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Moby Dick Feminized Seeds

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A hybrid cross borne of two strains that are powerhouses in their own right, Moby Dick brings the uplifting euphoria of Haze and combines it with the relaxation and profound mental vigor of White Widow...

A Whopping, Sticky White Whale of Monstrous Marijuana


Bud Basics

Just as legendary as her namesake, but not even close to fictional, Moby Dick Feminized is a well-known player in the cannabis community, and for good reason. With THC levels that can rocket (like her height) up to 27%, the real kicker here is that 1% CBD as an added bonus, which makes this herb as popular with medicinal tokers as it does with those smoking recreationally.


A hybrid cross borne of two strains that are powerhouses in their own right, Moby Dick brings the uplifting euphoria of Haze and combines it with the relaxation and profound mental vigor of White Widow, making her the ideal weed for tokers who want to stay lucid and calm while getting shit done.


Motivating and energizing, the distinct citrus aromas and flavors of this strain hit the spot for those looking for a wake-and-bake as much as they do for medicinal consumers struggling with psychological conditions revolving around negativity. The upbeat effects of this ganja give you the get-up-and-go to temporarily overcome the symptoms of anxiety and depression, without overwhelming.


Due to her colossal size, it has to be said that Moby Dick Fem can be challenging to grow even for more experienced cultivators - but she’s truly worth the effort if you’ve got the space to contain her enormous heights and huge nugs, providing some of the biggest yields we’ve seen, and with no pesky males to weed out.



Flavor and Fragrance of Moby Dick Feminized

As you break apart the buds of Moby Dick Fem, you’ll immediately inhale the strong and unforgettable citrus aromas of this strain and find your mouth watering at the mere thought of lighting up a joint - though she’s much sweeter once combusted.


That sweet, lemon scent is perfectly replicated in the flavor of her smoke, and her sour lemon kick will dance across the taste buds before dying down to a sweeter, more pine-like aftertaste.




A perfect daytime strain, Moby Dick provides a kick of mental clarity and energy that’s long-lasting and ideal for consumers who are up and about early and have packed and busy schedules. A few tokes of this weed will give you the right amount of buzz to keep going, whilst uplifting your mind without overwhelming.


This strain’s high is steady enough to keep you on the edge of euphoria, and make sure you’re chilled at the same time. Moby Dick Fem is ideal for enhancing your concentration, leaving you lucid and aware of your surroundings, but ensuring you remain calm no matter what - and there aren’t many Sativa-dominant hybrids that can manage that.


Since this is an unusually strong strain of cannabis at 27% THC, it’s possibly - let’s be honest, likely - that there will be some adverse side effects. Most common, dry eyes and cottonmouth can occur - but these can be easily remedied provided you remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Eye Drops can also work wonders.


For those more sensitive to THC or new to smoking weed, there could be some dizziness, anxiety or paranoia. Some reports have even said in extreme cases Moby Dick can trigger panic attacks or vomiting - so when we say take it slowly, we mean it. One toke at a time, please.



Medical Uses of Moby Dick Feminized

Due to the immensely uplifting effects of Moby Dick, this is a weed that works wonders for patients suffering from a variety of mental health conditions. Capable of ushering in a state of mental bliss and yet ensuring you remain energetic, she’s commonly prescribed to patients struggling with stress, depression or PTSD to relieve low mood and negative or intrusive thoughts, whilst retaining full psychological functionality.


The energy-boosting properties of Moby Dick Fem make her a great marijuana choice for those looking for relief from fatigue or exhaustion, as she can quickly juice up your batteries and bring life to your day.


As for physical benefits, this weed is also effective at relieving the symptoms of muscle spasms, migraines and arthritis, since she’s a potent pain reliever, with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Chemotherapy-induced lack of appetite and those struggling with eating disorders may also find that the hunger pangs you get with a few tokes of this strain can be of great value - particularly as for the former, this weed will also ease feelings of nausea.



Growing Moby Dick Feminized Seeds

You don’t name a strain after an enormous whale if you’re not talking about a plant of legendary size - so as you might expect, Moby Dick is monstrously sized marijuana, capable of reaching heights of up to 11 feet, which is frankly amazing… if you’ve got the growing room.


As it happens, the height of this strain isn’t the reason behind the name. Instead, Moby Dick Fem was named for her humongous buds - or possibly for the snowy white color of the thick resin that coats each cola. Either way, it’s a good thing, though it has to be said that her branches can be fragile due to the extreme weight of her nugs, and cultivators will need to be fully prepared to support this plant, and ensure she’s trimmed and pruned and in top condition to allow ample light and air into the foliage.


This plant is definitely easier to grow and maintain indoors, but due to her phenomenal heights, this can present something of a problem. But fear not! You can limit the growth of this marijuana by reducing the vegetative phase, planting her in a smaller pot, and topping her if needs be.


A grow room for Moby Dick Fem should ideally remain between 70° and 80°F for her to thrive, and as you might expect, yields are damn hefty if these beauties are properly cared for. Adorn your plants with attention during the flowering stage, which is around 9 to 10 weeks, and prepare to harvest a stash of 26 punches of buds per square foot.


If you prefer to grow this massive marijuana mama outdoors, she prefers a gloriously warm and sunny climate reminiscent of the Mediterranean, but will thrive well enough in lesser conditions provided you can keep her away from strong, cold winds.


We have to add, she’ll require a more watchful eye when grown al fresco, but can be harvested late October to early November - for a whopping 53 ounces of tasty nugs per plant.




We all know that Moby Dick was a big white whale, and something of a challenge - well as much stands true for Moby Dick Feminized, though hopefully that won’t put you off when you hear of just how worthwhile this voyage can be.


This weed’s yield is massive and totally worth the effort required to grow her, so long as you can give her the space she needs.


Citrus lemon flavors are just the start of her high, and this weed will keep you calm and energized at once, boosting motivation and concentration to get you through the day. If ailments of a psychological or physical nature are bogging you down, Moby Dick is more than capable of alleviating stress, depression, anxiety and a variety of physical pains whilst keeping your mood up and your head clear.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightVery Tall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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