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Bursting with juicy mangoes and a hint of rosemary, this marijuana offers an intoxicating experience in more ways than one. If you’ve been searching for a dessert strain unlike anything else you’ve tasted to date, you’ve just found it!

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Bud Basics

Holding onto your crown after two decades in the face of such ferocious competition isn’t easy. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Sweet Tooth Feminized has done – every bit as impressive and popular today as when she stormed the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup.


A stupendously sweet and sexy session smoke you have to experience to appreciate, this is less a cannabis strain in the conventional sense and more a smokable dessert.


Launched more than 20 years ago to sizeable fanfare by Barney’s Farm, Sweet Tooth Feminized has been going from strength to strength ever since. A fantastically balanced hybrid that errs very slightly to the Indica side of the spectrum, this herb's moderate 16% THC content makes her fantastically accessible. The perfect strain for prolonged periods of indulgence, without blasting you into kingdom come.


Sweet Tooth was engineered by combining the genetics of Nepalese and Hawaiian Sativa landrace strains. Somehow, the coming together of the genetics resulted in a specimen with a distinct and 100% unique fruity-floral fragrance.


Bursting with juicy mangoes and a hint of rosemary, this marijuana offers an intoxicating experience in more ways than one. If you’ve been searching for a dessert strain unlike anything else you’ve tasted to date, you’ve just found it!


As an added bonus, Sweet Tooth Feminized is exceptionally easy to grow and delivers consistently superior yields in no time at all. This being the feminized version of the original, you’re more or less guaranteed all female plants with a probability rate of around 99%. Give things about 10 weeks from seed to harvest and you’ll see exactly what makes this award-winning strain an undisputed champion.



Flavor and Fragrance of Sweet Tooth Feminized

Whether or not Barney’s Farm set out specifically to create a super-sweet dessert-like strain is something we might never know. Not that it matters, as what they subsequently came up with was something worth endlessly celebrating.


On the nose, there’s an irresistible aroma of mango and peach, with the kind of sugary sweetness that almost borders on sickly. There’s also a distinct floral note to the aroma, complemented by a hint of damp earth and dank when the buds are broken.


The subtler fruity and floral fragrances can be picked out more prominently when vaped, but there’s a richness and sweetness to the smoke that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. All of the floral and fruity fragrances translate to an unforgettable flavor, culminating in an herbal aftertaste with notes of rosemary.




Let’s get one thing straight - Sweet Tooth Feminized isn’t going to blow you into the middle of next week after several heavy hits. If all you’re interested in is getting as high as possible as quickly as possible, set your sights on something else. This stuff is all about the pure indulgence of truly remarkable weed, which can be smoked for hours on end without taking things too far.


As usual, it’s the Sativa side of the genetics that makes its presence known right off the bat. Rather than a soaring cerebral uplift, you’re gently elevated to a state of higher consciousness, positivity and even productivity. You’re immediately at one with and appreciative of everything and everyone in the vicinity, seeing the good side in all aspects of life.


For a while at least, Sweet Tooth Feminized will fill you with the outgoing energy and drive needed to get things done.


Give things a while and this sense of energized optimism quickly gives way to a more relaxed and contented vibe. One that’s coupled with a moderate yet deeply satisfying body stone, adding just a small amount of weight to the limbs. Never to such an extent as to glue you to the nearest piece of furniture, but more than enough to justify a prolonged period of self-indulgence.


Timing is therefore of the essence with this ganja, given this two-stage high. An ideal strain for later in the afternoon, when you’ve still a few things to take care of before being as lazy as you like for the rest of the evening.


Hovering around the 16% THC mark, Sweet Tooth Feminized is ideal for newcomers and novice smokers with a lower THC tolerance.



Medical Uses of Sweet Tooth Feminized

The combination of perfectly balanced genetics and a moderate THC content adds up to an extremely versatile medical cannabis strain. Sweet Tooth Feminized gets to work on body and brain with equal effectiveness, though in both instances isn’t remotely overpowering or unmanageable. Coupled with an extraordinarily satisfying fragrance and flavor, it’s easy to see why this weed gets the recommendation of dispensary workers across the United States.


Mild to moderate psychological issues are quickly taken care of, such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, pessimism, negativity and so on. Bouts of stress in particular are no match for this stuff, which quickly puts you back in a more optimistic frame of mind and helps you focus on the positives.


This herb's effects are surprisingly clear-headed from start to finish, so you’re still able to function while enjoying all the benefits.


Despite being a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid, the physical side of this strain’s effects aren’t nearly as hard-hitting as you might expect. Instead, it’s a case of a warm and relaxing body stone gravitating slowly from the neck down, easing aches and getting to work on mild to moderate pains. Headaches and migraines are also known to respond positively to Sweet Tooth Feminized – as are appetite issues and nausea.



Sweet Tooth Feminized Autoflower Seeds

A gift to grow in every sense of the word, this is a strain that asks little and delivers a lot. As this is the feminized version, you’ll be looking at all-female plants with a probability rate of around 99%. No males to pose a threat to your females and the promise of quality yields after no more than around 9-10 weeks.


It’s rare for the plants themselves to reach more than around 100cm in height, making this a great strain for compact indoor or outdoor spaces. Speaking of which, she's also sturdy and resilient enough to deal with relatively changeable weather conditions. As long as it doesn’t get too cold, you’ve nothing to worry about.


That said, careful pruning is essential to ensure good air circulation, as the foliage tends to be exceptionally dense. Other than this, keep an eye on your plants for the duration and you’ll be looking at anything from 200g to 400g for every square meter of grow space.




Dig as deep as you like – you still will not find a bad word to say about Sweet Tooth Feminized. Top to bottom, inside and out, this herb really is just about as good as a balanced and enjoyable session smoke gets these days.


Easy to grow and capable of delivering generous yields for such tiny plants, this is the ideal strain for taking advantage of confined indoor and outdoor spaces. Though it’s the fragrance and flavor of Sweet Tooth that have to be experienced to understand what makes this weed a worthy 1st Place High Times Cannabis Cup winner.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
GrowsGrows Outside
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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