Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

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Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

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A hit with recreational and medicinal users, Northern Lights is full of sweet pine scents and spicy flavors, delighting the taste buds before she begins to delight the mind with her stimulating mood-enhancement...

Kick Back into Bliss & Euphoria


Bud Basics

Since Northern Lights Feminized is highly-regarded and has been awarded many times over, you’d expect her to have an illustrious heritage - and you wouldn’t be wrong. Though not 100% certain, most in the cannabis community agree that this herb's genetics can be traced back to two prominent landrace strains, since she clearly takes her blissful, relaxing effects from Afghani (alongside her excellent growth traits) and her euphoric buzz from her Sativa-side, where Thai comes into play.


A hit with recreational and medicinal users, Northern Lights is full of sweet pine scents and spicy flavors, delighting the taste buds before she begins to delight the mind with her stimulating mood-enhancement. As her Indica-dominance takes the stage, your body will relax and unwind to the tune of calm tranquility before finally, her high sends you off to dreamland.


For those seeking relief from maladies via medicinal marijuana, Northern Lights Fem can free the mind of stress and depression, improve lack of appetite, resolve insomnia and provide great comfort for a variety of physiological issues including migraines and arthritis.


If you’re a beginner or an experienced grower, this is a strain that boasts hardiness to adverse weather conditions, resilience to pests and disease, and can recover from most mistakes. Throw in the fact that these seeds are feminized, and all you’re left with is the requirement to keep her trimmed and pruned - it’s hard to go wrong with Northern Lights, and her yields make her well worth the little effort that’s required.



Flavor and Fragrance of Northern Lights Feminized

Simultaneously energizing and soothing, the pungent aroma of Northern Lights Feminized is bursting with sweet notes of pine that develop into woody and mint-like flavors when combusted. When exhaling, these wood notes leave a lingering spicy-sweet flavor on the taste buds.




One of the most Indica-leaning strains available, Northern Lights Fem can knock even the most seasoned veteran smoker flat on their back. But not before flooding tokers with an uplifting and mood-enhancing euphoric buzz, drawing on her stimulating Sativa effects to create a cerebral high that’s warm and fuzzy all over.


Not overwhelming in the least, this is then followed by the manifestation of the Indica side, and Northern Lights will soothe deep-seated aches in the muscles and spread a sense of calm and relaxation from head to toe to send you into a blissful tranquility. In higher doses, this will certainly result in a knock-out punch, though in moderation it should develop only as a strong feeling of lethargy and laziness that will eventually have you drifting off to sleep.


The less fun adverse effects of this strain are at least fairly short-lived and common to most strains of cannabis - cottonmouth and dry bloodshot eyes, which can at least be alleviated with plenty of water.



Medical Uses of Northern Lights Feminized

Though highly valued on the 420 scene as a recreational herb, Northern Lights Fem is also well known for her medical benefits, as she can provide mental and physiological relief for a variety of maladies.


Due to the uplifted feeling induced by this weed, she’s regularly used to relieve stress, anxiety and depression, and can help those with disorders such as PTSD and bipolar disorder to relax and regain a sense of normality.


Since this strain acts as a sedating narcotic, Northern Lights is a great option for those in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community seeking relief from physical chronic pains such as arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms and cramps. In addition, this herb's ability to lull even experienced consumers to sleep can be utilized by those with chronic fatigue or insomnia.



Growing Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

With such strong landrace heritage, Northern Lights Feminized has inherited several traits that make her a straightforward strain to cultivate - even for those new to growing weed, since she’s sturdy enough to tolerate various mistakes that can be made and recover nicely. Not to mention that feminized seeds ensure that there’s little chance of males in the batch, removing any concerns about the pollination of your crops.


Unlikely to grow much taller than 5 feet, this medium-sized specimen is ideal for the average grow room or grow tent, and can endure changes in her environment even when grown outdoors, since she’s naturally resilient to disease and pests. Still, her foliage tends towards the bushier end, and will require some pruning and trimming if you’re to ensure she receives adequate ventilation and airflow.


A vigorous grower and heavy-yielder, Northern Lights Fem will flower in between 6 and 8 weeks, and harvests can be as much as 1.63 ounces per square foot.


For those who prefer to plant their crops out of doors, this vigorous production should remain. This lady will flower right up until the middle of September, and if well cared for should yield up to 21 ounces of nugs per plant.




For a strain to remain popular for decades at a time, there must be something really special about her - and Northern Lights Feminized has been around since this 70s, which truly speaks for itself.


Bursting with spicy pine notes, a few tokes of this herb is quite enough to push veteran smokers onto their backs and send even the most seasoned off to sleep. In moderate doses, this weed will delight the mind with a state of blissful euphoria that’s inimitable, before drawing on her Indica ancestry to provide that hugely acclaimed, muscle-relaxing tranquility that makes her so damn famous.


As medicinal strains of ganja go, this stuff covers all the basics as a therapeutic benefit to tokers. Sure to alleviate stress and anxiety with her uplifting effect, her sedating and relaxing properties ensure that those struggling with physical ailments can find relief in a joint of Northern Lights Feminized.


For cannabis cultivators, this herb is a breeze. Fuss-free, her resilience and hardiness make her a great strain for beginners just starting to develop their skills, and since she’s sure to recover from most mistakes, can be an excellent learning experience. Though she’s heavy in the foliage department and requires a little trimming and maintenance, most growers will find this a marvelous marijuana to grow, providing healthy yields both indoors and out.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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