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Amnesia Lemon Fast Version Seeds

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Perfect for an invigorating energy-boost when things get downright dreary, this hybrid is ideal for injecting life and joy into the worst of days...

A Speedy Citrus Superstar

Bud Basics

Amnesia Lemon has been around for some time now, appearing in all manner of different guises - in all instances, delivering a Sativa-heavy high that’s just the thing for a daytime energy boost. She may have Indica genetics in her composition, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that this stuff was actually a 100% Sativa strain.

In any case, Amnesia Lemon Fast Version is (unsurprisingly) the fast version of the original. Flowering times have been shortened to approximately seven weeks, meaning you get to access your ganja goodness at least a couple of weeks earlier than you normally would. All without compromising any of the fragrance, flavor or fabulous potency of the final result.

This hybrid leans heavily towards the Sativa side of the spectrum, having been brought about by combining the genetics of Amnesia Haze with Lemon Skunk Auto. The result of this cross-breeding experiment was exactly as you’d have expected - a fast, fruity and fantastically funky piece of cannabis engineering.

True to her name, Amnesia Lemon Fast Version delights on both the nose and the palate with bucket loads of fresh and inviting citrus. Though it’s the way this stuff gets to work on lethargy, apathy and everyday malaise that makes this such a superstar strain. Perfect for an invigorating energy-boost when things get downright dreary, this hybrid is ideal for injecting life and joy into the worst of days.

Or for that matter, breathing life and conversation (sometimes coherent) into social situations. If you’re a fan of Amnesia Lemon and you’re simply looking to get the job done faster, this is the strain for you.

Flavor and Fragrance of Amnesia Lemon Fast Version

Sweet, sour, sultry and sexy in the extreme, Amnesia Lemon is one of the best-smelling cannabis strains on earth - period.

On the nose, mature Amnesia Lemon plants entice with a cornucopia of sweet and sour citrus fragrances, dominated by luscious lemons and the occasional tease of grapefruit in the background. Break the buds open and there’s plenty of skunky funk, with lots of old-school earthiness to keep things nice and balanced.

What you expect is exactly what you get in terms of flavor - layer after layer of succulent citrus fruits, though now with the added complexity of peppery spice and exotic hash. All of which comes together to make a beautifully decadent flavor profile, with one of the most desirable and long-lasting aftertastes imaginable.

Whether you prefer burning or vaping, you’ll never get tired of Amnesia Lemon. It’s also great for bringing into the kitchen if you’re a cannabis cuisine aficionado - those lemon flavors add great taste to all types of sweet and savory dishes alike.


The effects of Amnesia Lemon Fast Version are legendary. Not because they’re particularly overpowering, but more for the sheer enjoyment and versatility of the whole experience.

Despite having a decent dose of Indica genetics in her composition, this strain is near-exclusively Sativa in her effects. Hence, you can expect an immediate and long-lasting cerebral uplift, which delivers the kind of motivation and positivity needed to get things done.

That said, Amnesia Lemon Fast Version does have a tendency to bring on a positive and happy high that’s quite floaty and dreamy in nature. Not to such an extent that you will be away with the fairies, but more a case of not really caring too much about what’s happening around you.

Whether or not she’s a useful or productive strain for workdays is therefore debatable, but you’ll find these buds nonetheless fantastic for relaxed afternoons and social situations.

THC hovers around the 20% mark on average, though can swing from 17% up to around 25%. As a result, the full effects of the high can differ from one batch to the next. Land yourself a more potent batch and the Indica lineage becomes considerably more apparent, bringing a warm and soothing body stone into the mix. There’s also a small amount (around 1%) of CBD in Amnesia Lemon, bringing even further balance and enjoyment to the high.

Medical Uses of Amnesia Lemon Fast Version

The list of psychological issues and everyday ailments known to respond positively to Amnesia Lemonis endless. As you’d expect, the strain’s therapeutic benefits lean more towards the mental than physical side of the spectrum. Immediately replacing negative thoughts and feelings with a blissfully content and carefree attitude, this strain is just the thing for turning around a terrible day.

Medical marijuana patients routinely turn to Amnesia Lemon for the alleviation of mild depression, bouts of social anxiety and on those days when you simply can’t be bothered getting out of bed. It’s also great for bringing on a relatively moderate cases of the munchies - nothing OTT, but enough to get your appetite back on track.

If you pick up (or grow) a particularly potent batch of these bud beauties, they can also be great for gently relaxing the body and alleviating everyday aches and pains. Muscle aches and joint stiffness in particular are known to respond well to Indica’s effects on the body. 

And, if you’re an artistic type simply struggling with a creative block, Amnesia Lemon will have you back at your best in no time.

Growing Amnesia Lemon Fast Version Seeds

The only real difference between Amnesia Lemon Fast Version and the regular version is a slightly reduced flowering time. You’ll be able to harvest the fruits of your labor a couple of weeks earlier - after around seven weeks of flowering.

Yields for this hybrid average around 450g of crystal-coated weed for every square meter of grow space, which really isn’t bad at all.

As an added bonus, Amnesia Lemon Fast Version demonstrates impressive resilience where adverse weather conditions and common plant problems are concerned. She’s therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation - even if weather conditions aren’t particularly predictable or amicable. 


With dozens of enticing citrus strains all competing for your attention, it can be difficult to know where to start. Nevertheless, grab yourself a batch of quality Amnesia Lemon and you’re looking at the yardstick by which lesser citric strains are measured.

Best of all, she’s far from a one trick pony. Along with smelling, tasting and looking fabulous, this strain also provides one of the most enjoyable and well-balanced highs you’ll ever experience. All with the added bonus of being relatively easy to grow, with no specialist knowledge or experience required.  

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Fast Version
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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