Black Demon OG Feminized Seeds

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Black Demon OG Feminized Seeds

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Perfect for moments of pure self-indulgence, Black Demon OG Fem is all about making the most of those fleeting times when you’ve nothing to do and all the time in the world to do it in!

Dawn of the Dank


Bud Basics

Once the epitome of rarity and exclusivity, Black Demon OG Feminized is now (finally) available worldwide. A potent and punchy Indica-heavy hybrid (around 90% dominance), this hybrid was engineered by combining the genetics of Black Zombie with the iconic OG Kush - two equally heavy and uncompromising strains, famed for getting to work from head to toe with a deep, long lasting body stone.


OG Kush is a legend in need of no introduction, having lent her genetics to an endless list of spectacular hybrids over the years. She’s a strain renowned for a pungent and exotic fragrance, along with huge resin production and an aptness for making DIY concentrates and extracts.


Meanwhile, Black Zombie joined the party a little later, adding a distinct sweetness and a notable fruity fragrance to everything she makes an appearance in.


The result of this union was and is a fantastically compact yet colorful strain, which rarely reaches more than around 100cm in height. This being the feminized version of Black Demon OG, you’re guaranteed near-100% female plants with no problematic males in the mix.


After a flowering time of just eight weeks or so, this cannabis is capable of producing around 400g of weed per square meter, with an average THC content ranging from 18% to 25%.


Heavy Indica strains like these have wide-reaching therapeutic and recreational applications written all over them – any time a numbing and almost narcotic-level body stone is called for. Just as long as you’ve nothing on your ‘to-do’ list for the rest of the day, Black Demon OG Fem is just about as good as it gets for a spot of pure self-indulgence.



Flavor and Fragrance of Black Demon OG Feminized

The fragrance and flavor profile of Black Demon OG Feminized delivers pretty much exactly what you would expect from the strain’s direct lineage.


The OG Kush genetics are dominant on the nose, delivering wave after wave of exotic spice, quality hashish and plenty of wet earth. Black Zombie takes something of a backseat initially, though is definitely detectable with the scent of sweet and sour candy in the background.


All of the above is accentuated significantly when the buds are burned, at which point the exotic spiciness and hash-like fragrances of the flowers become even more pronounced. There are significantly more sweet and fruity flavors on the inhale and exhale than you might expect, leaving behind a rich and satisfying aftertaste on the palate.


There’s a lemony-citrus quality to the smoke that leaves you wanting more, though it can be a little harsh on the airways.


Consider odor-control measures if necessary, as Black Demon OG Feminized is an extremely funky strain that leaves everything in the vicinity stinking to high heaven.




Though Black Demon OG Feminized is an almost exclusively Indica strain, she’s surprisingly good at getting to grips with bad moods and negative thoughts.


If you’re feeling down in the dumps for any reason, it takes mere seconds of this stuff to boost your mood and replace pessimism with pure optimism. Not to such an extent as to cross the line into euphoria, but more than enough for a pleasant feeling of joy and happiness for the duration.


In any case, a couple of minutes into the experience and the Indica-heavy ancestry of Black Demon OG makes its presence known. Wave after wave of warm tingles surge from the head right to the ends of the extremities, resulting in exceptional muscle relaxation and a feeling of heaviness.


It’s almost impossible not to find yourself glued to the nearest piece of furniture within half an hour or so, which will most likely end up being the place you fall asleep for a good few hours.


Nevertheless, Black Demon OG Feminized is somehow also a decent social smoke. The reason being that while you’re physically incapacitated for the duration, you remain comprehensively clear-headed and capable of coherent conversation.


You’ll probably be too lazy to talk about much at all as the high intensifies, but for a good while you’ll be in just the mood to converse with anyone within earshot.


Just be sure to approach this cannabis with caution if you have an underdeveloped THC tolerance. Even with a batch that errs towards the 18% side of the spectrum, it can be a pretty overwhelming experience from start to finish.



Medical Uses of Black Demon OG Feminized

Black Demon OG Feminized isn’t the kind of strain to reach for if looking to combat anxiety, stress, mood issues and so on. This stuff’s more than capable of making you feel great, but the cerebral qualities take a serious backseat to the physiological effects.


Think of this instead as one of the most capable and enjoyable strains you’ll ever lay your hands on for deep and long-lasting physical relaxation.


Pain relief comes as standard with strains like these, which (within a matter of minutes) relax every inch of the body from head to toe. Everyday aches and pains are replaced with a warm feeling of relaxation, as tension melts away in record-time.


This is also the perfect strain for gradually easing the users towards a great night’s sleep, making it just the thing for tackling the occasional bout of insomnia. Or if heavy thoughts are making it difficult to switch off, a few tokes and you’re good to go.


Black Demon OG Fem is also known for bringing on colossal cases of the munchies, which have a habit of lingering for hours. Superb for tackling appetite issues, though one to avoid if watching your weight.



Growing Black Demon OG Feminized Seeds

Black Demon OG Feminized plants rarely reach higher than around 100cm in height, making them a great choice for growing indoors or out when space is at a premium.


An extremely straightforward specimen to grow from start to finish, the only slight issue with this hybrid tends to be odor control. Wherever you set up your grow, you’ll be smelling this stuff from 100m away – indoors or out. You’ll therefore need to think carefully about where and how you’ll get the job done, if discretion is a priority.


Flowering times average around eight weeks, at which point you could be looking at around 400g of weed for every square meter of grow space. Which isn’t bad, when you consider the fact that Black Demon OG Feminized routinely tips the scales at around 25% THC.


A little of this stuff goes an extremely long way, so don’t be surprised if you end up with more than you know what to do with!




Black Demon OG Feminized delivers everything you’d expect from a stellar strain and so much more besides.


Compact plants that are a real sight for sore eyes, huge THC production and consistently generous yields from comparatively small specimens. Not to mention, the guarantee of an ultra-potent body stone that’ll have you glued to the nearest surface for several hours to come.


Perfect for moments of pure self-indulgence, Black Demon OG Fem is all about making the most of those fleeting times when you’ve nothing to do and all the time in the world to do it in!

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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