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An old-schooler favorite with enduring appeal, this cannabis has been rocking stoners’ worlds since the 60s. Its gorgeous golden nugs, palatable caramel aroma, and clean effect profile set a standard for sativa hybrids. Would you like to experience it first-hand?

Autoflower Acapulco Gold seeds offer classic qualities in modern packaging. They let you experience this celebrated strain faster and easier than ever.


An old-schooler favorite with enduring appeal, this cannabis has been rocking stoners’ worlds since the 60s. Its gorgeous golden nugs, palatable caramel aroma, and clean effect profile set a standard for sativa hybrids. Would you like to experience it first-hand?


Our store stocks this superstar’s speedy variant for your next cultivation journey. Read on to learn about its origins, growing requirements, effects, aromas, medical efficacy, and how to get top-tier seeds.


Bud origin


Acapulco Gold is native to Acapulco, Mexico. It gained prominence in the region and moved northwards in the 1960s. The strain’s claim to fame in the US is due to its potency, tastiness, euphoric high, and uniquely clean effects.


Many describe the cultivar as “connoisseur cannabis,” seeing it as synonymous with top-shelf buds. It even earned a place on High Times’ 2014 Greatest Strains of All Time list. Its title refers to its semblance to chunks of unprocessed gold.


Non-photoperiod Acapulco Gold seeds for sale are a regular member of our best sellers category. They produce plants with stable genetics, desirable growing traits, and high harvest potential.


Growing Acapulco Gold autoflowering seeds


Acapulco Gold is a straightforward strain to raise. It exhibits genetic stability and resistance to common pests and diseases. Meet its climate requirements, and it’ll thrive with minimal external aid.


An auto Acapulco Gold seed pops and develops with incredible speed. The vegetative stage lasts 4–6 weeks. Plants bloom without a change in the photoperiod and flower for 8–10 weeks. You’re collecting buds four months or less post-germination.


These plants are tall for autoflowers, reaching five feet without training. They’re thin and airy, with finger-like leaves and bud clusters along the main stem. Ruderalis genes made them stockier than the photoperiod version, but this auto still looks like the quintessential sativa.


Focus on the basics to produce ample harvests. Feed in moderation, use powerful lamps, and prioritize stress reduction for the best results.


What climate do these seeds prefer?


Acapulco Gold sativa seeds are native to the tropics, and their preferred growing environment mimics Mexico’s climate. They flourish in high-heat, high-light, humid conditions and suffer in cold and dry air.


Outdoor growers in balmy or stifling regions can sow their seeds in sunny, breezy spots. If the weather’s arid or inconsistent, consider a greenhouse to harness the sunlight and enable tight climate control.


Indoor cultivators should stick to a 70–80°F temperature range with 50–60% relative humidity. Flowering requires 75–85°F and 40–50% humidity. Gradually introduce the climate shift, raising temps and dropping moisture levels by several degrees each week.


Feeding Acapulco Gold autoflower


Autoflowers need less fertilizer than photoperiods, and sativa strains are susceptible to nutrient burn. Be conservative while feeding your Acapulco Gold autos to avoid plant health issues.


Seedlings don’t need food for the first 2–3 weeks. Only begin supplementing with veg-specific fertilizer when the plants surpass a foot in height. Start with a half-dose and gradually increase the nitrogen level as the foliage thickens.


Switch to a half-and-half mix of veg and bloom fertilizers in pre-flowering. Transition to a phosphorus-rich blend after the flowering stretch and stop feeding two weeks before the harvest. Flush the medium to enhance the bud taste.


Going organic is a neat alternative to soluble fertilizers. Super soil and living potting mixes should keep your plants well-nourished without external assistance.


Flowering & yields


Plants from Acapulco Gold seeds’ auto variant automatically flower after 4–6 weeks of vegging. They go through a final growth spurt, and pre-flowers emerge at the internodes.


Minimize stress and maximize light exposure to increase harvests and get top potency from these high THC weed seeds. Thanks to autos’ independence of the photoperiod, you may keep the lamps on for 18, 20, or even 24 hours a day.


Ripening buds develop blazing red accents against a healthy green coloring. They go yellow as they reach peak maturity, a trichome coating making them glisten.


This auto’s flowering stage is longer but also more productive than most. You collect photoperiod-tier harvests after 8–10 weeks in either setup.


