Zombie Death Fuck Feminized Seeds

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Zombie Death Fuck Feminized Seeds

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Strongly Sativa and cerebral, this immense psychedelic pot is a miracle baby between legendary strains, and the happiest accident the cannabis community has ever seen...

Not quite the shuffling, brain-dead stone you’d imagine...


Bud Basics

The oh-so-strangely named Zombie Death Fuck Feminized is the Sativa-dominant hybrid result of breeding between two iconic strains that was just never meant to happen. Much like her parent, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), she’s a gorgeous ganja with a sweet aroma and potent medicinal benefits. Paired with second parent Durban Poison, her killer cerebral high becomes less surprising, and more expected.


Throw in a third legendary strain in the form of OG Kush, and Zombie Death Fuck’s full effects begin to make real sense. This herb's floral spicy smoke is immensely energizing and yet grounded from the realms of hyperactivity by the presence of this notorious Indica herb, accounting for the relaxing body effect in her high.


The very definition of a happy accident in the grow room, no careful breeding was a part of this pot's background. Still, her Sativa effects and generous resin production speak for themselves, delivering a 23% THC strain with a devastating psychedelic high and some serious medicinal potential.


Lucky for cannabis cultivators, there’s no need to rely on another accident to get your own stash of this stuff. One for intermediate level growers, her combination of traits makes for a not too difficult strain to grow, but one that requires a good amount of patience, since the flowering period is fairly long. Still, she yields well and is well worth the wait.



Flavor and Fragrance of Zombie Death Fuck Feminized

Fruity with notes of earth, Zombie Death Fuck Fem is blessed with a fragrant and floral twist to her aroma that’s modestly spicy as you break apart her nugs, and tasty as hell once combusted.




Generally Sativa-leaning despite her undead name, Zombie Death Fuck sets the mind racing in a cerebral effect that’s perfect for daytime consumption, and lasts for several hours at a time.


Used in moderation, this weed can function to boost creativity and inspiration, and she’s a great choice for brainstorming and art. In larger doses though, tokers have reported a total mental blackout, so take it easy to avoid losing your memory entirely.


When consumed in lower doses, the high of this herb is still almost instantaneous, sending you into a deeply contemplative state that heightens the senses and your awareness of your surroundings.


As such, it’s important to ensure your environment is pleasant and positive before you light up, as this sharpening of your mental clarity can be unpleasant if not. Still, she’ll improve your mood and outlook regardless, and she’s energizing enough to be paired with activity and exercise for that added oomph - particularly in the bedroom.


Though she’s cerebrally focused, Zombie Death Fuck Fem still spreads a warm sense of relaxation throughout the body that perfectly tempers your energy levels to prevent hyperactivity. This will come with a serious case of the munchies that works well in social situations or at parties - and of course, anywhere there’s food around.


You don’t get effects this effortless without some side effects, and of course, this weed has a few to note. Like most marijuana, this pot is likely to give you dry, red, bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth, but you can remedy this with plenty of water to drink and OTC eye drops.


For those more sensitive to THC, or new to toking, opt for a gentler strain in order to avoid headaches, dizziness, and potentially anxiety and paranoia.



Medical Uses of Zombie Death Fuck Feminized

Of immense value as a medicinal marijuana strain (MMJ), Zombie Death Fuck Feminized contains therapeutic properties that can be utilized both as a physical and psychological aid. However, to properly reap the benefits, it’s important to stick to the recommended dose. Remember, this herb is aptly named and can cause problems if over-consumed.


First and foremost, this weed is a cerebral strain of Sativa effects, and her psychological benefits are the most notable of her medicinal properties. With antidepressant and anxiolytic qualities, Zombie Death Fuck can treat stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and mood swings in addition to honing the focus of patients with ADHD.


The slight presence of Indica in this herb also means that she’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory, with compounds that can relieve pain and reduce swelling in patients. For those struggling with headaches and migraines, joint pain or arthritis, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia and PMS, this pot can have long-lasting benefits and relieve painful symptoms.


Though grounded by her Indica side, the energizing effects of Zombie Death Fuck, contrary to expectations, can be utilized to defeat fatigue by providing a wave of revitalizing energy. In addition, the hunger pangs that accompany this ganja’s high can be helpful for those suffering from lack of appetite and nausea.



Growing Zombie Death Fuck Feminized Seeds

Exhibiting both Indica and Sativa growth characteristics, Zombie Death Fuck Feminized is small to average in size with long, slim-fingered leaves and notable internodal gaps. As she matures, she’ll grow dense and conical nugs, tapered with a generous coating of resin that gives her a frosted, sparkling appearance that speaks of her potency.


Indoors, a hydroponics system is the best choice of substrate for growers looking to achieve the most from this plant - best paired with high electrical conductivity (EC) levels and lots of light exposure from at least 600W grow lamps.


The Relative Humidity (RH) levels should be kept optimum, at around 60% to begin with and dropped to 50% to 55% during the blooming stage. Once she flowers, this should be lowered again to around 45% to 50%, and her fan leaves should be regularly trimmed for her to receive the correct amount of air and light circulation in her lower nodes.


Not the fastest growing of strains, Zombie Death Fuck’s feminized seeds might not need males weeding out, but she’ll still take some time and patience -  to the tune of around 11 weeks to mature. To make sure she’s worthwhile, employ a Sea of Green (SOG) setup, as this will boost yields up to around 1.31 ounces of buds per square foot.


Outdoors, opt for planting in spring and harvesting by September time in the northern hemisphere, which should keep her in a warm and sunny environment and avoid frost. Yields, when grown alfresco, should be around 21 ounces of buds per plant.




You’d think a strain named Zombie Death Fuck Feminized would knock you flat in an Indica-heavy stone, right? Nope, not this herb. Strongly Sativa and cerebral, this immense psychedelic pot is a miracle baby between legendary strains, and the happiest accident the cannabis community has ever seen.


Spicy, sweet and floral, this ganja grows at her own pace to glisten with nugs that, once broken apart, are impossible to resist. Rolled into a joint, you’ll soon find she delivers in the recreational arena to induce a soaring cerebral high that’s perfect for daytime use, and for alleviating debilitating psychological conditions.


Growing this weed might take patience and a little skill, but since she’s rarely available commercially, it’s worth the effort to try Zombie Death Fuck’s energizing high for yourself. Displaying Indica and Sativa traits, her average height makes her ideal for indoor grow rooms, and if you’ve got the drive to get her all-fem beans germinated, you’ll be glad you picked her out.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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