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Tangie has more accolades and claims to fame than a dozen comparable strains combined. In the ten months that followed this herb's high-profile launch, she scooped up no less than ten Cannabis Cup awards. After which, this fabulously fruity marijuana...

Ten Months, Ten Cannabis Cups

Bud Basics

Tangie has more accolades and claims to fame than a dozen comparable strains combined. In the ten months that followed this herb's high-profile launch, she scooped up no less than ten Cannabis Cup awards. After which, this fabulously fruity marijuana more or less wiped the floor with the competition at every subsequent event.

True to her name, this is a fragrant and flavorful strain with one of the most characteristic sweet-citrus fragrances imaginable. Pick up on a batch of well-cured Tangie Feminized from a fair distance and you’d swear someone in the vicinity had recently been zesting ripe tangerines.

Tangy, zingy and bursting with sugary sweetness, this is an irresistible specimen with a freshness all of her own.

She's also a strain with daytime use written all over, courtesy of a Sativa-heavy composition and generous 20% THC content. Engineered by combining the genetics of California Orange and Skunk #1, Tangie is the ultimate crowd pleaser and an absolute joy in all types of social situations.

As an added bonus, these buds also occasionally test for a modest amount of CBD - a boon to all you therapeutic tokers out there!

Growing your own isn’t particularly challenging, though this is a strain that needs a lot of vertical space to do her thing. On the plus side, get it right and you could pocket as much as 17oz of super-sweet bud for every square meter of grow space in return.

Flavor and Fragrance of Tangie Feminized

Right out of the jar, Tangie buds burst with beautifully sharp and sweet citrus aromas, combining zesty tangerines with juicy tropical fruits and a hint of pine freshness. All of which are intensified further when the buds are broken, complemented by waves of moist earth and classic dankness when burned.

It’s more or less an identical story in terms of flavor, which is dominated by sweet and sour citrusthat lingers on the palate long after the exhale. Fantastically flavorful and ridiculously refreshing, Tangie is smooth, palatable and enjoyable in the extreme.


There’s nothing slow or subtle about the way Tangie gets to work. Quite the opposite, as you get a feel for what she’s all about just seconds after the first hit. You’re immediately propelled into a higher state of consciousness, in which all five senses are fired up and the world suddenly seems a better place.

Anything that may have been bothering you is erased from your memory, replaced with a sense of optimistic motivation and the desire to get things done.

20% THC is just about right for a productivity strain. Potent enough to push things in the right direction, though without necessarily going over the edge. Inspiration and creativity go hand in hand with this Sativa-heavy specimen, making this ganja great for artists, musicians and creative types in general.

There’s a slight hint of Indica to the experience, but one that hits more in the form of mild relaxation than outright incapacitation. In any case, there’s nowhere near enough in there to slow you down – Tangie is an all-action daytime strain that’s as good as it gets for an invigorating wake and bake.

Adverse side effects are comparatively rare, though users with a low THC tolerance should take things easy at first. While this isn’t an insanely potent strain by modern standards, the initial uplift hits hard and fast.

Medical Uses of Tangie Feminized

The potential medical applications of Tangie Feminized sit almost exclusively on the cerebral side of the scale. This herb's minimal Indica makeup limits any physically relaxing and pain-relieving properties, so this isn't the strain to choose for acute or chronic pain relief.

A staple in dispensaries across United States and Canada, this pot is a popular choice for the alleviation of various psychological issues. Anxiety, depression and chronic stress in particular are known to respond well to Sativa strains like this.

Patients struggling with chronic fatigue and general daytime tiredness have also reported immediate and long-lasting relief after switching to Tangie.

Though not a strain that has particularly strong connotations with the munchies, it's very possible to feel hunger pangs as the high rides out, which those struggling from a lack of appetite can benefit from.

Best of all, there’s no crashing comedown when the effect finally wears off – Tangie eases you back down to earth with no negative effects whatsoever.

Growing Tangie Feminized Seeds

For the most part, Tangie Feminized is a relatively straightforward strain to grow. She isn’t particularly selective where climatic conditions are concerned, nor is she susceptible to most common plant problems like mold or pest infestation.

As long as you provide these beauties with the highest quality soil and plenty of nutrients, they'll get the job done with no real drama. Growing Tangie Fem outdoors is possible in relatively cool regions, though a decent amount of sunshine and warm daytime temperatures will ensure the best possible results.

What’s the catch? Nothing major, aside from the fact that this herb needs quite a lot of vertical headspace to perform at her best. Even with careful pruning, you’re still likely to be looking at plants of around 6 feet or more. This can make her a tricky specimen to deal with indoors, or even in a conventionally sized greenhouse.

It’s possible to keep Tangie Feminized plants under control with constant careful pruning, but it’s generally best to set things up outdoors in the open.

The bonus of all of the above is the potential to harvest masses of top-shelf weed a few weeks down the line. Tangie Fem has a flowering time of around 10 weeks, after which harvests routinely tip the scales at around 17oz of weed for every square meter of grow space. More than enough to keep you going indefinitely!

As an added bonus, this isn’t a strain that emits what you’d call the ‘classic’ cannabis stink and is therefore relatively easy to keep under wraps. That is, just as long as you can find a suitable spot to keep these towering specimens out of sight, which isn’t always easy!


The fact that Tangie has picked up such a long list of awards and accolades over the years says all that needs to be said about this pot's pedigree and prestige. One of the most celebrated and top-rated strains of all time, this is an absolute must for every stash box.

Near-pure Sativa genetics make these buds an outstanding daytime smoke, or the perfect choice for an invigorating wake and bake. 20% THC is just about perfect, delivering the desired effect without taking things too far.

What’s more, as long as you’ve enough space to accommodate her, Tangie Feminized is a relatively straightforward strain to grow, one with the potential to produce as much as 17oz of bud for every square meter of grow space, courtesy of towering plants that are an absolute joy to look at.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthSeptember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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