24k Gold Feminized Seeds

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24k Gold Feminized Seeds

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No bashfulness or beating around the bush with this one - 24k Gold Feminized makes some pretty bold claims to fame. Famed for her inspiring, uplifting and optimistic high...

All That Glitters Is Gold 


Bud Basics

No bashfulness or beating around the bush with this one - 24k Gold Feminized makes some pretty bold claims to fame. Famed for her inspiring, uplifting and optimistic high, this golden ganja strain really does make you feel like you’ve inherited the Midas Touch. Which is interesting, given how she’s actually an Indica-leaning hybrid, comprising approximately 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics.


DNA Genetics is famed for unleashing 24k Gold Fem on the world, which is also known as Kosher Tangie. Created by combining the genetics of Tangie and Kosher Kush, this hybrid turned out to be a beautifully balanced pot progeny with an intoxicating fragrance and flavor profile.


Not your typical creeper, this beautiful strain gets to work almost instantaneously with a surprisingly intensive cerebral high. The full brunt of the Indica lineage follows shortly afterwards, meaning this isn’t a strain to take chances with as a daytime smoke. For chilled evening and social situations, however, she’s an absolute diamond (or a bar of gold). 


Equally popular in recreational and medicinal cannabis circles, 24k Gold is a tricky plant to grow that rewards knowledge and experience. Though with outdoor yields averaging around 20oz of weed for every square meter of grow space, patience is rewarded in a big way.


Particularly when considering this is one of the higher THC strains easily available, with average THC as high as 24%.



Flavor and Fragrance of 24K Gold

The three most prominent terpenes in 24k Gold are myrcene, pinene and limonene respectively. Myrcene is known for its herbal and somewhat spicy fragrance, pinene bringing pine freshness into the mix and limonene being noticeable for those sweet and sour citrus notes. 


As a result, 24k Gold Feminized closely resembles parent strain Tangie in the fragrance and flavor department. The aroma is dominated by masses of sweet and sour citrus, with plenty of pine freshness and an incense-like musk in the background when the buds are broken. There’s also a very slight hint of spice, which is more discernable in some batches than others. 


Set light to these nugs and the flavor is every bit as enjoyable as the fragrance. All of those orangey-piney notes are further intensified, though with a much more prominent peppery spice that comes through on the exhale. The smoke is rich, thick, dense and satisfying, but not so harsh as to cause irritation or induce coughing. 


Some of the citrus and pine flavors of 24k Gold are more pronounced when vaped at a low temperature, though combustion of the buds makes for a more complex and quintessentially classical experience.




She may lean towards the Indica side of the spectrum, but 24k Gold Feminized’s immediate effects are purely cerebral. The sensory stimulation felt after just a couple of heavy tokes often crosses the line into an outright psychedelic experience. Auditory and visual distortions come thick and fast, which can make these buds difficult to handle for those with a low THC tolerance. 


For those who know what they’re doing, this golden ganja is an absolute blast – fantastic for enjoying music, playing video games, going nuts at a music festival and so on. 


That said, it’s important not to allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security. 24k Gold Fem may have you fired up with energetic euphoria at first, but it isn’t long before her Indica heritage starts doing its thing - beginning with a gradual wave of warmth and heaviness that makes its way through the muscles, building towards a complete sense of lethargy. 


At which point, the prospect of any type of physical activity becomes pretty daunting, though the feeling of absolute contentment and appreciation of your surroundings sticks around for the duration. 24k Gold is therefore a strain best saved for relaxed and social afternoons or evenings, when you have nothing to do but indulge. If you’ve a packed schedule of jobs that need doing, set your sights on something else.



Medical Uses of 24k Gold Feminized

The well-balanced nature of 24k Gold Feminized makes her a particularly versatile strain for therapeutic use. Though the potentially elevated THC also makes this a strain to approach with caution, if your tolerance isn’t particularly advanced.


During the initial stages of the experience, the mood-boosting properties of 24k Gold make the strain fantastic for dealing with a wide variety of psychological issues. Mild cases of depression, everyday stress and the occasional bout of social anxiety can all be alleviated with measured intake. If you’re simply feeling bummed-out at the end of the day and need an emotional pick-me-up, these beauties get to work in a matter of minutes.


Though it’s in the physical sense that 24k Gold really shines. By relaxing (if not completely numbing) the body in its entirety, this remarkable hybrid can be great for the temporary alleviation of aches, pains and stiffness. Chronic headaches and migraine sufferers have also reported welcome relief after using these nugs, as have patients with arthritis.


Nausea and poor appetite are also no match for 24k Gold Feminized, which sooner or later guarantees the kinds of prolonged hunger pangs you’re powerless against.



Growing 24k Gold Feminized Seeds 

Starting with the positives, 24k Gold Feminized is capable of producing generously large and dense buds in extremely heavy quantities. She’s also a beautiful plant to look at, which come maturity presents a rich tapestry of bold greens, bright orange pistils and an irresistible coating of frosty trichomes. All with the prospect of THC concentrations of up to 24%, with the added bonus of consistently excellent yields.


On the downside, this isn’t a strain for first-time growers.


For one thing, these feminized plants tend to reach pretty towering heights, so plenty of headroom is essential. They’re also pretty sensitive to changes of temperature and need carefully controlled humidity levels to get the job done. Regular pruning is essential to maintain good air circulation and flowering times average around 10 weeks – slightly longer than average. 


Still, you could argue that this is all a small price to pay for up to 20oz of seriously top-shelf cannabis for every square meter of grow space. Particularly when considering that a little of this stuff goes an extremely long way.  24k Gold Feminized can deliver even more impressive results outdoors, but only if you’re situated somewhere with warm and consistently sunny Mediterranean-like weather conditions.




Both in terms of her recreational and therapeutic applications, 24k Gold is a strain that doesn’t disappoint. If anything, the fact that she’s pretty tricky to grow only adds to her allure. After all, there’s much to be said for exclusivity – precisely what makes precious metals such valuable commodities.


24k Gold Feminized is sophisticated, prestigious and unashamedly exquisite.  Enjoyable in the extreme, but exponentially more satisfying if you take the time to grow your own.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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