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CBD Critical Mass Feminized Seeds

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Rumored to be the offspring of an unnamed high CBD super strain from the legendary CBD Crew and a potent Critical Mass specimen, CBD Critical Mass is a result of the ongoing quest for medical marijuana perfection...

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Bud Basics 

Rumored to be the offspring of an unnamed high CBD super strain from the legendary CBD Crew and a potent Critical Mass specimen, CBD Critical Mass is a result of the ongoing quest for medical marijuana perfection.


Critical Mass has long been renowned as a strain capable of delivering a creative and relaxing high perfect for unlocking inspiration and motivation, alongside having a number of medicinal applications ranging from being an effective treatment for depression to anxiety or a loss of appetite.


With this CBD-loaded hybrid, that therapeutic potential has been amplified immensely, bringing a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio to the table and an impressively powerful 5% CBD (Cannabidiol) content.


This progeny of two therapeutic pot icons is medical marijuana plus+, and regarded by a number of enthusiasts as quite simply the perfect hybrid. Of course, given that THC levels also sit at 5%, CBD Critical Mass may not be the most ideal for seasoned daily smokers who need their heavy hit from a high THC strain.


Thanks to the feminized nature of these beans, though, even those new to growing ganja will find themselves able to cultivate one hell of a medicinal garden with these beauties.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Critical Mass 

With a terpene profile comprised largely of myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene (responsible respectively for delivering herbal, pine and peppery notes to the bud’s flavor), it’s unsurprising to be greeted by a generally sweet scent with CBD Critical Mass.


Notes of a woody, earth-like honey come through on the nose and the tongue, with sweetness that won’t quit intensifying with every toke.


In true Critical Mass fashion, the flavor of these beauties never disappoints, offering profound layers of nuanced complexity as the smooth smoke rolls down the throat and lingers on the exhale.


Lick your lips even long after your last hit and you’ll still be able to savor those powerful terps and the wholesome hints they leave behind.




While it is still possible to feel the creative vibes with CBD Critical Mass, the elevated CBD content is much more likely to induce states of supreme relaxation, regardless of your previous experiences with cannabis.


The extreme Indica-influenced sedation influence of this CBD-loaded hybrid strain is not one to underestimate, making these nugs ones best recommended for evening use (or those blissful lazy stoner days with absolutely nothing you need to do).


Does that mean this is a strain just for monging around? Absolutely not!


The euphoria which accompanies the relaxation of CBD Critical Mass is enough to unlock mental pathways with a gentle cerebral buzz known for stimulating creativity and inspiration. While you might need to play around to find the perfect levels of that buzz to allow you to act on those creative impulses, pinning that balance down can be a truly satisfying experience (and you can always save that inspiration for later, when motivation returns).


Of course, that said, many of this strain’s enthusiasts tend to prefer leaning on the Netflix and chong side of life when armed with these buds (try not to nod off with an unfinished pack of Wotsits on you - terrible idea!).



Medical Uses of CBD Critical Mass Feminized 

There are a whole host of reasons medical marijuana patients turn to a dose of CBD Critical Mass for their CBD therapy.


Predominantly, as this strain boasts exceptional (some would say unrivaled) sedative properties, it’s regularly sought after by insomniacs or those struggling to sleep, providing that much-needed ability to let go, shut off the inner monolog and drift off without fail every night.


Strong anxiolytic attributes in this CBD hybrid prove highly effective at helping those suffering from anxiety, stress and even depression, while anti-inflammatory properties lend themselves well to the alleviation of everything from migraine pain to muscle spasms and arthritis.


And as any respectable weed is want to do, CBD Critical Mass is a fiend for bringing on a wicked case of the munchies you’ll not soon forget, making this strain a veritable miracle for those suffering from eating disorders or nausea.



Growing CBD Critical Mass Feminized Seeds 

While being feminized takes a degree of difficulty away from growing CBD Critical Mass Fem seeds, the most important fact to keep in mind is that this particular strain is somewhat susceptible to mold-related issues, much like her parent Critical Mass.


This can pose problems for first-time growers, though is quite simple to manage when you know how, and (again like her Crit Mass parent) is not enough to stop this being a strain recommended for newbies.


The tendency for these mold problems comes from the plants’ enormous and dense flowers and requires steady regulating your grow room’s air moisture content to prevent. Those cultivating indoors should also avoid using any overhead watering systems to help mitigate any mold arising.


It’s also worth noting that, because of the size and weight of these incredibly dense colas, there is a strong chance you’ll need to establish some kind of trellises or stakes to support your CBD Critical Mass plants while they grow - that is, if you want to optimize your output, of course.


Don’t let the bud size fool you, though - these plants rarely reach lofty heights and should remain under 1.5 meters tall.


Experts suggest indoor environments seem to work best with this CBD-fueled strain, where controlling the temperature and humidity becomes far easier and a Sea of Green technique can be used alongside hydroponics to deliver the best possible results come harvest.


That’s not to say outdoor crops of CBD Critical Mass Feminized won’t thrive - quite the contrary. Under optimal conditions with a healthy supply of sun and tropical climes, it’s possible to reap some hefty bounties of up to 750 grams of supremely dense nugs per plant.


Indoor harvests tend towards roughly 8 weeks of flowering in exchange for a mighty 600 grams per meter squared.




Though novice growers will need some research behind them, a generous harvest of CBD Critical Mass Feminized is well within the reach of any cultivator with even the most minimal experience.


Challenges to cultivation can easily be overcome and the results are tremendous yields of CBD-rich super dense glistening nugs.


Though not exactly what you’d call stacked with THC, these buds do the business with their 1:1 THC to CBD ratio and ability to soothe even the wildest aspects of your nature into relaxation and contentment. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentMinimum (0-5%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentMedium (1-5%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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