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Supreme Feminized Mix-10 Seeds
SeedSupreme Seedbank's Supreme Feminized Mix is probably the best mix of feminized cannabis seed you will ever find; premium quality seeds at a great price.

Indica or sativa? Euphoric buzz or relaxing calm? Are you wondering what to grow next? We've made the choice easier by placing five premium quality strains into one feminized weed seed packet.

Our top choices are all in one bag for your cultivating and consumption pleasure. Seed Supreme’s feminized seeds mix brings you the best of both worlds in one easy-to-grow pack.

Increase your stock levels with one purchase, and grow the best cannabis strains on the block. Many growers stick to what they know, but you don’t have to limit yourself to a single strain with this mix pack.

Deciding where to expand your cultivation experience can become overwhelming. Here at Seed Supreme, we're making the choices easy for you.

Let's dig into the benefits of a multi-selective bag and find out where you can get the best feminized seed variety pack in the USA.

Why we've chosen these seeds for you

The Supreme feminized seed mix consists of five steller cultivars that light up any growing space. These seeds grow into bud-producing beauties without the hassle of removing male plants.

A selection of the finest strains makes up one exceptional pack offering a bit of everything. It allows you to cultivate various strains at once. Each strain provides different effects to accommodate when you enjoy it.

Our cannabis experts carefully select the strains to complete the feminized weed seed variety packs. They share similar growing characteristics but vary in effects, flavors, and aromas. This way, there's a little something for everyone.

Raise the crops in controlled environments or outdoors as they quickly adapt to any growing space.

Most of the crops grow tall when grown outdoors. By adopting training techniques, your plants will soon thrive in confined spaces too.

Here's what you can expect in the mix seed pack:

  • Northern Lights feminized
  • White Widow feminized
  • Bruce Banner feminized
  • Tangie feminized
  • Chocolope x Candy feminized

Who is this mix good for?

This feminized weed seed variety pack is ideal for growers looking at cultivating different strains with similar growing traits. The added benefit of growing an all-female cannabis seed mix is the absence of male plants.

The Supreme feminized seeds mix is ideal for beginner growers thanks to the steady genetics of each cultivar. Its resilience to maintenance oversights allows novices to learn while they grow. These crops also tend to be resistant to most cannabis pests and mold.

All the strains within the pack are optimal for recreational or medicinal users in legal USA states. The different potency levels of each cultivar give tokers the option of choice. Some have a high THC level for a knockout effect or a lower variant for a subtle feel of creative energy.

All the strains within the feminized seed variety pack prefer temperate, Mediterranean climates. Growers residing in warmer areas can raise these beauties under nature's hand.

The mixes are also available in an autoflowering seed pack for growers who prefer marijuana crops that independently transition into flowering.

Please note that it's a mix pack, and each strain is not packaged separately. Getting to know your cultivars has never been more enjoyable. Grow them all at once and watch your growing space become a cannabis haven of mystery. 

Is this feminized mix good for beginners?

This feminized seeds variety pack is ideal for first-time growers and veterans alike. All the strains share resilient growing characteristics making room for novice mistakes.

These weed seed variety packs are especially exciting for beginners as they have the option of simultaneously cultivating legendary strains. Since they're mixed in the bag, you won't know the difference between the cultivars until flowering begins.

Cultivate these packs if you ever want to test your knowledge about how well you know your cannabis. As soon as each plant shows unique qualities, you'll begin to tell the difference.

The crops produced from these seeds are resilient to pests and diseases, making them a first-time cultivator's favorite.

Whether you're a seasoned toker and a beginner grower, or vice versa, there's a strain here to satisfy any mood, any time of the day. Get to know the basics of each cultivar, so you know what to expect from the mix pack.

Northern Lights feminized

Crossing the legendary genetics of Afghani and Thai gave rise to Northern Lights feminized cannabis seeds. An award-winning indica cultivar that boasts growing traits, effects, and flavors.

It's always at the top of growers' lists which is why we added it to our Supreme feminized seeds variety pack.

An all-female army of crops adorns your growing space and provides you with resinous buds after 6–8 weeks of flowering. The yield production has you stocked up for days. Expect bountiful yields of 17 oz./m² indoors and 21 oz./plant outdoors.

The 5ft tall plants make them ideal for indoor growing but are equally tolerant to the natural elements outside.

The terpene profile shows the fragrant and tasty flowers you indulge in with each puff. Every inhale is as citrusy sweet, and skunky as the exhale. 

A few puffs of the buds produced from this indica hybrid have you sitting on top of the world with THC levels of 15–20%. Smooth sativa euphoria sets you off on a few moments of cerebral bliss before deep relaxation takes over the body.

White Widow feminized

Get caught in the web of crops produced from White Widow feminized seeds and experience what this hybrid offers. 

