Hash Seeds

Hash Cannabis Seeds

Looking for a pure indica when hybridization makes it challenging to find one?Hash seeds are the answer. The landrace Afghani strain originates in the famed Hindu Kush mountain range and is renowned for its abundance of trichomes.

The original Hash strain is a crossbreed of pure Afghani with Northern Lights #1.

The hash plant is easy to grow—perfect for beginner and seasoned cultivators. The fast-flowering indica is hardy, thriving in warm and colder climates. Expect to collect an abundance of trichome-rich nugs at the end of a short flowering phase.

Read about the strain in detail and learn to grow it to enjoy a bountiful harvest. Discover the best hash plant seeds to use and where to get them.

Growing hash seeds 


Cultivating hash plants from seeds is easy, thanks to the strain’s hardy and resilient nature. Although the indica fares best in a Mediterranean-type climate, it adapts to colder areas. 

If your growing area is small, the compact cultivar is perfect. Hash seeds thrive in soil and hydroponics, suitable for indoor gardening. They require minimal maintenance, excellent for first-timers. At Seedsupreme, we stock a plenty of cannabis seeds for beginners, check them out! 

Plants from hash seeds go through a quick flowering phase, offering bountiful yields. Expect delightful light green buds coated with dense trichomes and bright orange hairs. The nugs and their thick resin resemble the snow-capped Hindu Kush mountains. 

Cloning hash plants is more straightforward than with most other strains. This benefit allows you to expand your garden with crops from a “mother” with excellent traits. 


Grow difficulty


As it said, hash seeds are ideal for new cultivators as they’re not fussy—growing them is usually hassle-free. The cultivars are robust and resistant to mold and mildew. As the crops don’t get very tall, they require minimal maintenance.

You can grow hash strains outdoors if you live in a warm, sunny climate. Cultivation is possible in colder regions, but the yields are comparatively lower. 

Hash weed seeds grow well indoors if you don’t have suitable conditions outside. The plants flourish in soil and hydroponics. That's why we consider them ideal weed seeds for outdoor growing.

The Sea of Green (SOG) method allows you to grow more crops in a restricted space and boosts bud production. Hash plants’ fast flowering time offers gardeners the possibility of multiple harvests.


Optimal growing conditions and climate


From a rugged mountain range with bright sunlight and low humidity, plants grown from hash seeds don’t need lots of moisture. If your area is humid, reduce the level to about 45%.

The strain’s optimal temperature is 60–85°F, although it adapts to a high of 90°F and lows of 50–55°F. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for hash plants. Growing indoors is perfect as it allows you to control the environment.


Flowering time


Depending on the phenotype, hash plants go through a speedy flowering phase—between 6–8 weeks. The strain blooms on the lower end of the range when grown indoors using hydroponics. Expect to harvest your outdoor crops in mid-September.


Hash seeds yields


Despite their brief flowering stage, hash plant seeds produce bountiful yields of resin-dense buds. Enjoy a harvest of approximately 14 oz./m2 of nugs when growing indoors and 12 oz. per outdoor crop. 

An SOG setup with more plants per square foot can speed up bud development and deliver larger yields.




Hash seeds usually develop into small, bushy plants with a maximum height of 3–4 feet. Some phenotypes grow taller.

The compact size of hash plants makes hash seeds perfect for cultivators with limited growing space. Hash may grow taller outdoors and extend outwards to enjoy the sunlight but doesn’t reach the height of sativas. If you are looking strains to grow in a balcony, windowsill, or in your bedroom, these indoor weed seeds are exactly what you need. 


Resistance to pests and mold


Plants from hash seeds are incredibly robust and resilient and thrive in warm and colder environments. A powerful trait inherited from both parents is its resistance to mildew and mold. Despite this advantage, it’s essential to keep moisture levels low.

Some steps to protect plants from fungi include:


  • Having one oscillating fan per square meter
  • Using a dehumidifier
  • Avoiding standing water in your growing space
  • Removing branches from the bottom of your plants
  • Disposing of fallen leaves


Best hash plant seeds to grow


If you’re looking for hash plant seeds for sale, we recommend these top choices from our seed collection:


  • Mazar feminized seeds

Another top strain when choosing hash seeds for sale is that grown from Mazar feminized seeds—a 1990s classic of Afghan heritage. The breeders crossbred it with Skunk, resulting in a tasty, high-yielding herb. Mazar is also one of the most potent indica hybrids on the market.

Mazar is robust and easy to grow, ideal for beginners and seasoned cultivators. The strain thrives in any medium. Due to its Afghani genetics, plants aren’t very tall but produce high-quality buds with a heavy resinous coat.

The hash seed’s impressive lineage is responsible for Mazar’s success. The strain claimed 2nd prize in the 1999 High Times Cup and 2002 Highlife Cup

  • G13 Labs Hash feminized seeds

G13 Labs Hash feminized seeds give you bushy plants of medium height. The pure indica crops have broad, deep dark green leaves. Expect heavy resin-coated buds with a mild, sweet, and spicy hash-like aroma. 

G13 Labs Hash has fast flowering times and is perfect for all types of growers as it flourishes indoors and outdoors. Consumers report the strain offers medical marijuana patients tranquility instead of psychoactive effects.

  • White Widow feminized seeds

Another popular strain in our selection of hash is White Widow feminized seeds. Born in the mid-90s, White Widow became popular in the Netherlands. The cultivar soon became the benchmark for all “white” cannabis.

White Widow is robust and easy to cultivate, offering buds after 8 to 10 weeks of flowering. The strain is ideal for new growers as it requires minimal care. Implement the SOG technique to increase its yield.

Smokers enjoy the euphoric effects that give them a positive outlook. Medical marijuana users claim the herb provides anxiety and pain relief.

  • Barneys Farm Afghan Hash Plant regular seeds

Barneys Farm Afghan Hash regular seeds grow into a pure indica. The strain originates from traditional hash makers in the Mazari Sharif region in Afghanistan. 

The Afghan Hash Plant seeds come from the most potent and flavorful phenotypes selected for breeding. Crops produce buds with a thick coat of resin after flowering for about eight weeks. 

The nugs release a strong sandalwood fragrance with a citrus undertone when lit. Smokers enjoy a relaxing and calming effect flowing throughout the body. Some users claim the strain relieves nausea and helps them sleep.

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