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Crystal Feminized Seeds

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This hybrid is about as balanced as it gets, bringing on a memorable euphoria and soothing body stone which simply can’t be beaten for that post-work afternoon, evening or weekend hit...

Stunning, Scintillating, Sublime and Resinous AF


Bud Basics

By combining the iconic cannabis genetics of industry legends White Widow and Northern Lights, breeders have treated us to an Indica-dominant hybrid bursting with bag appeal and the most abundant resin production you ever did see.


White Widow brings the scintillating Sativa edge to Crystal Feminized, harmonizing perfectly with Northern Lights to deliver glistening nugs that are approachable for inexperienced tokers and growers while still offering one hell of an experience for those with high THC tolerance.


With an average of 18% THC and under 1% CBD, this hybrid is not one of the more commonly turned to therapeutic cannabis strains, however, those who partake can say sayonara to anything even remotely resembling stress, and enjoy a much-needed reprieve from physical pains, too.


In typical Indica fashion (and in true homage to her famed parent strains), Crystal Feminized is remarkably easy to cultivate, proving reliably capable of looking after herself and blessed with a merciful nature that’s very forgiving of grower missteps.


This hybrid is about as balanced as it gets, bringing on a memorable euphoria and soothing body stone which simply can’t be beaten for that post-work afternoon, evening or weekend hit. Thanks to high THC levels though, you might want to prepare for a compelling case of couchlock coming on.



Flavor and Fragrance of Crystal Feminized

The myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene and limonene terpenes of White Widow and Northern Lights come together in Crystal Feminized to deliver a tantalizing blend of pine and fuel notes, underscored by a slightly sugary citric sweetness.


As pleasing on the tongue as the nose and a dependably smooth smoking experience, the flavor and fragrance of Crystal Fem is one that arguably surpasses both of her parent strains.




The effects of consuming Crystal are simultaneously reminiscent of both this hybrid’s famous parents, and though this is an Indica-dominant specimen, you’re in for a memorable and exceptional cerebral experience with these buds, too.


White Widow’s Sativa effect tends to hit first (and fast), delivering a rush of euphoria straight to the brain which has a wonderful habit of eradicating tension and stress in a matter of seconds. That sense of uplift would feel strong enough to see your mind floating beyond the clouds… if not for Northern Lights’ Indica influence anchoring you down.


While your mind is clearing and your senses sharpening, you’ll notice the Indica tingles setting in all throughout your body, smoothly spreading to every limb and digit, ushering in a blessed state of relaxation that never crosses the border into full sedation.


It’s very much a contradictory and complementary effect, and one which you might not quite know what to do with, either. That’s why Crystal Feminized isn’t best recommended for a wake and bake strain - this is definitely more of an afternoon, evening or weekend hybrid.


Consume this cannabis when you have nothing urgent demanding your attention and allow yourself the blissful freedom of simply enjoying the liberating mind and body experience - you’ll not want to be anywhere but in the present, right where you are.


Try enjoying alongside works of art, music, books, TV or films and you’ll find yourself with a perfect pot partner to enhance your enjoyment.


Due to the high THC content of these buds, it’s advisable to make sure you stay well hydrated throughout and watch your dosage (especially if you have a low THC tolerance). Those who over-indulge could find themselves feeling dizzy, couchlocked or even a tad anxious or paranoid in rare cases, but this is easy to mitigate with careful consumption.



Medical Uses of Crystal Feminized

The practically instant mood uplifting properties of Crystal Feminized lends itself marvelously to managing stress levels, quelling anxiety and even helping those suffering from depression to find the peace of mind they’ve been searching for.


Of course, with up to 18% THC content, those with a low tolerance to the psychoactive properties of cannabis should consume Crystal Fem with care if they want to avoid some of the less desirable side effects of marijuana.


That high THC can be hugely beneficial therapeutically as well though, so don’t think about writing this hybrid off just because she packs a punch.


Beyond being ideal for combating mental maladies, you’ll find the relaxation properties of Crystal Feminized are a potent and effective therapy for everything from mild to severe physical aches and pains.


The ability of this strain to place you firmly in the moment - mind, body and spirit - is not to be underestimated medically speaking, and many patients can find much-needed and well-deserved solace from their ailments with a batch of Crystal Fem buds to hand.



Growing Crystal Feminized Seeds 

It’s pretty much an all Indica experience when it comes to growing Crystal Feminized seeds. These plants take after both White Widow and Northern Lights parentage in being largely able to look after themselves, incredibly easy for newbie growers to score epic yields with, and famously forgiving of minor novice blunders.


Crystal Fem plants are not likely to reach taller than 1 meter at most even under optimal conditions, which makes this a terrific specimen for indoor cultivation. Keep in mind though that these beauties do tend to need a fair amount of horizontal space.


The Screen of Green (ScROG) setup is reported to be an ideal means of maximizing your yield output with this hybrid, helping you make the most of all available space and develop more budding sites.


While Crystal comes with a robust resilience to mold, diseases and pest-related problems, you’ll want to keep a watchful eye on the latter if you opt for outdoor cultivation.


If you’re hoping to speed up the already swift growth time of this hybrid of legends then a hydroponic setup will serve you well, but if you’re more keen on maximizing the terpene profile of your pot to bring out the best flavor, aroma and therapeutic properties, use organic soil as your cultivation medium.


While some Low Stress Training (LST) techniques can be highly beneficial to growing Crystal Feminized, take care not to overstress your crop as this can increase the possibility of hermaphroditic plants developing.


Overall, expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering, after which the indoor grower will be in line to rake in between 400 and 500 grams of these dense and glistening ganja nugs per meter squared. Outdoor cultivators - you’re looking at closer to a whopping 750 grams per plant for your efforts - nice!


For the absolute best quality buds, err closer to the 10 weeks of flowering mark, rather than rushing to harvest these alluring nugs after only 8 weeks.




An all-round balanced hybrid strain combining the genetics of industry legends White Widow and Northern Lights, capable of helping anyone live in the moment.


Consider Crystal Feminized as essentially a tempered version of the iconic Northern Lights strain and you’re well on your way to understanding what this hybrid is all about.


A simply perfect pot partner for afternoons or evenings chilling out, best enjoyed with some music, a great book or other gripping entertainment - it’s practically impossible not to find yourself locked in the moment and appreciating every second of it with Crystal on your side.


And - one of the most resinous, simplest to grow and most generous strains out there!

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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