Blueberry x Big Bud Autoflower Seeds

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Blueberry x Big Bud Autoflower Seeds

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Potent, punchy and perfectly pleasant on the nose, this is the epitome of a crowd-pleaser you can’t help but be enamored with. Just be sure to tread with caution at first – 24% THC at the top-end of the scale can be more than most newcomers can handle!

The Best Just Got Better


Bud Basics

Combining all the most admirable aspects of two of the world’s most celebrated strains, what you’re looking at here is an Indica-leaning hybrid of truly epic proportions. One that guarantees a skyrocketing cerebral high, which quickly subsides into a deep and long-lasting body stone that seems to linger forever.


When you think about it, there was no way this union was ever going to disappoint. Blueberry x Big Bud basically combines all the juicy-fruity fragrances of Blueberry with the colossal yields you’d expect from Big Bud. None of the quality or defining characteristics of this impressive hybrid's parents have been diluted – it’s a case of getting the best of both worlds in a single strain.


Typically measuring for a THC content of around 20%, potency may vary from 16% right up to 24%. This herb's therefore not a strain to approach without due care and caution, due to her potential to blast you into oblivion, without so much as an apology.


By contrast, growing your own at home is an entirely more forgiving process from start to finish. Even with zero cultivation experience, you’ll be looking at decent yields of a true superstar strain in no time at all. One with all the looks, fragrance, flavor and enjoyment you’d expect from an all-star celebrity lineage.



Flavor and Fragrance of Blueberry x Big Bud

Bringing the most beautiful characteristics of her parent strains to the forefront, the fragrance of this herb is dominated by buckets of sweet and sour blueberries, though with just the right amount of skunky spice in the mix.


Break and burn the buds for an even more intoxicating experience, blasting wave after wave of funky-fruity goodness into every corner of the room.


Blueberry x Big Bud is everything a good dessert strain should be, making her the perfect pot to reach for after a meal. This herb's basically a zero-calorie dessert in her own right, overwhelming the palate with sugary sweetness and fresh fruits that linger for hours on end. All with just a touch of peppery spice, making for an altogether more complex and intriguing experience.




Blueberry x Big Bud has the kind of fresh, fruity and fantastically appealing flavor that gives no indication of the wallop to follow. Particularly if you find yourself holding a 24% THC batch, this stuff hits like a sledgehammer in a matter of seconds. Despite being a predominantly Indica strain, the soaring cerebral high that comes on in an instant is simply astonishing.


Basically a one-way ticket to another dimension, the overwhelming sense of euphoria this stuff brings on is beyond compare. Within a matter of seconds, you’re propelled completely into a state you’ve never experienced before – one you’ll probably wish you could stay in for good.


Nevertheless, 30 minutes or so into the ride and things become all the more physical. The initial wave of euphoria gives way to a lingering and dreamy sense of happiness, as the body gradually begins to feel heavier, heavier and heavier still. It’s only a matter of time until you’re more or less affixed to a comfortable surface for the next few hours, so you’ll want to make sure there’s one within easy reach.


Sleepiness is also part and parcel of the experience, so it’s important to time your consumption of Blueberry x Big Bud carefully. Give things a few hours and the heaviness in your body will make its way to your eyelids, making it almost impossible to stay awake - though not before you’ve gone through one hell of a case of the munches.


Again, prepping in advance is the order of the day with this hard-hitting strain!



Medical Uses of Blueberry x Big Bud

Frankly, there isn’t much this all-star Indica hybrid can’t do on the therapeutic side of the scale. Both in terms of its psychological and physiological impact, the list of ailments this ganja gets to work on in seconds is practically endless.


For a good while at least, there isn’t a mental malady that isn’t wiped completely out of contention when Blueberry x Big Bud gets to work. Even the most intensive and lingering feelings of stress, depression and negativity are blasted into the middle of next week. Once the resulting daydream-like state of tranquility kicks in, you’re riding wave after wave of positive thoughts for the next few hours at least.


Once the physical side of the stone kicks in, it makes light work of all types of aches, pains, stiffness and unease from head to toe, getting to work with an almost narcotic-level numbing quality.


These buds are a powerful and long-lasting painkiller, though in the sense that they will also more or less incapacitate you for the duration. If a comatose state of relaxation for the next few hours is what you crave, Blueberry x Big Bud is just about as good as it gets.


This herb has also got more than enough power and potency to send you to sleep as the experience winds down, making it great for the alleviation of occasional insomnia.



Growing Blueberry x Big Bud Seeds

Possibly the crowning glory of the hard-hitting strain – this hybrid is also just about as easy to grow as it gets. Indoors and in the right conditions, you’ll be looking at plants that often don’t reach more than around 60cm in height - perfect if looking to make the best possible use of all available space, where space happens to be at a premium.


Expect dense and bushy foliage that warrants an occasional trim, though that’s more or less where the maintenance comes to an end.


From seed to harvest, Blueberry x Big Bud is capable of getting the job done in as little as 10 weeks. As this is the autoflower version, your plants will automatically switch to the flowering stage at the right time. Again, making the whole thing an absolute breeze for first-time growers.


Yields tend to be more or less what you’d expect from such compact specimens, which you should be looking to harvest towards the beginning of October if growing outdoors.




Combine the genetics of two celebrity strains and you’re more or less guaranteed more of the same. A point proven in the case of Blueberry x Big Bud, which combines all the legendary qualities of Blueberry with the prolific production of Big Bud. Not to mention, a seriously accelerated seed-to-harvest time of just 10 weeks or so.


Potent, punchy and perfectly pleasant on the nose, this is the epitome of a crowd-pleaser you can’t help but be enamored with. Just be sure to tread with caution at first – 24% THC at the top-end of the scale can be more than most newcomers can handle!

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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