Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

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Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

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Blue Dream is the single best-selling strain on the commercial cannabis market in North America. Equally popular among recreational and medicinal cannabis users, this feminized and fruity beauty is fragrant, flavorful and fabulous for all occasions...

North America’s Favorite Weed 


Bud Basics

Blue Dream is the single best-selling strain on the commercial cannabis market in North America. Equally popular among recreational and medicinal cannabis users, this feminized and fruity beauty is fragrant, flavorful and fabulous for all occasions.


With an aroma and flavor reminiscent of fresh blueberries, Blue Dream Feminized is simply irresistible. A true California original, this stuff has long been the strain of choice across the US West Coast.


The appeal of this berry hybrid lies in her diversity and versatility. From first-timers experimenting with weed in their early days to seasoned stoners or strictly therapeutic cannabis users, Blue Dream Feminized is one of few strains to cover all bases. Somehow relaxing and energizing at the same time, this ganja can be anything you want it to be.


Engineered by combining the genetics of two equally celebrated strains – Blueberry and Haze - Blue Dream is a versatile 60% Sativa and 40% Indica hybrid. DJ Short is credited with bringing the world this superstar strain, though probably had no idea at the time just how popular it would become.


Along with intensifying the fabulous fragrances and flavors of her parent strains, this Sativa-dominant specimen also routinely tests for a THC content in excess of 25%. Though somehow, she’s not the kind of strain that takes you off-guard and knocks you off your feet – even if your THC tolerance isn’t huge. 



Flavor and Fragrance of Blue Dream

The fresh and fruity blueberry aromas this stuff puts out upon reaching maturity are simply mind-blowing. Cure your buds properly and the whole thing is intensified, combining bucket loads of sweet berry and grape fragrances with just the right amount of skunky goodness in the background.


Incidentally, the most prolific terpenes in the average batch of Blue Dream are myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene respectively. 


Hard-hitting and pungent in the extreme, this isn’t a particularly easy strain to keep under wraps. That said, she also doesn’t have what you would call a quintessentially identifiable cannabis fragrance. Blue Dream stinks to high heaven, but is much more fruity than funky.


It’s a similar story with the flavor profile, which from top to bottom is dominated by masses of sweet berries and ripe fruits. When the buds are burned, a sharp citrus flavor is also released, complemented by a curious yet enjoyable hint of rich sandalwood. On the exhale, Blue Dream Feminized leaves behind an aftertaste that harks of everything her Blueberry and Haze parents are famous for.


By a considerable margin, this is one of the most decadently delicious strains ever to hit the commercial cannabis market. Precisely why Blue Dream is so popular among those who aren’t particularly enamored with the usual skunk and funk of old-school weed. 




Blue Dream Feminized manages to make you feel uplifted and energized, yet relaxed and content at the same time. You feel creative and motivated to get things done, but at the same time don’t have a care in the world. You’re filled with the energy you need to face whatever comes your way, but couldn’t care less about what’s happening around you in general.


In any case, all of the above adds up to one of the most fantastic daytime smokes money can buy, which is also outstanding for an enjoyable wake and bake. Precisely why millions now replace their afternoon coffee with a couple of Blue Dream hits, helping them power through the day without a care in the world.


Probably the only thing this blueberry beauty cannot do is lull you into a good night’s sleep. For socializing, on the other hand, she’s an absolute monster.



Medical Uses of Blue Dream Feminized

Blue Dream has become the ‘go-to’ for millions of medical marijuana users worldwide. The list of symptoms, conditions and ailments this stuff is used to treat is practically never ending.


Noted for her mood-boosting properties, Blue Dream Feminized is as good as it gets for combating stress, anxiety and depression. She’s also fantastic for alleviating lethargy and issues with concentration, providing a generous yet controllable burst of motivation when needed most.


The physical side of the high is also great for tackling muscle pains, joint aches and stiffness. Migraine patients have also reported finding relief in controlled intake of Blue Dream, as have those suffering from persistent headaches and nausea. Poor appetite is also no match for this stuff, which guarantees the most insatiable munchies you’ve ever experienced.



Growing Blue Dream Feminized

If all of the above wasn’t enough, Blue Dream Feminized is also a comprehensively simple strain to grow.  Along with being durable and resilient enough to cope with most conditions and climates, these plants need very little by way of TLC throughout the process. This being the feminized version, you also benefit from the (almost) guarantee of nothing but healthy female plants. 


Stick with a controlled indoor grow space if the conditions outdoors aren’t particularly stable, providing regular doses of nutrients for improved yields.  Flowering times come in at around nine weeks, after which it’s possible to harvest as much as 600g of potent weed for every square meter of grow space.


If things seem to be progressing painfully slowly at first, be patient. Blue Dream is notorious for taking a while to get going, only to then go into overdrive as she approaches the flowering stage. The potent fragrance these plants emit as they approach maturity is difficult to keep under wraps, so you may need to consider your odor control system. 


True to her name, this stuff is an absolute dream to grow that asks next to nothing and yet offers an absolute ton.


A quality batch of Blue Dream Feminized has the potential to pack a serious punch. Treated to optimum cultivation conditions from start to finish, you could be looking at more than 25% THC by the time you’re done - though lower quality batches of bud could test for around 17% THC.


In any case, it’s worth remembering that it isn’t the potency of Blue Dream that gives her such widespread appeal. This strain’s beautifully balanced high (complemented by an extraordinary flavor profile) is what makes her an absolute superstar.


While there are variants available with a high CBD content, the original contains next to no CBD whatsoever – usually in the region of 0.1%. If CBD is your preference, there are also versions of Blue Dream that contain next to no THC, with up to 7% CBD.


Therapeutic tokers often choose high CBD strains, though those with little to no THC are of no practical value for recreational use.




Blue Dream quickly became the single best-selling strain in the United States for a long list of reasons. Along with her fabulously fruity fragrance and flavor profile, she’s a fantastically uplifting and motivating strain that’s great for all occasions.


As an added bonus, she’s also incredibly easy to grow (indoors) and often tests for a THC content of around 25%. An all-American classic, which continues to go from strength to strength.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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