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Supreme Feminized Seed Mix

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SeedSupreme Seedbank's Supreme Feminized Mix is probably the best mix of feminized cannabis seed you will ever find; premium quality seeds at a great price.

This mix pack features: 

  • Northern Lights Feminized
  • White Widow Feminized
  • Bruce Banner Feminized
  • OG Kush Feminized
  • Wedding Cake Feminized

SeedSupreme Seedbank's Supreme Feminized Mix is probably the best mix of feminized cannabis seeds you will ever find; we've selected 10 of our favorite feminized strains, from coffeeshop classics to modern MMJ. Can't make your mind up? Just too much choice on SeedSupreme? Now you can get all of these premium quality seeds at a great low price and give your collection a real boost!

(please note your seeds will not be separated, it's a mix pack!)


About the supreme feminized seed mix

The supreme feminized seed mix is a unique collection of five incredible weed strains hand-picked by our cannabis experts. Rather than randomly taking a few options from our vast catalog, we’ve selected feminized cultivars that each offer something new.

What makes feminized cannabis seeds so special, you ask?

Through genetic alteration, every plant you grow produces those succulent buds we’re all here for. Plus, no males also means your crops can concentrate on developing their potent psychoactive potential.

It’s important to note that this weed seed variety pack doesn’t come in separate bags, making it a true mix. Grow all of them at once or leave it up to chance by germinating one or two marijuana seeds at a time.

Who doesn't want more bud for their buck? Cultivating feminized cannabis seeds gives you a chance at collecting bigger yields. Their high germination rates and missing Y-chromosome promise a harvest you’ll remember.

All of the marijuana strains in our supreme feminized seed mix are suitable for beginner cultivators. Their hardy genetics forgive the odd newbie blunder and resist pests and pathogens. Grow them indoors or outside in your garden; it’s up to you.

Below, we take a sneak peek at each of the amazing cannabis cultivars in this weed seed variety pack. You’ll find a brief summary of what to expect in terms of flavor, fragrance, and effects. We also highlight their growing needs and how much marijuana you can expect.

Northern Lights

Nothing says reefer royalty like feminized Northern Lights seeds. This incredible marijuana strain comes from mixing Afghani with a Thai landrace, resulting in an indica hybrid with 14–17% THC.


We added this particular cultivar to the supreme feminized seed mix because of its ability to trigger profound relaxation. A pinch of sativa genetics starts things up when you smoke these buds, lifting your spirits and your creativity.


The trademark couch-lock of Northern Lights follows suit, sending calming waves through your body. These blissful qualities also spill over into the healing side, helping erase any pain or tension in your muscles.


Raising these feminized cannabis seeds is an absolute joy. They won’t grow over four feet so that you can cultivate in confined spaces. This marijuana strain is also super adaptable to its climate, giving you additional peace of mind.


You end up looking forward to feeding your plants as their refreshing fragrance greets you. These flavors continue when you smoke these buds, filling your mouth with sweet lemon and spicy earth.


It’s always a good idea to prune your crops on a regular basis, as it helps to lower the chances of mold. You can also boost yields by growing multiple plants in close proximity, making them perfect for our supreme feminized seed mix.


Once your crops start flowering, you’ll need to wait between six and eight weeks before harvesting your buds. You can expect yields of up to 19 oz./m² indoors or collect around 21 oz./plant outdoors.

White Widow

White Widow feminized seeds are the perfect solution for people that want a bit of everything. This balanced hybrid has its Brazilian and South Indian landrace parents to thank for its 18–25% THC.


These feminized marijuana seeds have become a popular choice for recreational and medicinal users due to their plethora of potential effects. Now you can grow these snow-capped buds at home and savor their pine and pepper flavor.


As soon as the smoke from White Widow enters your lungs, your mind bursts into the clouds. The combination of euphoria and focus gives you an electrifying kick and the motivation to immerse yourself in your hobbies.


Those looking for healing qualities in our supreme feminized seed mix will love White Widow buds. They can assist with headaches, aching muscles, and even insomnia. Don’t plan too many activities after smoking this cultivar, as the desire to relax builds with time.


Beginners will adore the simplicity of raising these feminized cannabis seeds. They also hold a high resistance to mold, removing a giant pain in your cultivating life. Plants tend to reach over six feet, so you’ll need to train them if you plan on growing indoors.


A Mediterranean climate is optimal for this cannabis cultivar, but it can survive colder temperatures. Like many other strains in this weed seed variety pack, White Widow has a short flowering time of eight to nine weeks.


You can look forward to delicious yields of up to 16 oz./m² when cultivated indoors. Those who grow outdoors can harvest up to 25 oz./plant in October.

Bruce Banner

With a name like Bruce Banner, is it any surprise that it's one of the strongest strains in the supreme feminized seed mix? This sativa-heavy cultivar is a result of crossing OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel and pushes out 18–24% THC.


