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Homegrown Cannabis Company is the premier supplier of high-quality cannabis seeds. As passionate cultivators of cannabis, they have curated an extensive seed bank designed to provide farmers with the finest cannabis strains available in the market. Homegrown's Marijuana Seeds are handpicked by their team of seasoned cannabis experts, who are dedicated to providing growers with unmatched guidance and expertise throughout the cultivation process.

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About Homegrown Cannabis Co. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a US-based cannabis brand specializing in the production and retail of cannabis seeds and cannabis nutrients

Does that tell the whole story? Absolutely not! So, what else do they do? 

They actively pursue fruitful partnerships with key educators, innovators and cannabis entrepreneurs, helping their customers GROW in more ways than one.

They provide free articles, guides, tutorials, journals, forum-based problem-solving, peace of mind guarantees and confidence

What they do, they do very well indeed.

Homegrown has an interesting past, a tale of two young sites operating as on-sellers for powerful, European cannabis brands. 

These sites grew and evolved, their eyes met across a crowded marketplace and they became stronger, together.



The merger and subsequent reshuffle saw Homegrown Cannabis Co. bring seed production in-house, partnering with the world’s top breeders and 420 celebs. 

Homegrown’s approach focuses 100% on the home-grower, be they beginner, intermediate or advanced. 

The sense of family and active community is reinforced with the Homegrown Forum and Homegrown Diaries. Platforms designed to give homegrowers access to helpful advice, tips, and expert guidance. Simultaneously analyzing failures and sharing success

They offer a HUGE selection of cannabis seeds and a fantastic range of premium-quality, PROVEN nutrients. Not to mention a free, in-depth, always-improving and evolving cannabis education

Resisting the urge to ramble any further, Homegrown is about bringing life into the world. It’s about self-improvement and education. It’s about growing, constantly. 

It’s about time you gave them a try.

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