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Cannatonic Feminized Seeds

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Cannatonic may be credited with starting the CBD weed movement, but there’s so much more to this iconic strain than her medicinal value alone. Slowly but surely, cannabis connoisseurs are waking up to the fact that getting high isn’t only about getting as high as you possibly can...

The Original, The Best – An Unstoppable Success Story


Bud Basics

Introducing one of the most iconic, celebrated and successful CBD-heavy strains of all time. Though in this instance, in the form of a feminized version to drive the biggest and best yields possible. Cannatonic has been around for some time now, though remains the undisputed champion of therapeutic cannabis in the eyes of millions.


Having been modified and reinvented dozens of times over the years, Cannatonic takes on a striking variety of forms these days. In most instances, characterized by the fact that her CBD content either equals or outweighs her THC content, with average ranges between 7% and 15%.


It’s actually more common for a good batch to contain more CBD than THC - in some cases, double the content! - giving this herb the kind of therapeutic appeal that goes beyond most medicinal strains. It is, however, also possible to find yourself a batch with slightly more THC. In any case, this herb's almost always a fantastically balanced and delightfully decadent smoke, with appeal that isn’t exclusively therapeutic.


The original Cannatonic was unleashed several years ago, created by combining the genetics of G13 Haze and MK Ultra. Since then, the strain's gone on to win an extensive list of Cannabis Cup awards, while being credited in large with spurring much of the CBD movement in the United States and Europe.


With her perfectly balanced composition of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genetics, Cannatonic Feminizedis everything an accessible and enjoyable session smoke should be. Not to mention, a fragrant and flavorful strain that delivers a potent dose of therapeutic CBD with each and every hit.



Flavor and Fragrance of Cannatonic Feminized

This is a strain with a unique terpene composition, dominated by Myrcene, Pinene and Caryophyllene. The result of which is a fragrance dominated by wet earth and classic dankness, punctuated by pockets of sharp citrus and pine freshness.


Though not the most complex of fragrances, it's one that hits the nose with a classic cannabis punch you can’t help but admire. The lemony-orange notes become more pronounced when the buds are burned, though can be picked out even more precisely when vaped.


Smooth, satisfying and seriously enjoyable, Cannatonic is famed for a pleasing and palatable taste. Again, nothing particularly complex or unusual – just the usual notes of pine, sour citrus and dank earth. Think your classic early 90s Skunk and you’ll be heading in the right direction.




It’s often assumed that Cannatonic’s appeal is exclusive to therapeutic cannabis users. In reality, this herb is one of the most enjoyable session smokes you’ll ever experience – whatever your tastes and preferences happen to be.


This hybrid may contain a seriously generous dose of CBD, but can also pack a surprisingly potent THC punch. Depending on the batch you pick up, either or both cannabinoids can vary in concentration from 7% right up to 15%. CBD is known for countering the effects of THC, but it depends entirely on how much of each makes it into the mix.


In any case, Cannatonic Feminized is a consistently controllable and beautifully balanced strain, which you can count on for a gentle and enjoyable brain and body buzz. This is a strain that’s almost impossible to get carried away with, irrespective of how much you smoke, and is also about as good as it gets for novice users and anyone with a low THC tolerance.


The gentle mood-boosting uplift is complemented with a relaxing and warming physical stone – neither of which will affect your ability to function. Mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends – every time of day and night is the perfect time to reach for some quality Cannatonic.



Medical Uses of Cannatonic Feminized

Of course, it’s the therapeutic properties of this CBD-heavy strain that have made her so legendary. One of the most popular and successful medical marijuana strains of all time, Cannatonic is a go-to for the alleviation of countless symptoms and mаlаdies. A few examples of which include muscle spasms, migraines, chronic pain, inflammation and arthritis.


The mood-boosting properties of Cannatonic also make this ganja great for getting to grips with depression, anxiety and negativity. High CBD content and comparatively low THC content make this pot perfect for newcomers to therapeutic weed, with next to no risk of negative side effects.


Even with a rock-bottom THC tolerance, you’re highly unlikely to experience paranoia, panic attacks or disorientation with this strain.


As both CBD and THC concentrations vary significantly from one batch to the next, starting out slow is always sensible. Give things a few minutes to find out what you’re dealing with, before increasing your intake as required.



Growing Cannatonic Feminized Seeds

Cultivating youр own crop of CBD-heavy weed from scratch can be surprisingly simple. There’s really only one issue to bear in mind with this particular strain, which is her unfortunate susceptibility to mold and mildew. This doesn’t make her a tricky strain to grow – it simply means you need to keep a careful an eye on humidity levels, while treating that foliage to the occasional trim.


Other than this, there really isn’t a great deal else to it. Growing indoors is perfectly possible, as Cannatonic Feminizedplants top out at a medium height. As this is the feminized version of the strain, you won’t have to worry about unwanted male plants posing a threat to your females. Ensuring humidity levels are held at around 40% or lower during the flowering stage is essential to keep those huge and densely constructed buds safe.


Give your plants everything they need and they’ll give you plenty in return. Anything up to 14oz of bud for every single plant, depending on how well you fulfill their requirements. Flowering times average around 10 weeks, which isn’t long to wait for a king’s ransom in world-class therapeutic weed.




Cannatonic may be credited with starting the CBD weed movement, but there’s so much more to this iconic strain than her medicinal value alone. Slowly but surely, cannabis connoisseurs are waking up to the fact that getting high isn’t only about getting as high as you possibly can.


Often pairing equal quantities of CBD and THC – anything from 7% to 15% in both instances – Cannatonic is perhaps the ultimate session smoke for any occasion. Ideal for when you’re craving a mild brain and body buzz, but aren’t interested in blowing yourself into oblivion.


She's also a fantastically fragrant and flavorful smoke – all the attributes of the world’s best weed, without the usual face-melting potency. Not to mention, with the added bonus of being pretty simple to grow indoors, with no specific knowledge or experience necessary.

Strain Profile
THC ContentLow (5-10%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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