Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Are you thinking of scaling up your growing operation and making more money in the canna industry? Or have you had the unfortunate luck of running out of your favorite bud when you need it the most? Buying bulk autoflower seeds is the answer.


Bulk autoflower cannabis seeds are an inexpensive way to scale up and keep those tasty nugs popping.


We offer convenience and help you get a hold of prized varieties such as Northern Lights and Cheese feminized. Our online resources are invaluable guides with a step-by-step approach to cultivating marijuana successfully.


Our bulk cannabis seeds are famed for their superior quality, high germination rates backed by a guarantee, and impressive yields. We offer excellent customer support and believe when our customers are happy, we’re happier.


Read on to find out more about these wonder seeds and how they can improve your growing experience.

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How are wholesale seeds made?

Wholesale growers produce bulk cannabis seeds similarly to others but on a much larger scale. There are two methods of producing wholesale seeds.


The first and simplest method is grouping male and female plants together and letting nature take its course. To achieve optimal crop yield, growers prune and top the males to give the females time to develop. When mature, males form pollen sacs while females produce flowers with hair-like stigmas.


Growers place male plants next to the females and shake the male to release pollen. The pollen settles on the female buds and pollinates the plant, yielding numerous seeds.