Critical x AK-47 Autoflower Seeds

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Critical x AK-47 Autoflower Seeds

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Consumed in the right amounts, this ganja's got the uplifting and energizing kick you need to keep firing on all cylinders for the duration. There’s a relaxing side to it all, but Critical x AK-47 Autoflower isn’t a strain to wipe you out or knock you down...

Prime Pot for the Impatient

Bud Basics

Let’s face it – you wouldn’t expect a mild ride from this one. You’d expect a strain designed to blow you away, and you’d at least be half right. Critical x AK-47 Autoflower isn’t going to knock you senseless, but in terms of pure enjoyment is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Delivering all that’s great about Sativa and Indica weed in one tasty package, this is a great all-purpose strain for almost any occasion.

Consumed in the right amounts, this ganja's got the uplifting and energizing kick you need to keep firing on all cylinders for the duration. There’s a relaxing side to it all, but Critical x AK-47 Autoflower isn’t a strain to wipe you out or knock you down.

THC typically measures around the 18% mark, though it’s not uncommon to score a batch with as much as 24%. You never quite know what you’re going to get in terms of potency, but the high itself is as consistently enjoyable as it gets. Balanced and beautifully controllable, this strain is invigorating and relaxing in equal measures.

Bursting with beautiful scents and a characteristic honey-sweet flavor, Critical x AK-47 Autoflower is a pure delight to smoke. She's also one of the least challenging specimens for an enjoyable home grow, flowering in no time and producing generous yields from ultra-compact plants.

Flavor and Fragrance of Critical x AK-47 Autoflower

If you know the parents of this strain, you’ll know they’re pretty similar in terms of fragrance and flavor. Hence, you’d also be right to expect more of the same from this one.

True to this herb's heritage, the fragrance is fruity and musky in equal measures, with a mushroom-like aroma that’s unlike any other strain. There’s also a note of vanilla that becomes more pronounced when the buds are burned – even more so when vaped.

The flavor profile walks exactly the same line, only with hint of sweet honey that lingers on the palate indefinitely. There’s really nothing to dislike about the way these buds taste – refreshing, musky, dank, sweet and spicy in just the right amounts. 


A typical batch of Critical x AK-47 Autoflower will test for about 18% THC. Keep things steady and you can smoke this stuff for hours on end, enjoying an energized cerebral uplift combined with a gentle body stone for the duration. Great for social situations, outdoor pursuits and pretty much anything else – very versatile.

That said, batches edging toward the 24% mark can be an entirely different story. With this kind of potency, both the Sativa and Indica genetic traits are intensified massively. The initial cerebral uplift becomes a blast of soaring euphoria, while the gentle body stone become heavy, numbing and clumsy.

Couch-lock is definitely not out of the question – a potent batch of this pot could floor you faster than you’d think.

Still, it’s relatively rare to come across a batch this potent, so you’re (probably) safe most of the time. That said, it makes sense to start out slow and see how those first few tokes hit you, before taking things to the next level.

Medical Uses of Critical x AK-47 Autoflower

The therapeutic applications of this slightly Indica-leaning hybrid are wide-reaching. However, the potency of the batch you pick up will determine its suitability for any given ailment.

With an average 18% THC batch, you’re looking at the gentle yet effective alleviation of stress, bad moods and the troubles of the day. Positivity and optimism are the order of the day with this herb, which has you feeling fantastic for reasons you simply can’t put your finger on. Lower-strength batches are also highly unlikely to trigger panic attacks or paranoia.

This is also a popular strain for the treatment of eating disorders and nausea. It’s great for bringing on controlled cases of the munchies, which are less about stuffing your face and more about enjoying what you eat.

There’s not enough to the physical side of the stone to alleviate chronic pain, though it’s perfect for relaxing the muscles and generally helping you unwind. The tail-end of the high can bring on sleepiness, though shouldn’t see you knocked completely out.

Growing Critical x AK-47 Autoflower Seeds

With plants that rarely exceed 90cm in height, Critical x AK-47 Autoflower is as easy and convenient to grow as any strain. Seed to harvest times can be as short as 12 weeks, by which point you could be harvesting up to 500g of bud for every square meter of grow space.

As this is the auto version of Critical x AK-47, your plants will automatically switch to the flowering stage when the time is right. Autos are great for generating the best possible returns in a short space of time – ideal when you’ve limited space and patience isn’t your best virtue!

Cooler outdoor climates are also no trouble for this durable strain, though in a natural outdoor environment these beauties aren't nearly as generous with their yields. Indoors with plenty of light and good quality nutrients is the way to go, if you're chasing those top-level returns.

Discretion can also be achieved pretty easily when growing Critical x AK-47 Autoflower, as these plants don't have the usual giveaway stink. Oh, they're pungent enough, but produce a fragrance those in the vicinity won’t quite be able to put their fingers on.


Critical x AK-47 Autoflower takes everything you know and love about both parents, and puts her own refreshing twist on them. Deeply delicious and as easy as pie to grow, it’s basically a no-brainer. If you’ve minimal space and would prefer the fastest possible returns, you can’t ask much more than 10 weeks from seed to harvest.

Plus, the unpredictability of the THC level is all part of the fun. You’re usually in for a gentle and controllable ride, but let your guard down and a more potent batch of this stuff will blow you away. Something to be aware – particularly if you haven’t quite developed a legendary THC tolerance as of yet!

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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