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Blueberry Feminized Seeds

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A quintessentially anti-social strain that’s all about self-indulgence, Blueberry is as good as it gets for a bit of me-time. She’s also exceptionally easy to grow... 

A Devil in Disguise


Bud Basics

The term ‘legendary’ is thrown around way too much these days. There’s no shortage of epic strains available, but praise like this really should be reserved exclusively for strains like Blueberry.


Quite simply, the commercial cannabis scene as we know it today owes a hell of a lot to this 1970s original. Even after 50 years, there’s almost nothing that can compare to Blueberry in terms of fragrance, flavor or full-body Indica effects.


Blueberry Feminized is an Indica-heavy strain (80%) with a fragrance and flavor unlike any other strain in existence. She made her debut almost five decades ago in the Netherlands, subsequently going on to win any number of High Times Cannabis Cup Awards and subsequently take over the world.


Having lent her genetics to dozens of top-selling newcomers over the years, a decent proportion of today’s leading strains wouldn’t exist without the original Blueberry.


This is the kind of strain that proves you cannot (or at least should not) judge a book by its cover. Sweet, innocent and inviting on the surface, Blueberry Feminized is a true black widow of a cannabis strain. Push your luck and she’ll rip your head clean off your shoulders, but not before taking you on the all-round sensory ride of a lifetime. And with a THC content that varies from 16% to as much as 23%, you’re never entirely sure what you’re getting yourself into.


A quintessentially anti-social strain that’s all about self-indulgence, Blueberry is as good as it gets for a bit of me-time. She’s also exceptionally easy to grow - this feminized variant excluding unwanted male plants from the equation.



Flavor and Fragrance of Blueberry Feminized

Over the years, Blueberry has become the yardstick by which all fruity cannabis strains are measured. None come close to the original, of course, which has defined this segment of the market for decades.


You don’t have to be a seasoned connoisseur to appreciate a good batch of Blueberry - the fragrance is simply out of this world. The unique terpene content (dominated by myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene) comes together to produce a sweet, sour and almost sickly berry fragrance, punctuated by wet earth and a decent waft of skunkiness.


All of which delivers exactly what you’d expect on the palate - bucketloads of fresh fruits with plenty of old-school skunky goodness. There’s also a distinct citrus tang to the whole thing, along with a sticky-sweet aftertaste that lingers for the duration.


This herb leaves your mouth feeling as if you just swallowed a spoonful of pure sugar - and leaves you craving more. Don’t be fooled though - one toke too many of this stuff and she’ll show her true colors!




Everything about Blueberry Feminized is designed to lull you into a false sense of security. Even as a first-timer, she’s got all the good looks, fabulous flavor and smooth smokability to have you begging for more. And that’s exactly why she’s so dangerous - her sweet and innocent exterior is just about as deceptive as it gets.


Sweet, smooth and enjoyable, just a couple of hits of Blueberry are enough to have you making a beeline for the nearest piece of furniture. The power and potency of this stuff is often enough to literally knock seasoned users clean off their feet.


Almost instantaneously, the entire body is flooded with a feeling of intense and overwhelming heaviness, followed by near-total numbing from head to toe. 20% THC is about the average, but Blueberry Fem has been known to test for more than 23% THC - a high THC strain even by modern standards.


Complete physical hopelessness is the order of the day with this stuff, but with a surprisingly clear head for the duration. All of which adds up to an enjoyable and indulgent experience, where you’re perfectly aware of what’s going on but really couldn’t give a damn.


If you’re planning an afternoon or evening in the company of Blueberry, ensure you’ve a serious stockpile of snacks on hand. The munchies this stuff brings on are just about as legendary as the strain itself.


Effects like these don’t have energetic social situations written all over them, but these buds can still be great for a relaxed evening with friends. Just as long as you’re not opposed to long periods of silent contemplation, as that’s just about all you’ll be capable of!



Medical Uses of Blueberry Feminized

Over the years, Blueberry has established an immense following of medical marijuana users on a global basis. Where relief from a wide variety of physical ailments and conditions is concerned, there’s almost nothing out there that hits as hard and fast as this.


Primarily, this pot is used as an organic alternative to conventional pain relief medication. This herb has a fast-acting and long-lasting numbing effect on the entire body, making it great for easing acute and chronic pain conditions alike. General muscle pains and joint stiffness are also known to respond well to Indica-heavy cannabis - as are headaches and migraines.


The mood-boosting properties of Blueberry Feminized can help alleviate mild stress and anxiety, though aren’t nearly as pronounced as the physiological effects.


Sooner or later, the experience lulls the user into a long and satisfying night’s sleep. Though not before bringing on insane bouts of hunger, which are practically impossible to satisfy. Great if struggling with poor appetite - catastrophic if watching your weight!


Just be sure to take it slow and steady with those first few hits, as Blueberry Fem takes no prisoners with the power and potency of her effects. If you have a low THC tolerance or a history of panic attacks, think twice before experimenting with this stuff.



Growing Blueberry Feminized Seeds

This is the feminized version of the original Blueberry, which means unwanted male plants can be excluded from the equation entirely. If you’re out for maximum returns and aren’t interested in cross-breeding your own hybrids, this is the version to go for.


As if the whole thing wasn’t already sweet enough, Blueberry Feminized is easy to grow, comprehensively durable and fantastically compact. It’s rare for mature plants to reach more than around 1m in height - ideal for cramped and confined spaces.


She’s also a strain that originates (in part) from harsh mountainous regions, so is perfectly capable of dealing with cooler outdoor conditions.


Yields are around average for plants of this size, with flowering times of approximately 8 to 9 weeks. Though it’s worth remembering that even when harvests are modest, you don’t need much Blueberry to have the desired effect.


Expect the most beautiful and varied tapestry of colors as the plants reach maturity, along with the kind of sweet and fruity fragrance that’s almost impossible to resist.




By a significant margin, Blueberry is one of the most enjoyable and important strains in the history of commercial cannabis. The fact that this herb is still a top-seller after almost 50 years speaks volumes for her unique characteristics.


Blueberry Feminized allures and entices with a sweet and innocent façade, only to deal you a death-blow you never expected. Ideal when craving the quintessential Indica high with just a tease of Sativa in the background.


This pot is a product of pure indulgence. Not to mention, one of the most popular therapeutic cannabis strains of all time. Novice users need not apply, but anyone who can tolerate the ferocious kick of this stuff will struggle to find anything better.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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