Autoflowering Seeds


Autoflower seeds are a great choice for first time seed collector looking to buy weed seeds. This special cannabis seed type has been bred to begin flowering after a certain amount of time and without the need to change lighting schedules. This is a far simpler process then the advanced techniques of encouraging a marijuana plant to flower by slowly and manually reducing the time your crop is exposed to light (the photoperiod) or waiting for the season to change.

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Autoflowering marijuana seeds

Recent years have seen autoflower seeds experience an extraordinary surge in popularity. In regions where cannabis cultivation has been legalized, autoflowering seeds are the tools of choice for the masses. But what is it about a ruderalis cannabis that makes it so special? What do autoflower seeds offer that goes over and above regular cannabis seeds?

The short answer – autoflowering marijuana has its own in-built flowering timer. Meaning that when you work with autoflower seeds, the flowering stage begins at a predetermined time. Irrespective of what you do or don’t do, these strains flower when they’re ready to. Which for growers at every end of the spectrum can be beneficial in a number of ways.


What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

autoflower cannabis seeds

To gain the ability to autoflower the Ruderalis plant is crossed with a regular or feminized cannabis strain, this particular plant has the natural ability to autoflower as it evolved to survive in colder climates.

Taking a look at things in a little more detail, autoflower seeds have the potential to make cultivation significantly easier. In fact, you could say that most of the hard work has been done before you even buy your seeds! Through a careful process of selection, autoflowering cannabis is not affected by lighting cycles. With regular cannabis seeds, the grower needs to control light/dark cycles to trigger flowering at the right time. Get it wrong and you’re in trouble…or at least in for disappointing results.

With autoflowering marijuana strains, no such control is required. When the time comes, the plants automatically switch to their flowering life-cycle stage. Nothing the grower does has any bearing on when this happens. You don’t need to alter the lighting cycle in any way. Everything takes care of itself, automatically – hence the name. As lighting has no impact on when flowering begins, autoflower seeds are great for growing where conditions are not ideal. Or where the grower has neither the experience nor the inclination to go the manual route! You can also find feminized autoflower seeds, so there's no need to find those pesky males keeping the additional work to the minimum.


Why Use Autoflowering Seeds?


The primary argument in favour of autoflowering cannabis is rapid results. During the course of a single standard season, auto flowering seeds have the potential to produce at least two outdoor crops. When growing indoors, auto flowering cannabis plants can mature fully in under 70 days. Meaning that the time between germination and harvest is significantly reduced. As such, growers looking to produce results quickly, are advised to consider the autoflowering option.

In addition, autoflowering strains are far less labour-intensive and far more forgiving. Hence their suitability for both newcomers and those unable to give their crops intensive time and attention. With little to no knowledge and experience, even first-timers can produce outstanding results with autoflower strains.


The Key Benefits of Autoflower Seeds

For growers at all levels, the benefits of autoflowering seeds can be extensive.

Examples of which include:


    1. Light cycles do not need to be changed, allowing vegetative and flowering plants to be kept in the same grow space.


    1. By eliminating the need for careful lighting control, autoflowering marijuana is perfect for newcomers with minimal experience.


    1. Depending on the strain, it’s possible to go from seed to final harvest in as little as 55 days.


    1. If growing outdoors, it isn’t necessary to wait until the seasons change for flowering to begin. Outdoor autoflowering seeds can produce multiple harvests within the same season.


    1. Most auto flowering specimens produce plants that are considerably smaller and more compact than standard cannabis plants. This makes them great for smaller grow spaces and keeping under wraps in general.


  1. Autoflowering seeds can produce extremely resilient plants with strong resistance to mould, disease and other common problems. They can also weather cold snaps and environmental inconsistencies much better than regular or feminized cannabis seeds.


What Kind of Yield Will I Get from Autoflowering Seeds?

autoflower cannabis growing

The only real downside of autoflower seeds is the potential for slightly reduced yields so this isn't for you if you are looking for high yield strains. Which of course comes down to the fact that the plants themselves are considerably smaller. Nevertheless, these small plants have the potential to produce the highest-quality bud far quicker than normal. Meaning that pound-for-pound over a single season, you could potentially produce more cannabis with autoflowering strains.

As always, the intense light of the highest quality will have a marked impact on the results you achieve. As will your provision of carefully balanced nutrients, the ideal environmental conditions at all times and so on. Auto flowering weed reduces labor intensity, but you’ll still need to play your part. And of course, yields vary significantly from one cannabis species/strain to the next.  So it’s a good idea to take into account both potency and potential yields, before selecting your perfect auto seeds.


Autoflower Seeds and Light

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that autoflowering cannabis seeds don’t need plenty of TLC when it comes to lighting. They may take care of switching to flowering, but their general lighting requirements are no different. If you want to produce results to be proud of, you are going to need the highest-quality lighting possible. Intense, consistent lighting to meet the needs of your cannabis plants, though without the need to control light/dark cycles. Many newcomers mistake autoflowering for a lack of reliance on quality lighting. In reality, this isn’t the case at all!


Cloning Autoflowering Seeds

If you intend to cultivate cannabis from seeds and move on to cloning, doing so can be challenging with auto seeds. While it’s not to say you cannot succeed with cloning autoflowering cannabis, it isn’t always easy to pull off. The reason being that by the time the plants begin flowering, they may not have reached a useful size for taking cuttings for cloning. It can and does work in some instances, but tends to be tricky at best. Other seed types may therefore be better if you intend to get into cloning.


Best autoflowering seeds

If you’re ready to go ahead and buy auto flower seeds, just ensure you can rely on both the seed producer and the retailer. All autoflowering cannabis seeds – even when the strains are identical – are by no means equal, like most strains there are cheap strains and expensive ones. So unless you want to waste your time, money and effort on a fruitless venture, be sure to buy the best!

If planning on growing autos in 2021, which guarantee the ultimate bang for buck?

  1. Northern Lights Auto. Along with being a fantastically potent specimen that’s great for a relaxing evening, it also has the potential to yield as much as 500g for every square meter when grown indoors. All from a plant that rarely reaches more than 120cm in height and more or less takes care of itself from start to finish, with a seed to harvest time of just 9 weeks.
  2. White Widow Auto. is known for bringing on an hour after hour of blissful relaxation, coupled with a fantastically fragrant smoke that permeates everything in the vicinity. Yields as generous as 450g for every square meter of grow space are not uncommon, after around 80 days or so.
  3. Amnesia Haze Autoflower. Delivers the goods just nine weeks or so after germinating the seeds. She is also an extremely simple specimen to keep under control, typically reaching a height of around 100cm with minimal pruning required.
  4. Banana Kush Autoflower really lives up to the name - juicy buds, beautiful banana fragrance and 9 weeks from seed to harvest. Her THC level is a cool 23%, delivering a balanced high full of positivity. Beginners and impatient growers LOVE this auto Kush. She’s short, fast, manageable and one of Seed Supreme’s proudest creations.
  5. Quick One is often just the thing for a gentle and controllable high during the day. As an added bonus, this stuff needs no more than around 50cm of vertical space to do its thing and do it properly.