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When buying cannabis seeds, buying in bulk can sometimes seem like an expensive option. Many companies online offer bulk cannabis seeds that are of low quality, luring newbie growers in with the temptation of low prices and large numbers. At SeedSupreme, we’re committed to selling bulk cannabis seeds of high quality that serve the needs of our customers. We understand that there’s no value in buying huge amounts of seeds if they’re not of high quality - and that poor seeds produce poor plants.

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To grow a quality crop of marijuana takes time, effort, and investment into the equipment needed for healthy plants. With high-quality bulk seeds from SeedSupreme, experienced cultivators can reap the rewards of their hard labor. We have a fantastic range of dank and tasty cannabis strains available to buy in bulk, including regular G13 Haze & Northern Lights, feminized White Widow, fem & reg Skunk #1 and loads of new autoflowering strains like Auto Great White and Auto Diesel hybrids.

If you don't see a strain listed that you'd like to bulk-buy then let us know, we're always updating our bulk deals and happy to come to a discount or wholesale arrangement.

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Benefits of Bulk Buying

One of the best ways to save money and guarantee that your cannabis venture will be successful is to purchase marijuana seeds in bulk, at around 100 seeds at a time. Of course, you may balk at the price of that many seeds at once - but there are benefits to doing so that can save you time and money.


Cheap cannabis seeds significantly reduce the final yield size, and the chances are that the quality of your crops will also suffer. Letting the price of bulk seeds affect your decision isn’t the way to go.


Instead, think about this. Having a steady supply of weed can be far more of a hassle when you buy in small amounts. Each time you buy, you have to germinate and wait before harvesting your crop, drying it, and curing it. When you run out, you log on to your computer to order more.


But wait - that flavor you’re after? Out of stock. Your favorite weekend smoke? Currently unavailable. That psychedelic weed everyone’s talking about? Not a chance. Growing cannabis takes time. Even if you wait a little while, you can’t know when strains will be available again.


SeedSupreme stocks of cannabis seeds will vary, and although we try to avoid it, things inevitably come in and out of stock according to what’s popular at the moment.


Not every site stocks the same strains as we do and not every site charges the same for such high-quality beans. This means if the seeds you’re after are currently unavailable, there’s a reasonable chance you’re just going to have to wait or find an alternative option. Or of course, you could buy in bulk in the first place.


Having more seeds to hand at all times means that you can keep a rotation of several crops on the go at once, and boost your yields with a Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG). Yes, the bulk amount will cost you more in the short term, but you’ll still be paying less than for a one-off retail price, and you’ll have a stash on hand whenever you want it, without having to worry about running out.



Our bulk cannabis seeds are sold in batches of 100 seeds, which is more than enough for a hobbyist grower and easy to calculate for a commercial cultivator.

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The SeedSupreme Range

Buying bulk cannabis seeds always works out better if you can buy the very best strains available. At SeedSupreme, we have a wide range of beans for every palate and appetite.


If you’re looking for something fruity, opt for Blueberry, or California Orange. If your sweet tooth takes a little more to find satiation, how about rotating your very own Sugar Haze crops?


If a seriously heavy stone is more your thing, and you prefer the traditional strains, we sell plenty of Skunk #1 variants, G13 Haze and classics like White Widow.


Looking for something else? We have plenty of bulk seeds to choose from, but if there’s a strain you’d like to buy in bulk that’s not on our pages, let us know. We regularly update our bulk deals, but if we’re happy to discuss a discount or wholesale arrangement on any other strain we sell.


Most are also available as autoflowering, feminized or regular varieties, depending on your preference.