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Small and sturdy, Skywalker Feminized is a high-yielding strain bred from two deliciously divine Indicas, that somehow ended up being Sativa-heavy. Perfect for a nighttime strain, her dessert-like berry flavors hide a seriously potent 21% THC...

Berry-Sweet Sativa for Soaring Cerebral Effects

Bud Basics

An unusual strain for many reasons, Skywalker Feminized is the Sativa-leaning hybrid result of breeding Mazar, a famous landrace strain from the north of Afghanistan, and Blueberry, a highly-regarded, fruity Indica masterpiece.

How and why their resultant love child tends more toward Sativa traits and effects is a mystery, but no one in the cannabis community could argue that this weed is anything short of delicious, dank and potent. As you can imagine, we’re not looking too closely for an answer.

Named Skywalker for reasons unknown, we’ve decided that the profound buzz of this ganja is too similar to the sound of a lightsaber to ignore - but by all means, draw your own conclusions.

What we can say for certain is this pot takes her deliciously fruity aroma from her Blueberry parentage, and when broken apart, the scent released by these buds is beyond comparison.

Of course, this herb truly shines when toked. Heavy on the uplifting cerebral highs, you’ll find yourself humming with happiness when you light up a joint of this strain, before slowly slipping down to a deep and restful body-stone that’s calming and unmissable.

Cultivating this cannabis is a simple and straightforward process. Though Skywalker Feminized thrives indoors where conditions can be controlled, she’ll grow well enough in most locations, in most substrates, and is hardy enough to withstand the weight of her own massive colas without any additional support from you.

In fact, with feminized seeds to remove the worry of pollination, all you’re responsible for is keeping her warm, dry and well-trimmed. And drying and curing those tasty nugs for a stash that’s all your own.

Flavor and Fragrance of Skywalker Feminized

Although a hybrid strain, Skywalker Feminized borrows her taste and aroma from one side of the family more than the other and is abundant with the sweetness of berries and fruit much like her parent strain, Blueberry.

The muskiness that underpins her scent is elevated once this herb is combusted, intensifying to hint at notes of pine and spice that linger on the taste buds.


Despite Skywalker Fem’s Sativa leanings, she’s still capable of inducing a profound body-stone that’s more characteristic of an Indica genotype. As such, this high is best saved for the evening or any time you’ve got a few hours to spare to chill.

Beginning in the head with a mellow buzz, the onset of this weed is fast and starts to kick in with just a few tokes. The intensity gradually increases until your mind is overwhelmed with euphoric sensations, positivity pushing out stress and worry as these buds work to lift your mood and free your mind.

As you acclimatize to the cerebral effects of this weed, the body-stone kicks in, spreading a deeply physical sense of calm throughout your body and inspiring your most sloth-like qualities.

Though unlikely to lead to couchlock in moderate doses, we’d still suggest you clear your schedule of anything strenuous or active after a joint of this ganja. Seasoned smokers will handle this weed fairly well, but newbies might find themselves falling asleep fairly quickly.

Still, there are always side effects to marijuana consumption - usually dry eyes and cottonmouth, which can be alleviated with plenty of hydration. In this case, higher doses can lead to headaches, dizziness, paranoia and increased anxiety, especially in novice smokers or those with a low tolerance to THC.

Medical Uses of Skywalker Feminized

Blissful and euphoric, Skywalker Feminized is over-burdened with healing and therapeutic properties that can be incredibly useful as a medical strain. For patients in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community seeking relief and reprieve from psychological ailments, these buds are ideal for uplifting the mind and ushering out intrusive negativity, particularly for those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or PTSD.

As a physical herb, the Indica side of this strain can function as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory and can alleviate the pain of such conditions as migraines, arthritis, muscle spasms and more.

Like most marijuana strains, Skywalker Fem can induce some serious hunger pangs with her munchies effect. This can be beneficial to those suffering from lack of appetite as a side effect of eating disorders, chemotherapy or HIV/AIDS, due to the nausea-preventing anti-emetic properties of this weed.

Deeply sedating, the tranquilizing and muscle-relaxing effects of this herb can be effective at sending even those with a high tolerance for THC to sleep, and as such can work wonders for those with insomnia seeking deep, restorative slumber.

Growing Skywalker Feminized Seeds

Moderately sized marijuana, Skywalker Feminized can reach heights of around 90 centimeters when grown indoors, and stretch as far as 150 centimeters when grown al fresco. This means that her brawny branches are suitable for most properly equipped grow rooms.

With lush and gorgeous foliage of broad, vivid green leaves, her sturdy limbs require no additional support as she grows, even as her colas get heavier as she matures. The thick leafage of these plants does mean that some pruning is required to remove excess leaves and side branches, however, to optimize light exposure and airflow.

Skywalker Fem will thrive whether you choose to grow her in a hydroponics setup (for explosive growth) or in organic soil (to boost her terpene profile, and thereby her flavor and aroma). Either way, keep the temperature controlled at between 21° and 26°C, in a relatively dry environment.

Since outdoor conditions are more difficult to control and prone to fluctuations, we recommend cultivating this cannabis indoors, as the management of this herb’s climate is crucial, particularly during the 9 to 10 weeks in which she’s flowering.

Additionally, indoor growers can more easily utilize a Sea of Green (SOG) setup, which can boost yields up to a considerable 400 grams per square meter and make better use of the available space.

Should outdoor cultivation be your only viable option, then try to opt for warm and sunny climates such as the Mediterranean, California or Australia. In the northern hemisphere, these nugs are ready for harvesting around the middle of October, and you should find yourself with a tasty yield of around 500 grams per plant.


Small and sturdy, Skywalker Feminized is a high-yielding strain bred from two deliciously divine Indicas, that somehow ended up being Sativa-heavy. Perfect for a nighttime strain, her dessert-like berry flavors hide a seriously potent 21% THC content that’s capable of providing soaring cerebral effects, clearing the mind, honing the focus and stoning the body right down to the couch.

Heavy-hitting as she is, this marijuana makes a great choice for the MMJ tokers when seeking an all-natural (and supremely tasty) alternative to traditionally prescribed medications. Painkilling, anti-inflammatory and ideal for psychological ailments such as stress and depression, the muscle relaxing and uplifting effects of this weed are not to be missed.

For novice growers, this herb is an excellent choice to learn and develop the skills for more complex strains. Maintaining the environment is key, but with only a little experience, these beauties will thrive in most environments and fit the smaller grow rooms nicely. No trellising or support is required as these plants are strong enough to hold their own weight, and all-fem seeds remove the risk of pollination. Treat this hybrid well, and she’ll reward you with a copious yield of the fruitiest nugs for your very own.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)