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Legend OG Feminized Seeds

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Inducing a mild mental buzz that’s blown out of the water by her heavier hitting Indica effects and body-stone, this strain isn’t to be trifled with by newbies, and even veterans might find her psychedelic properties a tad more on the mind-bending side than expected...

Soothing Sensations from Secret Strains


Bud Basics

Many in the marijuana community will argue that OG Kush is the most popular strain ever to come out of the US. On the West Coast particularly, her influence can be seen just from looking at the list of her many phenotypes - so it’s no wonder she’s a worldwide favorite.


Interestingly though, some of this cannabis icon's hybrid children have remained hidden and unknown, not due to their lack of potency but more as a well-kept secret - and Legend OG Feminized is one of those strains.


Despite her unique traits being somewhat invisible in the world of weed, this herb's still more than capable of outdoing many of her more famous siblings, and is well-known amongst serious cannabis breeders.


In short, this is a strain that mimics and amplifies the effects of the original OG Kush, but with a lesser mental buzz and a harder-hitting body-stone that accurately reflects her 24% THC levels.


Classically Kush in flavor, this ganja gives things a new twist with notes of lavender and fuel underpinning everything, so right from the toke you’re loving the fragrance of this baby before she even kicks in. And she kicks in fast - inducing a head-clearing euphoria that quickly gives way to a creeping body buzz of warm and fuzzy feelings.


Medically, OG Legend is a potent pain-relieving strain and a great option for those with joint and muscle pain - as well as alleviating stress.


Short enough to be accommodated anywhere, cannabis cultivators will find this weed is easy to handle with all-fem seeds and a compact structure, and provides a healthy yield whether grown indoors or out.



Flavor and Fragrance of Legend OG Feminized

Holding tight to the classic Kush aroma that’s a part of the OG Kush genetics in this strain, when properly cured, Legend OG still has a unique multi-layered twist of her own to add, mixing lavender notes with hints of fuel flavors to create a fragrant, earthen, pine-like scent that’s pungent and smooth in a pipe or joint.


Sweet and sour both, her dank scent reveals herbal notes as you exhale.




Right from the start, the cerebral euphoria this strain provides is gentle and perhaps not of much interest to fans of Sativa effects - but since Legend OG Fem is Indica-leaning, that’s not really what most tokers are here for.


The initial stimulation of this strain is an excellent way to clear the head and deliver a buzz without any associated hyperactivity, warping your mindset so that uninteresting ideas suddenly seem fascinating, conversation is sparked, and you may even get a tad daydreamy - and that’s all before the real Indica effects kick in.


Not a fast-hitter, a creeping sensation will begin to tingle its way from your head and down your spine, warming the muscles to ease them of tightness and tension, and to usher in calm and fuzzy serenity. You’ll find this feels much like a pressure around the temples and the lower part of your forehead, bringing blood to your face as you flush pink. This will increase in intensity until you start to feel numbed to the outside world, lost in a bliss that locks you to the couch.


Many tokers of Legend OG have noted that right between the mind-clearing and the body buzzing, there’s an interval where those hunger pangs really kick in - so if you don’t want to feel like you’re starving, we’d advise getting snacks at the ready before you’re truly glued to the sofa.


Veteran smokers and hardcore tokers will love this insanely potent strain, though overdoing it even a little bit can hugely intensify the psychedelic effects of Legend OG Feminized.


Mind-bending as this high may be, that psychedelia can present itself as a heightening of the senses - making colors more vivid and bright, amplifying sound and sometimes even slowing down the passing of time.


Consuming too much of this herb can cause adverse reactions beyond the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth. Some tokers report dizziness and headaches with this strain, and those with lower THC tolerances may find anxiety becomes heightened.



Medical Uses of Legend OG Feminized

As a strain that can soothe the body immensely, Legend OG is a viable alternative to many synthetic pain-relieving medications currently prescribed, and can be toked as a therapeutic strain to alleviate the symptoms of joint pain such as arthritis, nerve damage and muscle pains, and has anti-inflammatory properties that can also aid with cramps, inflammation and headaches - though consulting with a care professional is advised as opposed to self-prescribing.


Due to the mind-clearing, euphoric properties of this strain, psychological ailments such as stress and depression can be treated for temporary relief with Legend OG Fem.


The uplifted mood induced by this herb can also benefit those with PTSD. Any patients prone to panic or with low THC tolerances will do well with this weed, as her calming effects aren’t likely to bring about paranoia.


Because of her relaxing body high, she can also be effective as a sedating herb to bring on drowsiness and slumber for struggling insomnia patients.



Growing Legend OG Feminized Seeds

Whether this strain really is a phenotype of OG Kush is unclear, but either way Legend OG Feminized shares her growth structure with the strain, and is a short, compact plant ideal for smaller growing rooms or grow tents, with quick germinating seeds.


How you choose to grow this plant is down to you, as she’ll grow most vigorously if put in a hydroponics setup, but will have a better terpene profile and stronger flavors if grown in organic soil. It all depends on what’s most important to the individual grower.


A Sea of Green (SoG) setup is a smart move with Legend OG, as though her flowering period will stay the same (anywhere from 7 to 9 weeks long), the overall growth cycle will be reduced by up to 2 weeks.


As the pre-flowers of your plants begin to show up, make sure to double-check for males in the batch - with all-fem seeds, it’s unlikely, but it’s safer not to chance it and risk pollination.


Ideal conditions for Legend OG Fem are similar to many other strains (hot and humid) but should always include plenty of light from a 600-watt HPS/LED grow lamp. Her large, pinecone-shaped buds are a treat to the eye, in beautiful moss greens with curling orange trichomes that both brighten and account for her psychoactivity. Take good care of these plants and they'll yield around 1.63 ounces per square foot.


Outdoor growers, go for a dry and sunny climate - harvest should be around early October, with each plant providing up to 17 ounces of tasty nugs.




The true lineage of this herb isn’t really what matters with Legend OG Feminized. For all intents and purposes, she’s the child of OG Kush and that’s enough to make her one of the best-kept secrets in the cannabis community.


Inducing a mild mental buzz that’s blown out of the water by her heavier hitting Indica effects and body-stone, this strain isn’t to be trifled with by newbies, and even veterans might find her psychedelic properties a tad more on the mind-bending side than expected.


With Kush aromas and notes of lavender lingering on your tongue, this strain is delicious for even casual medicinal marijuana consumers. As a potent pain-relieving strain, the therapeutic benefits of this hybrid abound even before taking into consideration the psychological ailments these buds can also alleviate.


Small enough to keep a secret - perhaps why she’s remained so - this short and compact plant is perfect for cultivating at home, to grow your very own stash. Hassle-free to grow, you can’t really say no to 1.63 ounces of your very own nugs, can you?

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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