Growers blend the genetics of a Brazilian sativa landrace and South Indian indica to bring you the best of both worlds. Cannabis enthusiasts frequenting Dutch coffee shops since the 90s have enjoyed this cultivar's balanced effects.

A signature feature of the physical characteristics of these crops is the thick blanket of trichomes that adorn the colas. The sparkly nugs are a preview of the potency of the effects.

The crops produced from White Widow feminized seeds grow up to 8ft tall under natural conditions. Restrict this height for indoor growing by cultivating in smaller pots and shortening the vegetation phase.

After 8–9 weeks of flowering, prepare to harvest 28 oz./m² of shimmery buds in a controlled environment and 31 oz./plant outdoors.

Enjoy infusions of earth, woody, herbal and spicy notes with every puff as your senses dance in delight.

These seeds are part of the feminized weed seed variety pack, providing tokers with buds for social gatherings. After a few puffs of buds containing 18–25% THC, instantly feel the euphoric cerebral buzz and physical energy.

To balance out the effects and prevent you from going into overdrive, indica qualities bows in to provide a sense of calm. Your body gently adapts to relaxation while keeping you moving and chattering up a storm.

First times tokers should start low and slow to adjust to the kick this hybrid provides.

Bruce Banner feminized

Crops produced from Bruce Banner feminized seeds are the leaders in this pack as far as potency is concerned. Crossing the genetics of parent strains OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, you can imagine that you're in for one sweet ride.

This cultivar firmly takes its place in the feminized weed seed packet to bring you easy-growing plants that produce potent buds.

These crops thrive in either setting but could reach staggering heights with environmental influences from mother nature.

Expect generous yields after 8–9 weeks of flowering. Collect up to 25 oz./m² indoors and 25 oz./plant when grown outside.

Deep earthy, sweet, and diesel flavors and aromas take over the senses with each exhilarating puff. Try not to get lost in the scents and overindulge in the tokes. The effects hit hard, last long, and could leave you feeling lost within a blissful funk of uncertainty.

This sativa dominance comes through solid in the effects with THC levels of 18–27%. Enjoy these buds during mid to late-afternoon toking sessions as it provides a powerful cerebral buzz. Deep relaxation follows after to keep you grounded.

Chocolope x Candy feminized

Adding Chocolope x Candy feminized to the mix pack gives the sweet tooth tokers something to enjoy. Who doesn’t love a good deal with some mocha-flavored buds in?

We put it in the feminized seed variety pack for you to have a mid-day toking session with mocha java infusions.

Generous yields, resilient growing traits, a rich flavor profile, and enjoyable effects come from crossing the genetics of Chocolope and Candy Kush. It's a sativa-heavy strain that provides easy-to-grow qualities allowing beginners to enjoy a hassle-free growing journey.

After 10–12 weeks of flowering, harvest yields of 14–19 oz/m² in a grow room or tent and 21 oz./plant outdoors.

The scents and flavors distinctly replicate one another. Each puff tickles the senses with sweet coffee notes.

While delving into the flavors dancing around your pallet, watch out for the quick onset of the effects from 17–19% THC. Cerebral euphoria swiftly takes over as you feel energized and bubbly. These uplifting sensations soon fade as the physical relaxation moves in.

Tangie feminized

What's a feminized weed seed variety pack without some citrus delights from an award-winning cultivar? 

Tangie feminized crops (California Orange genetics) adorn your growing space with fragrant buds during flowering.

After 9–10 weeks of flowering, prepare to harvest generous yields of tangy buds. You'll see yourself with 16–19 oz./m² indoors and 16–18 oz./plant outdoors.

Enjoy tangy yet sweet citrus infusions and fresh earthy notes as you light up the buds and take your first inhale. The flavors double up into the aromas as you exhale and smell precisely what you're tasting.

The effects kick in instantly after the first few puffs. Start low and slow and wait it out between tokes to evaluate your tolerance. THC levels of 19–22% make sure your effects are potent and long-lasting.

A burst of energy accompanies the cerebral euphoria as you feel the inspiration to get things done. Soon after, you feel a calming sensation that overcomes the body. The relaxation isn't heavy, so you'll still feel some spark of upliftment. 

Five ways to feel great

Who said you must restrict yourself to buying and cultivating one strain at a time? The five options within the feminized weed seed packet give you various toking sessions.

All beginner friendly with similar growing traits but different effects, flavors, and aromas. A strain to satisfy the mood any time of the day. 

Remember that the seeds aren't packaged separately. Each pack is an element of surprise and identifiable as the crops begin flowering.

Choose seeds with top-quality genetics here at Seed Supremes seed bank. Our easy-to-germinate seeds give you a kick start to a hassle-free growing experience from beginning to end.

Buy our feminized seeds variety packs within the USA and enjoy free shipping and discreet delivery options.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthMixed
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering TimeMixed
GrowsGreenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outside
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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