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Cheese Autoflower Seeds

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As Indica heavy and laden with rich terpenes, generous resin counts and plentiful yields, Cheese Autoflower is everything that made her pungent parent famous, just in a shorter time frame...

These Pungent Delights have Swift Ends


Bud Basics 

The infamous Cheese has been a perennial favorite strain, particularly among European audiences, for decades, delivering all the potency and stinky nature of her Skunk lineage in a cheddar-like pot package. With Cheese Autoflower, these pungent delights can be yours in a fraction of the time.


By crossing the legendary auto strain Lowryder with these storied and stinky genetics, cultivating Cheese has never been easier (or cheesier), placing this already novice-friendly cultivar within effortless reach of any grower of a mind towards them.


As Indica heavy and laden with rich terpenes, generous resin counts and plentiful yieldsCheese Autoflower is everything that made her pungent parent famous, just in a shorter time frame.


If the thought of those almost acrid, fuel-like strains sends your saliva glands into overdrive, or if you find the idea of a powerful body-numbing sedative high replete with epic cases of the munchies appealing, you’d be well served with these fast-flowering beauties on your side.


There’s a reason Cheese has long been considered a cornerstone cannabis strain in the United Kingdom, a perfect specimen for Netflix and chong which embodies all the stereotypical stoner traits recreational tokers adore.


Gorgeous, dank and dense buds bursting with bag appeal and worthy of any ganja garden, from novice to commercial cultivation.



Flavor and Fragrance of Cheese 

A unique balance between caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene terpenes helped deliver the original Cheese with a flavor and fragrance entirely her own and more than capable of going toe to toe with famed parent strain Skunk.


Imagine the chemically fuel-like notes of Skunk mixed with the unmistakable muskiness of a mature cheddar cheese and you’ll find yourself in the region of what to expect on the nose and the tongue with Cheese Autoflower.


Perhaps you’re pulling a face at the thought, but this is one of those strains that once you get a hit it’s notoriously hard to quit. The terpenes really are working overtime on these buds, delivering this oddly palatable sweet, creamy and earthy experience which falls well within the realms of a truly unmissable sensation and the definition of moreish.




Those potent Skunk genetics should give you a clear indicator of what to expect when consuming Cheese Autoflower.


Get ready for a fast-acting influence guaranteed to uplift you in a burst of euphoria which swiftly settles into a powerfully compelling body high that you’ll not likely want to ever move from. By the time that sedation has you fully embraced, any thoughts of a bad or low mood will be a distant speck on the mind’s shore.


You’re likely to find yourself couchlocked before you even realize it, and that’s far from a bad thing! It does mean this isn’t an especially ideal strain for a wake and bake, unless your tolerance is a high enough superhuman level to withstand the high THC content reaching upwards of 20%.


For the best experiences, equip yourself with some Cheese Auto in prep for an evening of pure and blissful relaxation, where the bud’s potent effects can wash away any and all stresses of the day.


A perfect companion for a Netflix and chong session when you have absolutely no pressing matters to tend to - just be sure to stock up on ample snacks, you’ll need them when these munchies kick in!


And when all’s said and done, you can expect one of the best night’s sleep you ever did have.



Medical Uses of Cheese Autoflower

While Cannabidiol (CBD) is not a prominent cannabinoid presence in Cheese Auto, representing a mere 0.3% content at best, these high THC nugs are not without their considerable medicinal benefits.


As with many marijuana strains, you’ll find these buds blessed with powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which ride alongside that sweet sedative influence and provide a host of therapeutic boons.


From general aches and pains to more chronic conditions, joint inflammation, muscle spasms and the like, a measured dose of Cheese Auto can be exactly what the doctor ordered.


The uplifting nature of the high can also be greatly effective at easing stress or depression, however, due to the high THC levels, it is possible to experience adverse effects such as anxiety or paranoia if you overindulge. As with anything, all in moderation.


Cheese has always been notorious for stimulating a fearsome hunger which even those with severe appetite loss can find themselves overcome by - especially as the buds tend to eradicate any sense of nausea which might otherwise interfere.


Lastly, those struggling to get a good night’s sleep will find few sleep-inducing alternatives more pleasurable than a dose of these stinky nugs, making Cheese Auto ideal for anyone with insomnia.



Growing Cheese Autoflower Seeds

Cheese has always been a grower-friendly strain thanks to her 80% Indica genetics, which help to provide these plants with a natural robustness that means crops can largely take care of themselves without risk of mold or pest problems.


Cheese Autoflower comes to the garden with those same highly appreciated traits, embodying what it means to be an Indica by developing in short and bushy statures packed with dense clusters of buds.


All this makes this stinky and swift flowering strain a pure pleasure to cultivate, one even newbies trying their hand at growing ganja for the first time can see huge rewards with, in exchange for minimal input or stress on your part.


These plants rarely reach heights much taller than 1 meter, especially indoors, and are known to respond well to both organic soil and hydroponic setups. If you’re able to implement the Sea of Green (SOG) technique, this is also reported to be a highly effective way to boost the potential of your harvest and maximize results.


While these autoflowering seeds will naturally bloom regardless of how might light they receive, if you’re looking for the best results (and why wouldn’t you be!) then aim to provide your stinky ganja girls with a 20/4 light and dark cycle.


The stocky plants don’t tend to require any additional support from you, but keep an eye on those bulging budding sites to be sure and remember that Cheese Autoflower can get pretty thirsty, so keep her well fed.


If your heart is set on outdoor cultivation, again, you shouldn’t have much in the way of difficulty, and thanks to the short flowering times you can likely fit in multiple harvests per year if your timing is right - late October is the latest you should aim to harvest, and as winter’s final frosts end, you can get right back at it again with a new batch of beans.


Overall, expect between 8 and 10 weeks flowering time for your Cheese Auto, and to reap some healthy yields of seriously stinky and dense nugs thoroughly coated in THC-rich crystals - just be sure to get some odor control measures in place if discretion is needed, because these plants and buds will more than make their formidable presence known.




She stinks to the high heavens and comes loaded with high THC and unimaginably rich terpenes that deliver a truly unforgettable flavor and fragrance.


With Cheese Autoflower, the pungent delights of one of Britain’s most famous and beloved strains for decades can be yours in a fraction of the time and with next to no cultivation effort in exchange for huge rewards.


Don’t be put off by the idea of a cheesy strain - this is all marijuana at its finest, an uplifting and highly moreish sedative superstar that should absolutely make anyone and everyone’s to try list.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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