Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower Seeds

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Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower Seeds

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For one of the stinkiest and dankest Cheese experiences, it doesn’t get much more pronounced or defined as the Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower hybrid...

Dank, Delicious, Pungent as Hell


Bud Basics

For one of the stinkiest and dankest Cheese experiences, it doesn’t get much more pronounced or defined as the Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower hybrid.


Boasting a beautiful blend of Skunk and Afghani genetic ancestors, this stuff represents one hell of an Indica-dominant specimen, with a high THC level capable of blowing your socks off hiding in wait among those gloriously dark and resin-coated bud beauties.


This is the definition of a chill-out strain, and one that’s not only generous come harvest time but an absolute treat for growers, too. Even more inexperienced cultivators can see a crop of Critical x Cream Cheese Auto to a bountiful harvest in a few short months.


While fans of the Skunk and Cheese families should be salivating pretty hard at the idea of these buds, this is not your typical experience for either of these world-renowned strains. With Critical x Cream Cheese, it’s all the pungency you’d expect wrapped up in a new and unique layer that adds a whole new level to this iconic flavor and aroma.


And, with up to 20% THC levels and a sub 1% CBD content, it’s absolutely the kind of quintessential Indica stoner high you’re expecting - a supercharged shot that’s both euphoric and powerfully relaxing.


Those with lower THC tolerance should take care when consuming Critical x Cream Cheese Auto - these buds are as intense as their scent (and twice as memorable).


For anyone with the fortitude to handle this strain’s potent psychoactive punch, you’re not just in store for one hell of a high - these buds are also crammed full of therapeutic benefits that’ll see you feel like you’re living on cloud 9 the whole time.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower

Proving that the way in which the terpene profile translates is truly where the magic lies, Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower presents tokers with a genuinely unique, albeit still somewhat divisive, flavor and fragrance experience.


The skunkiness one expects from your typical Skunk strain is absolutely more on the Cheese side of the family tree than anything else, but there’s a certain edge to both the nose and tongue which might catch most fans off-guard.


Alongside the decadent creamy cheesiness the aroma promised, the more refined palate can detect hints of citrus lingering in the background, occasionally leaping to the foreground and delivering an exquisitely juxtaposing sweet sourness to the mix.


It may sound odd, but lovers of Cheese strains alongside the dedicated Skunk fandom (and the likes of those Diesel disciples) have long since abandoned any preconceptions of what cannabis ‘should’ taste like - you’ll have to sample this pungent hybrid yourself to see.




Thanks to the latent Sativa influence in these buds, you’ll find that Indica-dominant Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower actually tends to hit with a largely cerebral first wave, her 20% THC setting the mind free.


As a euphoric pulse sweeps through the body, uplifting the spirit, you’ll feel that Indica influence nipping at your heels. This promise of a hazy dopeyness to come feels all too inviting to the mellowed mind, and soon you’ll feel that haziness wrapping around you completely.


It’s not quite the quintessential couchlock, but this is a relaxed vibe that absolutely borders on sedation and is likely to leave even those with a strong THC tolerance with little desire for any physical activity that’s remotely strenuous.


While it can take a while (depending on how used to strong psychoactive weed you are… or how many joints deep you are), eventually that state of tranquillity is going to catch up with you and a more considerable case of leaden limbs will set in.


From here out, it’s munchie city, so be sure you’re adequately prepared with plenty of snacks for the ride.


Keep in mind, Critical x Cream Cheese Auto’s high is not to be taken lightly. It’s pretty easy to invite side effects like dry mouth, red-eye or mild dizziness with this stuff and that can be discombobulating for anyone not expecting it.


Don’t overindulge and stay hydrated throughout and you’ll get on just great.



Medical Uses of Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower

Despite having a low CBD content of 0.3% and high THC hitting upwards of 20%, Critical x Cream Cheese Autocomes with an abundance of therapeutic benefits just waiting for anyone with the tolerance to handle the high.


For those with low THC tolerance hoping to bask in these benefits, pay close attention to your dosage control, stay hydrated and don’t overindulge or things could get very interesting…


Boasting all the anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and anti-emetic properties that have made marijuana famous among medical communities, Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower is regularly turned to for some THC therapy by patients with both physical and mental maladies, from the mild to the more severe cases.


Stress, anxiety and depression are reduced to the tiny monsters they truly are when under this strain’s influence, locked away and unable to even touch your buzz.


Of course, being a heavily Indica hybrid with a potent physical kick, you’ll likely find it’s in the relief from palpable aches and pains that this stuff really comes into its own as therapeutic marijuana.


As the high draws out or intensifies, even the most chronic of conditions can fall from concern, entirely overshadowed by your new sense of serenity and sedation. At this stage, the anti-emetic agents are in full swing, inciting a ravenous hunger and quelling nausea - the perfect remedy for a loss of appetite.


And when all’s said and done, even a patient with the worst case of insomnia would struggle to keep their eyelids from drooping and finally closing as the Sandman’s sleepy spell lures you in for a restful end to your night.



Growing Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower Seeds

The Indica and autoflowering genetics of this hybrid makes cultivating Critical x Cream Cheese Auto one of the simplest growing experiences you can imagine.


These beauties remain small enough to grow happily in pretty much any environment, rarely reaching more than 1 meter as a maximum. While parent strain Critical Mass is known for producing such prodigious and dense buds as to struggle under her own weight, this pot progeny thankfully only inherits the former of these traits.


So if your Critical x Cream Cheese Auto plants remain small, easily accommodate for, are pretty reliably capable of holding their own (impressive) weight… does that mean it’s just plant and go with these beans?


Not quite, but not far off!


Mostly, growing Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower comes down to personal preferences. These plants can fend off common plant problems without breaking a sweat, and will thrive in any environment, though prefer warm Mediterranean climates - and it’s better to imitate these with an indoor setup than to actually opt for an outdoor grow.


If you live in Spain, Italy, California or similar though then go nuts… just don’t expect the biggest possible yields.


If you do swing for an indoor cultivation setup, you’ll want to consider carbon filters - if odor control is of particular concern to you that is… or let the whole neighborhood enjoy these pungent delights if you’re feeling generous.


When it comes to cultivation medium, most growers tend towards hydroponics to help maximize their output come harvest time, but that’s absolutely a preference choice. Organic soil works well to boost terpene production if you’re more interested in the best taste, aroma and therapeutic properties.


After roughly 10 weeks, it’s time to harvest your Critical x Cream Cheese Auto crop - indoor growers can reap up to 500 grams per meter squared for their efforts (especially if a Sea of Green, or SoG, setup is used), while outdoor crops tend towards around 100 to 150 grams per plant.




Not one for the wake and bake - Critical x Cream Cheese Autoflower is a powerfully potent and pungent specimen of supreme stinkiness that even seasoned recreational tokers should take care not to underestimate.


Boasting insane amounts of old-school bag appeal, this hybrid is stupidly simple to grow and a surefire way for everyone from novice grower to commercial cultivator to stock up on some high-quality THC-heavy nugs. 

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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