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Cement Shoes Feminized Seeds

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Indica-dominant Cement Shoes comes from a storied genetic lineage encompassing some of California and Canada’s finest hybrids to bring you this top-shelf quality specimen of potent and pungent delights...

A Stunning Specimen of West Coast Flavor


Bud Basics 

Indica-dominant Cement Shoes comes from a storied genetic lineage encompassing some of California and Canada’s finest hybrids to bring you this top-shelf quality specimen of potent and pungent delights.


Those less familiar with the mighty West Coast strains might need to dig deeper than the direct parentage of this heavy hybrid to understand just how special Cement Shoes’ genetics really are. If you’ve yet to sample Wet Dream, OG Kush Breath or the wild Animal Cookies, perhaps you’d had more exposure to their parents (which include the likes of Blue DreamOcean Beach Haze, Fire OG and the glorified superstar Girl Scout Cookies.


Glancing down the family tree, it’s clear that Cement Shoes represents a cannabis cocktail of epic genetic proportions - one any connoisseur should be doing everything in their power to grab a hefty handful of.


She’s one of those strains with a somewhat imposing name, and for damn good reason! These buds are packed with a powerful 23% average THC and the propensity for rendering the entire body sluggishly serene - expect the quintessential couchlock high with this heavy-hitting hybrid!


And, thanks to an exquisite terpene profile, that knockout potency isn’t all; these nugs are a veritable flavor sensation chock full of cannabis therapeutic potential which you will quite simply never forget.



Flavor and Fragrance of Cement Shoes

Try not to drown in your own drool with this one, because the flavor and aroma profile which accompanies these truly astonishingly beautiful buds is one of deeply compelling satisfaction.


Like any top-shelf West Coast strain, Cement Shoes excels in this department, with abundant terps from caryophyllene to limonene, pinene, myrcene and more - responsible for delivering a complex sensory experience of complementary and juxtaposing nuances all at once.


Expect to note a great deal of earthy pungency regardless of how sophisticated your palate may be, with distinct tones of lemon injecting a tantalizing zest into the mustiness.


It is, however, reported that phenotypes vary somewhat with Cement Shoes, some presenting as closer representations of their Animal Cookies parentage, while other phenos lean nearer to practically imitating the highly desired OG Kush Breath.


Those with the former of these phenos can expect perhaps a stronger hit on the nose and tongue of those citric notes, while regardless of the particular phenotype in your garden, the Wet Dream genetic influence will surely thicken out the delectable and decadent flavor and fragrance profile with her earthy pungency.




Caution - handle with care. This hybrid’s name should give you all the indication you need as to what kind of effect Cement Shoes Feminized is likely to have.


Like any desirable couch-locking high THC powerhouse pot strain out there, these nugs promise to make their presence known after but a few small hits. While the smooth and delicious smoke drifts past your lips, this hybrid’s cannabinoids will already be fast at work.


It starts with the relaxation, a chilled-out vibe coursing through every inch of you, wrapping you in a deepening sense of serenity likely to swiftly guide you to the couch for a classic Netflix and chong session.


While the body surrenders to the senses, the mind quickly follows, abandoning mental baggage and the weight of the world dragging you down in an unstoppable surge of uplifting euphoria - which, for those of a mind, makes Cement Shoes a sublime specimen for inducing states of deep and profound meditation.


Due to this kind of influence, it’s not uncommon for users to feel a sense of time displacement, losing track of minutes or even hours while the mind, body and spirit ride the weedy wave to new levels of meaning and connection.


Of course, that may sound like a bunch of hippie mumbo jumbo to you - if that’s the case, stick with the Netflix and chong, and be sure to have plenty of snacks around when this girl slaps you with a mean case of the munchies!


Cement Shoes is without a doubt a strain best served for evening consumption, when the day’s necessary activities are behind you and your time is truly your own. She’s also a terrific choice for sending you off to a deeply rejuvenating sleep.


Keep in mind, however, that with high THC strains like this, dose control is everything if you want to avoid such side effects as dry mouth, red eye, disorientation or anxiety.



Medical Uses of Cement Shoes Feminized

While high THC strains are not as often sought after by those seeking medical marijuana, a little THC therapy can go a long way if approached with care.


Powerful anxiolytic and mood modulation properties within these fast-acting buds help to relax the mind and banish toxic thoughts and emotions, casting them into mere memory while the sedative influence stretches throughout the body.


These almost immediate effects can prove incredibly potent in combating the overwhelmed or overly stressed feelings many of us suffer from on a daily basis, lending themselves to the treatment of anxiety and depression, or even the likes of PTSD and panic attacks.


As with most cannabis strains, you’ll find Cement Shoes high in anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, too, which means that while your mind is healing as you toke, your body is doing much the same - relaxing into a state of serene sedation while the marijuana magic works through the dullest and most chronic pains.


From migraines to arthritis, muscle spasms, stiffness, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, a wide range of persisting pain can be effectively mitigated thanks to this wonder weed.


Many find their appetites stimulated once again after even a small dose of this West Coast superstar, regardless of the cause behind their aversion to food. And finally, even the most chronic insomniac would struggle to keep their eyes open when under the influence of the indomitable Cement Shoes.



Growing Cement Shoes Feminized Seeds

Thankfully, this hybrid behaves just like any quality Indica strain, which makes growing Cement Shoes Feminizedseeds a relative breeze.


These beautiful plants (they really are stunners with those bluey violet hues!) rarely reach heights taller than 1.5 meters, preferring instead to mature more laterally and develop an astonishing amount of bud sites, with one crowning cola being most prominent of all.


Despite the vast density of Cement Shoes plants, this hybrid proves mightily efficient and robust, capable of holding her own weight without the need for any intervention in the form of stakes or trellises.


As the plants mature further, resin production flies off the charts, covering the thick nugs in a generous coating of glistening crystal trichomes which offset beautifully against the dark green foliage. But that’s not all, oh no.


These beauties have more bag appeal yet to develop, and for growers with decent experience behind them, you should consider exposing your crop of Cement Shoes to colder night temperatures near the end of flowering. This will accentuate the diversity of the plant’s vibrant colors and add heaps of bag appeal to your nugs when cured - though keep in mind, this technique is not without risk and doesn’t do a lick to improve potency or flavor.


Indoor cultivators hoping to maximize the output from their crop of Cement Shoes Feminized should opt for a Sea of Green (SOG) setup if at all possible - this will help you not only in boosting yields but also in maintaining the marijuana as well by making full use of your available space.


With no additional support required, a natural resilience to mold and problematic pest issues, the feminized nature of these beans removing any chance of crop-ruining males and the straightforward path to success involving little more than optimal feeding, temperature and humidity conditions, this beautiful plum-hued pot couldn’t be much easier to cultivate if she tried.


After roughly 8 to 10 weeks flowering time, indoor growers can expect up to 500 grams of gorgeous, dense and glistening nugs per meter squared of Cement Shoes Fem plants. Outdoor cultivators, comparatively, are in for closer to 600 grams per plant if their crop has access to optimal Mediterranean-esque climates.




If you’re in the market for an easily grown Indica-dominant hybrid, the kind which represents an amalgamation of some of the West Coast’s finest and most delicious ganja strains, you’re in the right place with Cement Shoes Feminized.


Few plants stand as more undeniable beauties than these stunning ladies, which make not only a fine but a necessary addition to any serious garden.


Packed with high THC, potent and fast-acting potential along with more natural bag appeal than you can shake a Sativa stem at, the only reason to avoid this hybrid is if you’re not fond of any kind of psychoactive high whatsoever.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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