Open a jar of these buds, and your room will fill up with fruit and fuel fragrance. Smoking these nugs only makes this flavor more distinct, offering berry, candy, and tangy earth notes.


As far as effects go, you can look forward to these buds uplifting your spirits and your energy levels. Bruce Banner feminized seeds might not be the best wake and bake option, but afternoon tokers enjoy increased productivity.


These fatigue-busting buds hold therapeutic qualities like the other cultivars in this weed seed variety pack. Expect a body-melting relaxation to kick in, helping you rid yourself of any aches and pains.


Novice cultivators find raising these feminized marijuana seeds an absolute pleasure. Plants aren't susceptible to pathogens or mold, allowing you to cultivate this elegant strain outdoors.


If you decide to go the indoor route, you’ll need to top or train your crops to maintain a smaller size. An odor filter is also a good idea as it helps to minimize the powerful aromas.


After eight to nine weeks of flowering, you can expect to harvest up to 18 oz./m² of cannabis indoors. Outdoor setups will produce similar yields, so it’s up to you where you plant this supreme feminized seed mix.

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is by far the best strain in our weed seed variety pack for starting up in the morning. These sativa-leaning buds come with 15–18% THC, sending your brain on a euphoric ride that breaks the shackles of stress.


As you charge through your daily tasks with clarity and creativity, a calming sensation keeps any hyperactivity at bay. These marijuana flowers can also assist anyone feeling anxious or depressed by offering a new perspective on life.


The almost balanced genetics of these feminized cannabis seeds come from combining Orange Velvet with Space Queen. This marijuana mashup had one goal in mind—to create a fruit flavor masterpiece.


Ready your senses for a mixture of apples, mangos, oranges, and pineapples. Each toke embodies one of these fruits, making every new pull of smoke a tropical treat.


Growing Jelly Bean feminized seeds is straightforward, promising smooth sailing from the very beginning.


These feminized marijuana seeds also offer additional characteristics to get experienced cultivators excited. You can expose your plants to colder temps a week before you harvest, turning the flowers red for extra appeal.


Crops don’t grow tall, resembling a stocky indica cultivar instead. Using the Sea of Green method with your supreme feminized seed mix can potentially increase yields. Just make sure to give each plant enough space.


The Jelly Bean strain has a flowering time of eight to ten weeks. It favors indoor setups, providing harvests of up to 16 oz./m². In comparison, growing this cannabis cultivar outdoors will only produce around 9 oz./plant.

Chocolope x Candy

Our weed seed variety pack wouldn’t be complete without the decadent delights of Chocolope x Candy feminized seeds. This sativa-dominant cultivar propels your mind into a different dimension, leaving stress in the dust.


While the effects of this cultivar are energizing, it is not recommended for morning consumption. Instead, it serves as a midday treat, wiping away any stress and giving you some extra room to breathe.


These feminized cannabis seeds come from blending Chocolope and Candy. This 17–22% THC showpiece has won multiple awards ever since and remains on every cultivator’s bucket list.


The title of these feminized marijuana seeds offers a glimpse into what your senses have in store. One puff of this creamy smoke gives your taste buds a mixture of coffee, fruit, and chocolate.


These buds also have a healing side, ridding your mind of any self-doubt and anxiety. Its relaxing properties also can help with headaches and arthritis.


Growing these feminized cannabis seeds is almost too easy. They display hardy characteristics, can resist pests and mold, and love the outdoors. Plants can get quite tall, so you'll need to train your crops if you decide to go the indoor route.


This cannabis cultivar thrives in a warm, Mediterranean climate. After flowering for ten to twelve weeks, these crops offer up to 18 oz./m² indoors, while outdoor plants can produce around 21 ounces each.


Our supreme feminized seed mix is the perfect way to start your cannabis cultivating adventure. Each one of the marijuana strains in this pack brings something new to the table in terms of effects and flavor. Pick whichever option suits your mood, sit back, and enjoy.


Start your day with Jelly Bean for that burst of energy, followed by Bruce Banner or Chocolope x Candy at lunchtime. From there, jump into some arts and crafts with White Widow and end the day on a relaxing note with Northern Lights.


You can grow this weed seed variety pack together as they all require similar conditions. All of the strains are also easy to look after, making this mix the ultimate startup for beginners.


Give your cannabis crops as much love and attention you can over a few months. In return, they'll reward your efforts with medium to large yields of marijuana for every occasion. 

Buy our supreme feminized seed mix

Premium cannabis starts with quality feminized marijuana seeds. Never settle for anything less by ordering your weed seed variety pack online from SeedSupreme.


Give yourself the opportunity to experience the best cannabis cultivars around at an affordable price. Order your supreme feminized seed mix today to add some spice to your marijuana garden, and indulge your senses.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering TimeMixed
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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