Black Domina Feminized Seeds

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Black Domina Feminized Seeds

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With a flavor and aroma leaning towards a musky earthiness, spruced with hints of berries that add a decadent sweet sourness to the mix, these buds were born for cannabis connoisseurs...

The Batwoman of Bud?


Bud Basics

The Batwoman of bud - Black Domina Feminized is a potent, but not overpowering, Indica-dominant beauty that’s as dark as the night, capable of knocking your lights out, and as globally beloved as the famous fictional caped crusader (and perhaps equally as unstable… but not in a bad way!)


Combining the genetics of Hash with Amsterdam icon Northern Lights and one of the legend’s own progenies, Ortega, plus an Afghani landrace, all led to the creation of this darker than midnight marijuana - a soothing and spectacular specimen by all accounts.


Achieving more fame than such quintessential parent strains was never going to be easy, but the formidable Black Domina may just have managed that with her 95% Indica genetics, 18% average THC and habit of producing generous harvests with practically zero grower input.


With a flavor and aroma leaning towards a musky earthiness, spruced with hints of berries that add a decadent sweet sourness to the mix, these buds were born for cannabis connoisseurs.


With such dark connotations, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Black Domina Feminized is also one best saved for evening consumption (or weekend use when you have literally nothing to do - ‘cause you won’t be getting far beyond the couch when these buds are in play).


Anyone seeking cannabis for therapeutic use will need a strong tolerance for THC to withstand the powerful and swift-hitting kick of this stuff, but it’s well worth it as these buds have a wide range of medical benefits in store.


This hybrid is an example of ganja genetic work at its finest - a specimen which perfectly embodies her parents while standing out strikingly as a strain of her own. From the enormous resin production of Northern Lights to the strongly euphoric sedative influence of Ortega, the swift flowering of Hash and the endless natural resilience of her Afghani landrace lineage, it’s no wonder why Black Domina has herself become mother to countless cannabis champions of the modern age.



Flavor and Fragrance of Black Domina Feminized

With an alluring blend of myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene terpenes, Black Domina delivers a musky earthiness punctuated by hints of berries and a spicy pepperiness which combine in a nuanced and downright delicious experience.


There’s more of a strong herbal quality to these buds on both the nose and tongue, rather than a citric cornucopia per-say, but one thing’s for sure - this strain is impossible not to love, and a safe bet for even the choosiest cannabis connoisseur.




While THC averaging just under the 20% mark might not sound particularly potent (certainly to the more seasoned recreational smokers), Black Domina Feminized is more than capable of making a fool out of any who underestimate her.


This stuff hits so fast that before you know it, you’re all tingly and warm in all the right places. A few tokes in and all your cares beyond the moment have faded away, replaced by a compelling sense of euphoric sedation.


How long it takes you to get from the tip of this experience to the hit in full swing will depend largely on your THC tolerance, but it’s best to anticipate wisely and be at the ready to sink into the couch and indulge in a book, some Netflix or music, for example - soon enough, you’ll not want for much else.


A virtually guaranteed case of the munchies is never too far off, so stock up on snacks before you get comfy!


Black Domina is absolutely all about those lazy times and your stereotypical stoner mong-out.



Medical Uses of Black Domina Feminized

While a low 0.3% CBD to speak of combined with a reasonably high THC content might put some patients off the idea of using Black Domina as a therapeutic strain, you’d be remiss not to consider the benefits of these buds and a little of their THC therapy.


Keep in mind, even seasoned stoners should approach this stuff with caution - if your THC tolerance or your interest in psychoactive pot is low, especially, then consume with care. Stay hydrated and monitor your dosage with a few hits at a time and you’ll mitigate any risk of the adverse side effects of high THC weed.


The primary medical uses of Black Domina Feminized tend towards offering physical relief, given the hybrid’s strong Indica leanings, and many patients find solace from the likes of migraines, cramps, muscle spasms, joint pains and more thanks to the potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this stuff.


Feelings of nausea quickly evaporate under this pot’s influence, replaced by ravenous hunger which can help restore even extreme cases of lost appetite.


But the medical efficacy of this hybrid is not limited to the physical form, and you’ll find an abundance of therapeutic benefit in these buds for conditions ranging from malaise to mood swings, stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD (to name a few).


Last but not least, the powerful sedative influence of this marijuana strain is not to be underestimated, and even those with superhuman THC tolerance can (and likely will) feel the weight of their own eyelids as this high wears on (or is added to with additional doses) - consequently, insomnia doesn’t stand much of a chance at keeping you up when this weed works her Indica magic.



Growing Black Domina Feminized Seeds

While this hybrid is certainly within the reach of the less experienced cultivators, you’ll find that it can take a more adept hand with developed green thumbs to raise these plants to their full potential.


Nonetheless, typically speaking, this is a dependable Indica experience, and growing Black Domina Feminized won’t present too many challenges.


You can expect these plants to remain on the smaller side of the scales, topping out at roughly 1 meter tall even in optimal conditions. As with any good Indica, you’ll find this strain comes with an inherent natural resilience to common plant-related problems like mold, and a propensity for dense and multiple budding sites.


Thanks to a high calyx to leaf ratio, you’ll find trimming your Black Domina plants a simple task - and one well worth the effort, as this will help promote maximum bud production.


The strong Indica genetics here make this hybrid able to thrive outdoors even in less than ideal climates, however, you’ll want to plant these beans in a warm Mediterranean-like climate for the best possible results.


A Sea of Green (SoG) setup is also advisable, if you’re able, and will help you reach that bountiful harvest you’ve been dreaming of.


As these beauties start to mature, the visual display is truly enlivening to experience, but for those of you with the delicate skills needed for the job - shock your Black Domina Fem crop with colder night time temperatures in the final weeks of flowering and you’ll boost that bag appeal through the roof.


Careful though - gorgeous though the colors of this ganja are, this does nothing for the potency of your buds (and is a notable risk for anyone unpracticed in this technique).


Overall, expect between 6 and 8 weeks of flowering, after which the indoor grower can look forward to up to 450 grams per meter squared for their efforts. Outdoor cultivators, you’re in store for up to 700 grams per plant of these enticing dark green crystal-coated bud beauties.




An Indica-dominant hybrid born of legends, to give birth to legends - Black Domina Feminized is a prime example of genetic engineering to masterful levels, representing a highly efficient, effective and desirable specimen.


The only real challenge cultivators face when growing this ganja is bringing out the full and glorious potential of these plants and their exquisite, haunting and alluring range of deep, inviting colors.


With those dark green hues adding bag appeal for days, you’ll soon see why these buds are swiftly snapped up whenever and wherever they surface.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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