth gently and with no sudden drop or stoneover to worry about.


All of which adds up to one of the most effective and enjoyable daytime strains you’ll ever lay your hands on. Whether you’re looking to get the day off the best possible start or simply feeling a little drowsy in the afternoon, a couple of hits of this stuff and you’re back at your best for the duration.


In most instances, THC hovers around the 17% mark – sometimes as low as 15%, often in excess of 20%, so keep in mind that this stuff is more than powerful enough to have the desired effect, but isn’t going to knock you off your feet. Still, novice smokers should approach those first few hits with caution, just in case yours turns out to be a super-potent batch.



 Medical Uses of Green Crack Feminized

A true batch of Green Crack Feminized will contain no CBD whatsoever, therefore isn’t suitable for those solely interested in the potential therapeutic applications of CBD. There are, however, alternative forms of this hybrid available with an elevated CBD content and minimal THC.


Nonetheless, millions of patients have come to count on Green Crack for the treatment of a long list of medical symptoms and conditions. At this point, it’s also worth noting that this strain may be a less suitable strain for those who are prone to anxiety, panic attacks or paranoia. Batches with an elevated THC content can hit quite hard at first, which can cause mind-race for those with a low THC tolerance.


Otherwise, Green Crack is literally the strain to turn to when you’re in need of an energy boost. If you are struggling with chronic fatigue, a lack of enthusiasm or a general issue with your mood, this stuff will bring you right around. It’s also noted for bringing on bursts of creativity and inspiration, injecting life into even the most mundane activities.


Patients with concentration issues and mood disorders have also responded positively to the controlled intake of Green Crack, as have those struggling with the after-effects of poor sleep.



Growing Green Crack Feminized Seeds

Anyone planning on growing Green Crack Feminized can expect a relatively straightforward experience from start to finish. Even if you’ve no expertise and no space more appropriate than a closet or windowsill, you’ll still produce a decent amount of quality weed with little to no effort required - especially if you choose feminized seeds, in order to keep male plants out of the equation.


Outdoors, you’ll need relatively stable and predictable Mediterranean-like conditions to get the job done. Indoors, humidity should be kept relatively low, as one of the only issues with Green Crack is her susceptibility to powdery mildew. Keeping things between 70° F and 80° F is the way to go, after which you’ll be looking at plants of approximately 3 feet in height with a flowering time of eight weeks.


Yields vary from moderate to excellent – anything up to 20oz of outstanding cannabis for every square meter of grow space. If planting outdoors, plan to harvest at the end of September for the best possible results.




Green Crack has the kind of superstar following that says all that needs to be said about her profound appeal. By a clear margin, this stuff really is as good as it gets for an energizing pick-up at any time of day, without taking you over edge.


Whether it’s a boring afternoon at the office or a bunch of chores you’d rather not do, Snoop Dogg’s favorite strain here is all about getting the job done with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.


Stress, depression and fatigue are also no match for this stuff, which as an added bonus is also pretty easy to grow.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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