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Blueberry Regular Seeds

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Blueberry is a product of pure enjoyment from top to bottom. Along with a truly legendary fragrance and flavor profile, this herb hits hard with a classic head-to-toe Indica body stone...

Five Decades of Pure Pleasure

Bud Basics

There aren’t many strains on the market right now that have even nearly the same kind of legacy as Blueberry. Though the exact origins are still heavily disputed, what we know for sure is that this fantastically fruity herb has been dominating the commercial cannabis scene for more than 50 years.

Blueberry is everything you would expect from a textbook Indica-heavy strain (80%). Though in this instance, with a flavor and fragrance unlike any strain to have made a mark on the scene to date.

This multiple award-winning strain typically measures for a THC content of around 20%, though the potency can vary from 16% to more than 23%. All of which is part of the fun – you never quite know how hard she’s going to hit you. But hit you she will, as Blueberry is the epitome of a devil in disguise.

Sweet and innocent-looking in every way, this herb entices you in with an irresistible fragrance, only to tear you to shreds as a reward. A hard-hitting Indica everyone needs to experience at least once, though at the same time is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

This is the kind of strain that proves you cannot (or at least should not) judge a book by its cover. Sweet, innocent and inviting on the surface, Blueberry is a true black widow of a cannabis strain. Push your luck and she’ll rip your head clean off your shoulders, but not before taking you on the all-round sensory ride of a lifetime.

A quintessentially anti-social strain that’s all about self-indulgence, Blueberry is as good as it gets for a bit of me-time. She’s also exceptionally easy to grow.

Flavor and Fragrance of Blueberry Regular

Blueberry has a unique terpene composition (dominated by myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene), which somehow results in the most mouthwatering fruity fragrance with lashings of super-sweet blueberries. Light years ahead of comparable fruity cannabis strains, you can pick up on the unique scent of this stuff from a mile away.

At which point, resistance is futile and there’s no going back.

The flavor of Blueberry is every bit as decadent as you’d expect. Masses of sweet and sour berry flavors, coupled with classic skunky funk and just a tiny amount of spice. The aftertaste is one of pure sugar, which coats the mouth with a sticky-sweet sensation that lingers indefinitely.

Reaching for more immediately after each hit is practically inevitable.


Let your guard down for one second and Blueberry will steamroll you. She’s got the kind of sweet and innocent fragrance and flavor that suggest a gentle and accessible session smoke – the reality being the exact opposite.

With a decent batch of Blueberry, two or three tokes is enough to floor you… literally! This stuff is notorious for hitting in seconds with the kind of power and potency even experienced stoners find difficult to handle.

The heaviness that tears through the body has to be experienced to be appreciated, quickly graduating to tingling numbness right through to the extremities. Having a soft and comfortable piece of furniture nearby is recommended – hitting this herb hard in public places is not!

Blueberry is one of the best strains you’ll ever lay your hands on for relaxed afternoons and evenings doing absolutely nothing. Much of the pleasure is attributed to the fact that these buds keep you surprisingly clear-headed and sharp for the duration, so you can actually appreciate and enjoy the experience.

Lifting a finger will seem like the ultimate challenge for hours on end, which can cause complications when the munchies kick in… and they will.

Suffice to say, toying with Blueberry as a newcomer isn’t a good idea – irrespective of whether you end up with a 16% batch or a 23% batch.

Medical Uses of Blueberry Regular

Blueberry is good for a mild mood-boost, but it’s primarily a physical experience. Hence, the medical applications of this herb are likewise more physical in nature. Particularly where pain relief is called for, there are few strains that get to work as quickly or effectively as this.

Medical marijuana users rave about Blueberry’s capacity to deal with moderate to severe pain conditions, often better than conventional pharmaceuticals.

This pot replaces pain and discomfort with a feeling of warm and relaxing numbness, which gets to work on the entire body from head to toe. Headaches, migraines, joint stiffness, muscle pains and so on – all are known to respond extremely well to the measured intake of these buds.

She’s also a great strain for gradually bringing on a deep and undisturbed night’s sleep, making this herb just the thing for combating bouts of insomnia.

The munchies Blueberry can bring on are just as legendary as the strain itself – perfect for patients with appetite issues, not so great for those watching their waistlines!

Growing Blueberry Regular Seeds

As this is the regular version of Blueberry, you will typically be looking at an even 50/50 of male plants to female plants. Ideal if you’re planning on creating your own new-generation hybrids, otherwise it’s simply a case of plucking out the males from your grow as they appear.

Blueberry Regular has the capacity to deliver the most generous yields of any variant, after a flowering time that averages around nine weeks.

The plants themselves rarely reach more than 100cm in height, making this a fantastic strain to grow in a confined indoor or outdoor space. And as an added bonus, heritage rooted in mountainous regions means these plants have got the durability and vigor to deal with comparatively tough weather conditions outdoors.

Treat your Blueberry Regular plants to plenty of nutrients and careful pruning and they’ll treat you to so much more in return. Even if you’ve never grown a single cannabis plant before, you’ll find this an easy specimen to get started with.


Blueberry is a product of pure enjoyment from top to bottom. Along with a truly legendary fragrance and flavor profile, this herb hits hard with a classic head-to-toe Indica body stone.

Easy to grow and with a long list of therapeutic applications to her name, Blueberry is a multi-award-winning strain that towers over the competition. As long as you can handle the punch – which is pretty powerful to say the least – this ganja guarantees an unforgettable ride.

Strain Profile
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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