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Exodus Cheese Feminized Seeds

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It takes a lot to overpower the perennially pungent Skunk #1 strain, and yet with Exodus Cheese Feminized (aka U.K. Cheese), the stinky scales might just be officially tipped in favor of the potent progeny...

Step Aside, Skunk - There’s a New Stink in Town


Bud Basics

It takes a lot to overpower the perennially pungent Skunk #1 strain, and yet with Exodus Cheese Feminized (aka U.K. Cheese), the stinky scales might just be officially tipped in favor of the potent progeny.


While the exact genetic origins of this famed hybrid remain something of a mystery, Skunk’s inclusion is a natural conclusion - no other strain could create such a powerful aroma.


Considered the original, once clone-only strain, hailing from the south of England in the late 80s (supposedly grown from Sensi Seeds’ infamous Skunk #1 seeds), this herb owes her name to the Luton-based breeder known as Exodus.


Cheesy cannabis might seem an odd experience to those who’ve yet to try this palate-pleasing delight, but the uniquely cheese-like flavor and aroma of these buds is nothing short of spectacular - capable of turning heads wherever these buds go.


Cannabis connoisseurs (and indeed, anyone who’s not completely new to the community) have come to adore this award-winning specimen, which still holds a strong place in a great many hearts even decades down the line.


A hybrid of Indica and Sativa genes, Exodus Cheese displays only the most desirable of traits - enormous yielding potential; short, stocky and sturdy plants with explosive growth patterns; a unique and inimitable terpene profile delivering sweet and creamy ganja goodness; and finally, 18% THC levels.


With a high that’s both sociable and intensely relaxing - again boasting the best of cerebral and physical influences - this hybrid has earned her home among the ganja greats, and her fame among recreational and therapeutic tokers alike.


Not one for the morning, Exodus Cheese Fem is an ideal afternoon, evening or weekend companion, and considered an absolute must-try among audiences worldwide.



Flavor and Fragrance of Exodus Cheese Feminized

Quite possibly the most notoriously pungent pot strain there ever has been, the flavor and fragrance of Exodus Cheese are entirely unmissable - literally.


Insanely loud terps bring these buds a profile reminiscent of aged blue cheese - creamy, yet damp and earthy, sharp and both sweet and sour. While the aroma can be quite divisive depending on audiences, there are few tokers not won over instantly when they finally take a hit.


In terms of both scent and taste, this stuff is going to stick around for quite some time, lingering in the air and on the tongue and inciting tremendous temptation for another hit (and another, and another…)


There are those who claim a hint of blueberries is evident on the exhale, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.




Anyone who’s tried any kind of Cheese strain before can attest to the fact that it doesn’t matter if you have a batch under 20% THC or soaring far higher - these buds are going to hit you fast and hard.


A swift-acting euphoria kicks in first, often after a mere few tokes, making itself known through a subtle tingling sensation around the eyes while the Sativa-inspired cerebral charge works its magic.


Soon, you may find yourself in awe of your adjusting perceptions, drinking in the visual and auditory stimuli around you as if for the first time, grinning from ear to ear.


Negativity becomes a stranger as things intensify, but don’t expect a great deal of focus from this cerebral stimulation - you’re more likely to find your mind wandering excessively (and to some pretty damn interesting thoughts and notions, too!)


This makes Exodus Cheese an ideal herb for socializing with friends and fellow tokers, and especially great for opening the mind to new suggestions and possibilities, as well as inciting some profound (potentially life-changing) discussions.


You’ll likely be so distracted by all this, you won’t even have noticed the physical Indica influence seeping through your body, sedating and soothing the limbs, growing stronger as the minutes tick by.


Before long, you’ll be seeking out the couch (if you haven’t already - some choose to use the cerebral oomphf for minor productivity while they can), and either as the high wears on or you return for more, couchlock becomes all the more inevitable.


Naturally, this all makes this hybrid far better suited to afternoon, evening or weekend enjoyment - save these buds for those ‘you’ times where it’s all about unwinding and enjoying yourself and you’ll get on great with this ganja.



Medical Uses of Exodus Cheese Feminized

With CBD content at a mere 0.3% and THC as high as 20% (on average), you’d be forgiven for thinking of Exodus Cheese Fem as a recreational-only strain. Don’t write these buds off therapeutically though, as a little THC therapy goes a long way.


For those with low tolerance to psychoactive pot, consume in moderation and remain well hydrated as this will help you mitigate any chances of adverse side effects like dry mouth, bloodshot eyes or dizziness.


Potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties give this herb a delightfully well-rounded medical profile, capable of offering relief to a variety of physical and psychological conditions alike.


Instant solace from stress, anxiety and depression is common among those who consume this cannabis, and while this relief is temporary, use of Exodus Cheese to combat these conditions can help create lasting changes in mental states - a key component in physical and mental recovery.


More severe conditions like PTSD can also benefit immensely from careful dosages of these buds.


On the physical side of things, everything from a mild headache to chronic migraine, or even the likes of multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle spasms and lupus can be effectively tempered and treated with this herb to hand.


Finally, insomnia stands little chance of keeping you awake once the heavy sedative influence of this stuff really settles in - just don’t overdo your intake in the hopes of getting there fast!



Growing Exodus Cheese Feminized Seeds

Generally speaking, growing Exodus Cheese Feminized is a reasonably simple process that even more inexperienced cultivators can succeed with.


In fact, there are only two real ‘problems’ which might require your attention.


Firstly, even before these plants mature beyond the vegetative state, the scent which wafts forth is the very definition of pungent. If discretion is a concern that’s even remotely on your radar, you will need quality odor control measures like carbon filters in place to mask the aroma of these beauties.


Second, while these plants rarely reach heights of much more than 1 meter, they do experience exponential and explosive growth patterns. While in most circumstances, your Exodus Cheese babies will be able to support this incredible bud production, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the higher branches - it’s not that they’re weaker than the (impressively strong) lateral limbs, it’s more to do with the sheer enormity of those top buds.


This means that you may need additional support in place for those heavy top buds - but even this can be easily achieved by even novice growers.


Beyond that, you have a straight line ahead to a seriously generous harvest. These plants will fend off common problems like mold, pathogens or pests thanks to their strong Indica genetics, and are more than capable of thriving indoors or out (though they prefer a warm Mediterranean climate where possible).


Exodus Cheese plants respond well to topping and training techniques, and the likes of the Screen of Green (ScROG) setup - which will help your crop make full use of all available space and maximize bud output.


In terms of cultivation medium, the choice is entirely yours, however, most growers opt for a hydroponic medium to further boost production and that explosive growth nature.


Those who grow Exodus Cheese Feminized outdoors are in for the biggest rewards come harvest time, with the potential for up to 800 grams per plant - of course, that’s under optimal conditions. Growers in the northern hemisphere will have less chance of such grand yields (and should harvest in early October for best results).


Overall, it’s a mere 6 to 8 weeks of flowering for these beauties, after which indoor crops can bring about between 600 and 800 grams per meter squared of these eternally stinky, dank and dense nugs.




Pungent, creamy, skunky and sumptuous - Exodus Cheese Feminized may belong to one of the most divisive (on paper) cannabis families around, but once you’re savoring that aftertaste and feeling the powerful effects kicking in, you’re all but guaranteed to become a fan for life.


A beautiful balance of Indica and Sativa genetics and traits, and a remarkably simple cultivation experience - these feminized seeds might just be your easiest ticket to a batch of legendary buds with bag appeal for days.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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