Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

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Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

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High THC, an espresso-like cerebral hit, crazy simple cultivation and some of the most naturally potent and desirable ganja genetics you could dream of...

South Africa’s Sativa Landrace Superstar


Bud Basics

High THC, an espresso-like cerebral hit, crazy simple cultivation and some of the most naturally potent and desirable ganja genetics you could dream of, there’s a reason Durban Poison is a crucial ingredient in countless popular modern hybrids.


Named after the second largest city in South Africa (with a sinister kick to the moniker that promises of the potency within), this formidable landrace has had centuries to develop her unshakable traits, and with this feminized variety, you’re in for the product of decades of careful cultivation and breeding for the best all-fem landrace experience possible.


Durban Poison Feminized represents the best of this bodacious and iconic cannabis, refined for modern audiences.


Growers have here a strain which is largely plant and go, with the only ‘challenges’ to cultivation being more a case of choice and achieving the best possible harvest - even novice growers can rake in some hefty rewards with these beans and minimal input.


In many ways, this stuff is your typical Sativa strain, but in many others, you’ll find this strain proves herself more than expected and twice as delightful.


While the easy-growing nature of Durban Poison has certainly contributed to the strain’s infinite popularity over the years, the unequalled creative cerebral stimulation and downright delicious flavor and aroma of this stuff is this Sativa’s main claim to fame - and the reason so many breeders have depended on this powerful pot to help create their own marijuana masterpieces.



Flavor and Fragrance of Durban Poison Feminized

There’s no doubting the quality of the terpinolene, myrcene and ocimene terpene blend at play here, pumping the flavor and fragrance of Durban Poison Feminized through the roof and far beyond.


It’s an au-naturel kind of delight of pure dankness sprinkled with sumptuous notes of licorice, all the while sweet and spicy, earthy and fruity - and nothing short of pure pleasure for all the senses.


Don’t expect the kind of insanely fruity or flavorful tastes or scents as some of Durban Poison’s infamous pot progenies, but do strap in for what may well be the best tasting landrace of all time - we’ll let you be the judge of that.




Since it’s possible for this landrace to range from anywhere between a respectable 15% and a brain bubbling 25% THC, it’s always worth consuming this cannabis with due caution… at least until you know exactly the kind of intensity you’re in for.


Durban Poison Feminized represents everything that makes a quality cerebral Sativa-charged high. These buds smack you (welcomingly) in the face straight away, cranking up your gears and ushering in a remarkably energetic buzz.


You need to be ready for this level of mind-rush and embrace it, or this stuff can swiftly see you spinning out of control - don’t let that scare you though! Know your limits, stay hydrated, remember to breathe, and toke in moderation and you’ll be fine.


This kind of incredible cerebral jolt is a particularly handy accompaniment to creative endeavors, and many artists find Durban Poison the key to unlocking their inspiration.


You don’t have to be a creative type to enjoy every ounce of this high though, but for the best experience possible you’ll want to consume during the day and use the supercharged power of this pot to get shit done - whatever shape that takes!


Think of these buds like a shot of espresso and you’re in the ballpark of what to expect (now aim your ideas higher). There’s almost no actual physical effect of this stuff, besides the mentally-fueled energy (which certainly can feel like it’s feeding your body with renewed vigor!).



Medical Uses of Durban Poison Feminized

While many medical marijuana (MMJ) patients get caught up chasing down high CBD strains, they miss out on the powerful therapeutic potential of a strain like Durban Poison.


The benefits of this landrace may be largely mental in nature, and those of you with low THC tolerance will certainly have to consume with care (and be clued in on what to expect) to handle this strain’s intensity, but the medical uses for this stuff can be quite profound for those who do.


Within a few hits, negativity will gradually slip away in all its forms - those with social anxiety, self-doubt, stress, depression, PTSD and the like can all find fairly immediate relief from their symptoms when Durban Poison Feminized is brought into the mix.


Though the notable effects of this ganja are primarily cerebral in nature, there are still powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to this pot, which help ease physical suffering too, and can also be felt in the energizing bodily influence you’ll feel as the high settles in.


While in all probability, the source of the energy this strain grants users comes from the cerebral stimulation, patients suffering from fatigue will find this pot more than capable of overcoming their symptoms.


Moderating your dose is the key to this THC therapy, as well as enjoying yourself along the way.



Growing Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Those new to the ganja growing game are in for a treat when cultivating Durban Poison Feminized. Thanks to a long and fruitful cannabis career pre-dating anything close to the modern scene, this strain has developed a natural robustness sure to make any grower’s life infinitely easier.


As per your typical Sativa, expect these plants to reach some towering heights of up to and over 2 meters in many cases (especially optimal Mediterranean-like climates). Where things differ slightly from the expected is that Durban Poison plants are not only blessed with a remarkably sturdy stem and limbs, they also develop buds curiously reminiscent of both Indica and Sativa genetics - densely compact and yet long and conical.


If you have access to an ideal spot for outdoor growing in the kind of climate this landrace loves then that’s by far your best bet for growing Durban Poison Fem - let these ladies stretch to their fullest and reap maximum rewards.


For the less locationally fortunate grower, get yourself a quality indoor rig set up, imitate those balmy conditions with a consistent temperature between 21 and 26°C (or 69.8 to 78.8°F), and relative humidity (RH) levels between 40 and 50%, and treat your crop to as much vertical room as you possibly can.


If space is limited, you’ll need to know your plant training techniques and implement some topping techniques or a Screen of Green (ScROG) setup - these will help you make full use of all the space you have and encourage more lateral growth patterns.


As these beauties mature, they’ll have your saliva glands working overtime at the stunning display of forest green hues lathered in glistening trichomes, buds secreting sumptuous scents of sweet licorice and pure unadulterated dankness.


Mercifully, you’ll find this stuff doesn’t wait around and the whole growing process is far swifter than your average Sativa. Expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering before it’s time to harvest - at which point, indoors you can look forward to up to 400 grams per meter squared, and outdoors it’s anything up to 500 grams per plant depending on your locale.




There aren’t many strains as regularly relied on by breeders to deliver robustness, exceptional growth properties, strong potency and impeccable terps to new hybrids as the famed Durban Poison.


This stuff is the quintessential Sativa strain, and about as uplifting as they come. An absolute must-try for any creative types (or anyone needing a little pick-me-up pot to help them through a tough day).


Whether you’re new to the cannabis community or a connoisseur-in-the-making, you owe it to yourself and the origins of marijuana to sample this specimen.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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