Blue Fruit Autoflower Seeds

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Blue Fruit Autoflower Seeds

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Ticking all the right boxes for the first-time cultivator, Blue Fruit Autoflower is a fragrant, flavorful and fantastically enjoyable strain that practically grows herself...

Session Smoke Extraordinaire


Bud Basics

Ticking all the right boxes for the first-time cultivator, Blue Fruit Autoflower is a fragrant, flavorful and fantastically enjoyable strain that practically grows herself.


The ultimate in bragging rights for the inexperienced (or downright lazy) grower, this stuff does all the hard work so you don’t have to.


Ruderalis genetics were introduced to the original to create this autoflowering version of Blue Fruit. A strain that tells you everything you need to know about her most attractive properties by way of her name alone.


Erring towards the Indica side of the spectrum, Blue Fruit Auto combines a warm and relaxing body stone with an invigorating and energizing cerebral uplift.


One of the most fantastic session smokes money can buy, this pot typically tests for around 16% THC. Enough to have the desired effect, though practically impossible to take over the edge. All with the added bonus of a dessert-like flavor that combines fresh berries with creamy vanilla, resulting in a dreamy and decadent experience you’ll never forget.


Best reserved for quiet evenings or relaxed social situations, this herb will warm and relax you from head to toe, without gluing you to the couch indefinitely. A superb Indica with a mild punch to enjoy whenever the mood takes you.



Flavor and Fragrance of Blue Fruit Autoflower

Everything about Blue Fruit Auto has been designed to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet-toothed individuals. Frankly, this is less a cannabis strain in the conventional sense, more a dessert you can smoke.


The immediate aroma that hits the nose is one of sweet berries and classic skunk, with a dreamy-creamy undertone that’s as curious as it is irresistible.


Set light to the buds and you’re in for a smoke that’s every bit as decadent as a freshly baked fruit pie with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. All with just the right amount of skunky-funk in the background, so as to not make the whole thing too sickly.


The aftertaste with this stuff has to be experienced to be believed – bucketloads of vanilla and a sticky-sweet flavor that’ll have you licking your lips and craving more - precisely why the low-THC content of Blue Fruit Autoflower can be an absolute blessing; this is a true session smoke to enjoy the hell out of, hour after hour.




You could say that Blue Fruit Autoflower is the quintessential Indica-heavy strain for the most light-hearted everyday applications. These buds deliver everything you’d expect from an Indica-dominant hybrid, though not to such an extent as to knock you senseless.


If you’re more about enjoying the experience than simply seeing how high you can get, this could be the stuff for you.


Initially, Blue Fruit Auto hits with cerebral uplift and a boost of motivated energy, which immediately wipes away the cares of the world and leaves you feeling happy as can be. Cares and worries are replaced with calm serenity, at which point you’ll find yourself taking in your surroundings with a new sense of appreciation. Not to mention, anyone else who happens to be with you at the time.


Give things around an hour and this feeling of calm and content relaxation begins manifesting as a physical stone, gently making its way through the body. There’s a gentle and enjoyable feeling of heaviness to the whole experience, as you lose all sense of time and focus exclusively on satisfying your every urge and craving.


You’re unlikely to be incapacitated, though most likely feel too bone idle to get a great deal done. Think movies, video games and inane conversation – reaching for the nearest takeout menu being the only exertion you will have in mind.


The 16% average THC content of Blue Fruit Autoflower keeps things controllable from start to finish, eventually easing you in the direction of a good night’s sleep.


Hands down one of the best session smokes on the market, with the added bonus of a super-sexy fragrance and flavor profile you won’t be able to get enough of.



Medical Uses of Blue Fruit Autoflower

It’s the mildness of Blue Fruit Autoflower that makes this such a versatile and popular medical cannabis strain. Therapeutic cannabis users rarely seek strains of devastatingly high potency, instead preferring those that are easy to enjoy in moderation.


A strain with superb psychological and physiological properties, the initial mood-boost is great for dealing with bouts of depression, anxiety and apathy, eliminating negative thoughts and putting you at peace with your surroundings.


As this herb has a relatively low THC content of around 16%, it’s highly unlikely to bring on mind-race, dizziness, paranoia or panic attacks. Even for those with an underdeveloped THC tolerance, Blue Fruit Autoflower can be extremely enjoyable in controlled quantities.


It’s a similar story with the physical side of the stone, which is more warming and soothing than debilitating or incapacitating. Particularly when consumed in relatively modest doses, Blue Fruit Auto can bring about effective and lasting pain relief, without knocking you off your feet entirely.


The therapeutic properties are further enhanced by a rich terpene composition, dominated primarily by caryophyllene, humulene and myrcene.


While not a knock-out Indica strain by any stretch of the imagination, this stuff can still be just the thing for gradually easing you towards a fantastic night’s sleep.



Growing Blue Fruit Autoflower Seeds

There are at least three good reasons why everyone should try their hand at growing a batch of Blue Fruit Autoflower.


First and foremost, mature Blue Fruit plants never reach more than around 100cm in height and can be brought to fruition in even the tiniest of spaces. Secondly, they’re just about as resilient and durable as it gets, warding off the vast majority of common plant problems and more or less growing themselves.


If all this wasn’t enough, it’s possible to produce a seriously enjoyable batch of weed from seed-to-harvest in less than 10 weeks.


As this is the autoflowering version of Blue Fruit, all male plants have been removed from the equation. Treated to relatively stable conditions and a humidity level of around 50%, Blue Fruit Auto is good for a yield in the region of 450g of cannabis for every square meter of grow space. All with the added bonus of a truly decadent dessert-like fragrance throughout, courtesy of plants that are as gorgeous to look at as they are to smoke.




Blue Fruit Autoflower impresses in all areas that matter most. Bursting with beautiful berry-vanilla fragrances and a dessert-like flavor, this herb is among the most enjoyable strains on the market by a considerable margin - and an absolute gift to grow, helping novices and experienced growers alike make the best possible use of even the smallest spaces.


If you’re looking for a session smoke that’s never going to send you over the edge, Blue Fruit Auto with her 16% average THC content could be just the thing. A strain with a long and varied list of therapeutic applications, and veritable 21st century superstar on the medical cannabis scene.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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