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California Dream Feminized Seeds

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Perfect for bringing a burst of sunshine into an otherwise grey winter’s day, California Dream is the ultimate mood-booster. Despite often tipping the scales at a whopping...

 A Dream Come True with Every Toke


Bud Basics

Perfect for bringing a burst of sunshine into an otherwise grey winter’s day, California Dream is the ultimate mood-booster. Despite often tipping the scales at a whopping 90% Indica, this herb is renowned for her uplifting and thought-provoking effects. None of the usual mind-fog or brain-constipation with this stuff – inspiration comes thick and fast for the duration.


THC content tends to average around 17%, so this isn't the kind of strain that’s going to knock you clean off your feet. It’s more about injecting even more enjoyment into chilled afternoons and evenings, where there’s nothing left on your schedule.


Created by combining the genetics of Afghani and Mexican weed, California Dream represents a taste of pure positivity when good vibes are called for.


This ganja is also gaining fame and infamy for her minty-citrus fragrance, carried on a wave of exceptionally pungent skunk that travels for miles. Certainly not a strain to reach for in situations that warrant discretion – keeping this weed under wraps is practically impossible - a strain best enjoyed behind closed doors, rather than out and about in public.


One or two tokes is enough to transport you to a pristine Mexican beach, the exotic landscapes of the Middle East or the heart of sunny California. Wherever it takes you, you’re guaranteed an enjoyable ride and several hours of pure unashamed pleasure.



Flavor and Fragrance of California Dream Feminized

Pungency is the name of the game with this stuff, which produces a quintessentially skunky stink that carries on the wind for miles. This is the kind of strain that stinks up the entire room before getting anywhere near a pipe, bong or blunt. Hence, precautions should be taken if you need to keep things discreet. Suffice to say, burn the buds and the whole thing becomes even more intense.


The main skunky fragrance is punctuated by a spike of sharp citrus and an undertone of mint, adding a welcome touch of freshness to an otherwise dank and musky experience.


The flavor profile follows similar lines, which for the most part delivers masses of classic herbal skunk and pine. The minty characteristics are more pronounced on the exhale, at which point you’re left with a seriously heavy aftertaste you won’t be able to shift. Not that you’ll want to, of course.


Though rarely cough-inducing, dry-mouth more or less goes hand in hand with this strain. You’ll therefore want to keep plenty of hydration close to hand for the duration.




California Dream is one of the most enjoyable strains you’ll ever experience for unwinding at the end of a tough day. Or for that matter, simply making the most of a lazy afternoon, or evening or weekend in its entirety.


Nothing about the experience is overpowering, though you’re instilled with such a sense of trance-like tranquility that you’re unlikely to move a muscle for the next few hours.


Despite huge Indica dominance – often as much as 90% - California Dream gets to work in seconds with a soothing, reassuring and mood-boosting cerebral uplift. Nothing close to the soaring euphoria you’d expect from a Sativa – more the gentle easing of the mind and the elimination of every trace of negativity.


You suddenly find yourself thinking more positively and creatively, seeing all that’s good in the world and smiling from ear to ear. There’s a chance you’ll feel physically motivated to get things done for a few minutes at least, but venturing too far from where you are at the time isn’t advisable.


The reason being that give things just 20 minutes or so and the body stone makes its presence known. Not to such an extent as to floor you, but more in the sense of warm tingles that gradually make their way from the neck down. California Dream isn’t going to lock you to the couch, but could leave you in a dream-like state when you simply cannot be bothered to do much at all.


You’ll be able to get up and function if you need to, but you’ll find plenty of excuses not to.


This daydream-like high rides on for a good few hours, often culminating with heavy eyelids and a feeling of drowsiness. Strategic timing is therefore advisable with this stuff, as there’s a high chance you’ll be heading straight for the sack when this herb is finished working her magic.



Medical Uses of California Dream Feminized

There’s no shortage of therapeutic applications for California Dream, whose relaxing properties and relatively modest 17% THC content make her an ideal fit for patients who are more about treating health conditions than getting baked.


Almost immediately after the first couple of tokes, every semblance of stress, anxiety and negativity is eliminated from the equation. This isn't a strain that is going to blow your mind with frantic euphoria, but is simply fantastic for gentle cerebral elevation when feeling down in the dumps.


The physical side of the stone is more powerful and pronounced, though doesn’t come close to being incapacitating. Particularly when consumed in moderate doses, California Dream in an exceptionally mild and accessible strain – perfect for newcomers to therapeutic cannabis.


Everyday aches and pains are melted away, the symptoms of migraines are alleviated, and the physical manifestations of stress and anxiety disappear.


California Dream is also a great strain for anyone who finds it difficult to unwind in the evening, helping bring on a great night’s sleep with no side effects the next morning. Speaking of which, the risk of paranoia or panic attacks is comparatively low with this lower-potency hybrid - again, making this a great therapeutic strain for users with a lower THC tolerance.



Growing California Dream Feminized Seeds

Presenting most of the characteristics you’d expect from a typical Indica, California Dream Feminized is an uncomplicated strain to grow at home. Along with being extremely resistant to mold, mildew, pests and common plant diseases, she's not particularly picky where temperatures are concerned. Masses of sunshine are the way to go for the best possible results, but you’ll still produce a decent haul in a slightly cooler climate.


The plants themselves rarely reach heights of more than 110cm, making this cannabis a solid choice for compact and confined indoor spaces. Flowering times average around nine weeks or so, after which moderate yields of approximately 2oz for every square foot of grow space are about the norm.


As this is the feminized version of California Dream, there’s next to no risk of unwanted male plants jeopardizing your harvest. Give your plants the occasional trim to keep them in check and there really is little else to it.


That said, it’s worth remembering that this is a strain that generates classic cannabis stink on a scale that’s hard to keep under control - something to bear in mind, if you don’t want the entire neighborhood to know what you’re up to!




If you’re looking for a mild yet enjoyable strain to help you make the best of a quiet afternoon or evening, you cannot and will not go wrong with this stuff. Great ganja for relaxed social situations, but more the kind of lazy and self-indulgent strain to be saved for alone time.


With her powerful fragrance, delicious flavor and long-lasting mood-boosting high, California Dream is a dream come true with every toke.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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