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Blue OG Feminized Seeds

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Landing heavily towards the Indica side of the spectrum, Blue OG is the perfect strain to reach for where relaxation is the order of the day… or night. Enticing, earthy and downright delicious...

A Fusion of Pure Fantasy


Bud Basics

This is one of those no-brainer strain mashups that make you wonder why it didn’t happen sooner than it did. A comparatively recent entry to the commercial cannabis scene, Blue OG combines the genetics of two seriously legendary parent strains - and let’s be honest, what’s not to like about Blueberry or OG Kush?


Pack these premier genetics into a new-generation hybrid and what you’re looking at is something rather special. A fabulously complex and multi-dimensional fragrance, with a taste that takes some beating. Not to mention, a relatively modest THC content that hovers around the 16% mark, making Blue OG Feminized a surprisingly accessible strain anyone can enjoy.


Landing heavily towards the Indica side of the spectrum, Blue OG is the perfect strain to reach for where relaxation is the order of the day… or night. Enticing, earthy and downright delicious, this cannabis combines a stimulating cerebral buzz with a deep and long-lasting body stone. Though as the physical sedation doesn’t kick in for a good hour or two, there’s still time to get things done before you’re glued to a nearby piece of furniture.


Hugely popular in medical cannabis circles and an absolute joy to smoke, Blue OG Fem is a fitting tribute to her all-star lineage. All with the added bonus of being a relatively straightforward specimen to grow, even for newcomers.


If this is your first time coming across Blue OG, make sure it isn’t your last!



Flavor and Fragrance of Blue OG Feminized

The fragrance and flavor profile of Blue OG Feminized is as unique as it is desirable. Bringing together a fusion of fantastic fragrances, this herb is an irresistible specimen that warrants respect… and plenty of it.


On the nose, these buds bring together the spicy wood and earthy-pine fragrance you’d associate with OG Kush, though with mouthwatering notes of citrus fruits and fresh berries in the background. The pine scent bursts into life when the buds are burned, at which point wave after wave of floral notes are added to the mix.


The flavor profile is dominated by tangy citrus and blueberry, with just a hint of sweet and sour fuel in the background. There’s a fair amount of spice on both the inhale and the exhale, but Blue OG Fem isn’t what you’d call a challenging or cough-inducing smoke. This stuff is surprisingly gentle and palatable, leaving behind a lasting pine-fresh flavor on the palate.




What’s interesting about Blue OG is how despite being a predominantly Indica strain, you wouldn’t know there was any Indica in there for the first couple of hours. Instead, the immediate effect is one of high-energy motivation, firing you up to give mental and physical tasks your absolute best.


Whether it’s outdoor pursuits, a quick class in the gym or simply a bunch of housework you’d rather not bother with, a few tokes of Blue OG and you’re firing on all cylinders.


It’s also during this stage that this herb is an absolute miracle for socializing, combining gentle euphoria with clear headedness and the desire to converse with anyone within earshot. Fits of gigglesaren’t out of the question, either.


Given enough time, this initial wave of electrifying euphoria begins to diminish, replaced instead with a calming sense of tranquility and satisfaction. It’s at this point that the Indica side of the stone sets in, quickly working its way through the body and relaxing the muscles from head to toe. Couchlock is a definite possibility as things progress, as you gradually find your way drifting closer towards blissful unconsciousness.


Sooner or later, Blue OG Fem more or less guarantees a good night’s sleep. Hence, this is the kind of strain that can be anything and everything you want it to be – as long as you time it right. Time it wrong and well… good luck dealing with the consequences!



Medical Uses of Blue OG Feminized

The versatility of Blue OG makes this a popular strain for a long list of medical applications. As does this herb’s comparatively modest THC content – 16% being just right for the treatment of mild to moderate maladies.


Blue OG Feminized’s capacity to eliminate even the most negative thoughts and bad moods makes for an absolute superstar when it comes to combating psychological health complaints. Examples of which include depression, anxiety, PTSD and stress – all blasted out of oblivion and removed from the picture indefinitely.


There’s also much to be said for the motivating properties of this pot, which can be great for dealing with bouts of low-energy apathy or creative block.


On the physical side of things, the body stone these buds bring on makes light work of mild to moderate pain. Patients with migraines and arthritis report particularly impressive results when using Blue OG, which is also popular choice among insomnia sufferers.


The later stages of the high are almost always accompanied by huge and lasting hunger pangs – appetite issues and nausea being no match for this stuff.


Though the effects of Blue OG Fem are relatively potent, this isn’t a strain known for bringing on panic attacks, bouts of paranoia or mind-race. Nevertheless, proceeding with caution is still the way to go if you have a low THC tolerance, as it’s not unheard of for this hybrid to test with close to 20% THC.



Growing Blue OG Feminized Seeds

Blue OG Feminized has all the physical characteristics of a pure Indica specimen, making her great for growing in relatively compact spaces. The plants remain short and stout throughout the entire growth cycle, producing nugs of a modest size though dense in nature and generous in quantity.


The only real care and attention these plants need is careful pruning to ensure adequate air circulation, in order to avoid mold and rot.


As this is the feminized version of Blue OG, you’re guaranteed a crop of near-100% female plants. If planning on growing outdoors, this stuff is easy to keep under wraps as the fragrance is surprisingly subtle and doesn’t honk of traditional weed. It’s funky enough to fill the home with a mouthwatering scent, but isn’t likely to alert your neighbors to what you’re up to.


Flowering times average around nine weeks, after which you can expect a decent harvest of around 300g of quality cannabis for every square meter of grow space. This can be taken further with a Sea of Green (SoG) setup, but you really don’t need to give these beauties anything more than some decent soil and plenty of nutrients for them to give you their best in return.




From top to bottom, there really isn’t anything about Blue OG Feminized that’s unimpressive. Along with being a comprehensively easy strain to grow, this stuff scores top marks for a unique fragrance, fabulous flavor profile and outstanding two-part high.


She’s one of the ultimate ‘best of both worlds’ strains – one that blasts you into the stratosphere with a soaring euphoric high, before gently easing you back down to Earth and gluing you to the couch. Absolutely unbeatable, if looking to get things done for an hour or two, before spending the rest of the evening doing nothing at all.


Blue OG also has an extremely long list of potential medical applications, credited to that two-stage high and relatively modest THC content in the region of 16%.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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