Indoor gardens produce 14–17 ounces of bud per square meter. Each outdoor plant yields 17 ounces of weed on average.


Experiencing the Acapulco Gold strain


Acapulco autoflower exhibits similar potency to its photoperiod counterpart. It contains 15–23% THC and under 1% CBD. It’s a heavy-hitter with fast-acting effects that last 2–3 hours.


The joyful, rejuvenating high suits wake ‘n’ bake and daytime consumption. This weed skyrockets your motivation and energy, leaving you ready to seize the day.


The experience is rarely disorienting in smaller doses. You’re not unsteady, trippy, or stuck in cerebral pondering. Instead, the strain uplifts and sharpens enough to amplify your experience of the outside world.


Euphoria and elation arrive if you keep puffing. The heightened state suits creative hobbies, conversations, nature walks, and partying to your favorite songs. Anything that makes you appreciate life feels ten times stronger.


Although predominantly heady, Acapulco Gold lightly affects the body. It keeps you free of discomfort and full of lively energy. Movement becomes effortless and very enjoyable.


Stay hydrated and practice moderation to manage this strain’s potency and potential side effects. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are common yet harmless. THC overconsumption may cause headaches or paranoia, though.


Aroma and flavor


Acapulco Gold autoflower buds are caryophyllene-dominant, and this terpene accounts for their piquant aroma. Grassy myrcene, sour limonene, and sweet linalool add to the bouquet, making them cherished among connoisseurs.


The buds ooze earthy, woody, and spicy scents as they ripen. Curing deepens these fragrances, reminiscent of baked goods on a grassy base.


Grinding and combustion bring mouth-watering fragrances. A burning blunt releases a thick cloud of sweet, tangy smoke that smells of rich fruit and exotic spices. Its zesty qualities may make novices cough.


Tokers describe the taste as burned toffee, coffee, caramel, or honey: creamy, sugary, and golden. It coats the palate in sweetness, delivering a rich sensory experience and a smooth finish. Chestnut and cinnamon flavors linger on the tongue as you exhale.


What does it help with?


Acapulco Gold’s sought-after among medical users looking for daytime strains. Its applications are for managing anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. Some consume it to relieve minor pains and aches.


People with mental health conditions value this cultivar’s stress-busting effects. Low doses may reduce mental chatter and physical anxiety symptoms, offering a positive perspective on their stressors. Depressed individuals appreciate the uplift and motivation boost.


This marijuana enhances focus and mental clarity, reducing ADHD symptoms and encouraging productivity. This property pairs with a spike in physical energy, clearing away fatigue and brain fog.


Despite its sativa genes, the cultivar may relieve pain and boost appetite. People report feeling less discomfort upon toking, whether it’s from acute or chronic conditions. They also find it easier to have wholesome meals in the face of nausea or eating disorders.


Relief comes in a high-energy package, making marijuana therapy accessible to people with packed schedules. Acapulco Gold gained prominence among individuals too busy to consume relaxing indica for symptom management.


Buy Acapulco Gold autoflowering seeds from Seed Supreme


Ready to cultivate and experience this strain at home? You’re in the right place: we stock the highest-quality Acapulco Gold auto seeds at fair prices.


We source all seeds from the industry’s most reputable breeders. They have high germination rates and produce healthy seedlings, setting you up for cultivation success. Our autoflowers are non-photoperiod and feminized to ensure the speedy growth of only bud-bearing females.


Our library has options for modest and large-scale cultivators. Based on your ambitions, you can buy seeds in these four package sizes:


  • 4-pack: $55


  • 8-pack: $87


  • 12-pack: $109


  • 25-pack: $163


Bulk buyers pay less per seed, and folks of all budgets can benefit from our regular deals and discounts. Pair that with our convenient and modernized payment methods (including Bitcoin), and shopping’s never been easier.


Pick your pack size, and remember that larger orders qualify you for free shipping anywhere in the US. Order today, receive a discreet package in days, and savor this super-sativa’s golden nugs within months.


More Information
Strain IconsAutoflower
GeneticsMexican x Skunk x Apple Pie
SexFeminized Autoflower
VarietyMostly Sativa
Harvest MonthSeptember
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering Time9–10 weeks
GrowsGrows Indoors
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentMedium (1-5%)

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