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Indoor Cannabis Seeds: Explore the Indoor Potential

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Over the past decades, our ability to cultivate exceptional cannabis indoors has gone from strength to strength. Today, even the most die-hard unnatural enthusiast can’t help but pay their sincere respects to the jaw-dropping specimens that quality indoor rigs are capable of putting out in the world.


As any ganja grower knows though, there’s more to success than throwing your beans in some soil and crossing your fingers.


Certain modern strains are designed with indoor growers in mind, some seeds perform better indoors than out, and finding the best fit for you can feel like wading through a dense field of six feet tall marijuana plants - blissfully disorienting.


Here at SeedSupreme, we’re here to take some of that confusion away and make sure you get the finest cannabis seeds for you, every time - regardless the size of your intended crop.


cannabis growing indoors

Weed seeds for indoor growing

Indoor growing allows the grower control over the environment in which the plants are growing.

With various marijuana strains out there, it can sometimes leave you perplexed as to which strains to choose. Here we've gathered a list of the ten best indoor cannabis seeds



G13 Feminized is a super Indica known for its immense potency,and a strain that’s easy to cultivate for even the most inexperienced growers. It has a THC content of 24%. Medicinally, it’s preferred by those who suffer from mild to severe aches and pains.


Super Skunk

Super Skunk Feminized Seeds are a hybrid cross between Skunk #1 and the Afghani hash plant. This badass hybrid flooded the market in the early 90s and won a few awards. Its long-lasting and relaxing effects are what make it the heavyweight of the skunk family.



Pineapple auto is one of the best indoor cannabis seeds for sale, with a THC content ranging from 15 to 20%. It‘s a cross between Pineapple and Pursang, with an uplifting sensation and a calming effect


Jack Herer Autoflower

Jack Herer Auto gained its iconic name from the man responsible for its creation. It’s a strain preferred by most novices when looking to buy indoor marijuana seeds. These seeds are also known for their high yields and resilience to disease and pests


Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, with levels of THC exceeding 20%. It’s a potent strain, and newbies should proceed with caution.



AK-47 Feminized is notorious for winning multiple awards with high levels of THC. AK-47 is another strain of indoor cannabis seeds for sale for new cultivators, as it's highly resilient to most problems cannabis plants face.


Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush Feminizedis a predominant Indica hybrid strain with great therapeutic effects known to treat several physiological disorders. It packs a fruity yet exotic flavor with a long-lasting body high.



Afghan Feminized is one of the most sought-after strains. A legendary strain that’s almost 100% pure Indica, with some specimens THC levels reaching 25%


Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze Feminized is yet another renowned award-winning strain and is a cross between multiple strains. Despite the name, it's favorite for its uplifting traits and great bursts of flavor. Another great choice when looking for indoor marijuana seeds


Banana Kush

Banana Kush Auto is the perfect combination of THC and its sweet fragrance. A hybridized strain with relaxation qualities that provides a physical experience filled with positivity.


The benefits of growing cannabis indoors

Growing cannabis seeds indoors has countless advantages


  • You'll have full control over the environment and the production process (temperature, air circulation, humidity, and light).
  • When harvesting, you can expect half a pound every two months depending on the strain, even though indoor plants tend to be smaller.
  • Indoor plants are less prone to being attacked by pests and mold, unlike outdoor plants.

Multiple marijuana harvests

There are two ways to achieve multiple harvests out of your crop. The first is known as perpetual harvest, an indoor cultivating strategy that simultaneously uses two different grow rooms. 

There are consistently crops from indoor weed seeds in both the blooming and vegetative stages. This method is common as it ensures a continuous supply of cannabis. 

The other is re-vegging or, better yet, regeneration. It’s a process where you manipulate your plant's light cycle after its first harvest. It encourages your plants to revert to the flowering stage and produce a second harvest.

It’s a method that ensures about 1–3 harvests with high yields if done correctly.


The disadvantages of growing indoors

Indoor growth operations generally have high running costs and obtaining equipment usually requires an initial investment. They also require water and electricity. Growers spend a substantial amount of money on utility bills.

In some cases, improper ventilation can pose a major health hazard due to elevated CO2 levels.

When it comes to growing indoor marijuana seeds; you’ll also need:

  • Lighting: You’ve got the choice of LED or HiD lighting; both offer their advantages. HiD lights are less energy-efficient, whereas LED's have better quality.
  • Grow Room: When deciding the best location for your setup, size matters. Though it all depends on the type of strain you want to cultivate. Water supply,  electrical, and roof height ensure the perfect growing environment.
  • Soil and fertilizers - Marijuana producers need to understand that utilizing the appropriate supplements maximizes the flavor. It also improves the quality of your smoke and guarantees that a high-end product is grown from your indoor weed seeds.
  • Ventilation - Appropriate ventilation stabilizes humidity levels and eliminates CO2 drained air, keeping your grow room at the perfect temperature. Inline fans make growing indoors less strenuous and more productive.


Selecting your indoor seeds

When you decide to cultivate cannabis indoors, you have to decide between indica, sativa or hybrid strains. You also have to ensure that the seeds you select are of high quality. The best way to make your selection is by using a reputable seed store. 

When you browse through the SeedSupreme site, you’ll find a variety of premium indoor weed seeds. Each product has an information page with the relevant strain details and cultivation tips.


Indica seeds

Indicas are fairly short and stocky plants making them perfect for indoor growing conditions and a great choice for first-time growers. Many use these plants both recreationally and medicinally. 

Indica marijuana plants are known for their relaxing effects, leaving users sleepy and in a deep body high state. Also known to relieve symptoms associated with disorders like anxiety, insomnia, and appetite loss, to mention a few.


Sativa seeds

Sativa plants raised indoors from marijuana seeds are tall, thin, and take longer to mature than their indica counterparts. Found in predominantly hot, arid climates such as Central America and Africa.

Sativas have a low CBD content with high THC levels known to produce a head high and reduce anxiety. Other effects include increased energy, making this the perfect bud to smoke before going out or doing something productive.


Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are a popular choice amongst growers, especially novice growers, and here’s why.

  • They’re the best marijuana seeds for indoor growing and producers who want to limit work input while boosting crop yield.
  • Fem seeds are perfect for newbie growers because they only produce female plants. You’ll never have to be concerned about male plants spoiling your crop.
  • These seeds have more significant yields per unit area with no risk of seed production.

Effects vary among the various feminized cannabis seeds indoors


Autoflower seeds

Unlike photoperiod strains, auto-flowering seeds do not rely on a light cycle, and they transition into the flowering stage automatically on their own. They’re great for intermediate growers as they’re ready to harvest in as little as eight weeks in some cases. 

Their yields and THC levels tend to be lower in most cases, but the advantages are ever-growing, making growing autoflowers easier than most strains. 


Facts about growing weed seeds indoors

Growing cannabis seeds indoors takes a fair amount of skill but takes heart; it’s all things you can learn over time. Here are some important facts to keep in mind:


  • Any indoor area: The beauty of growing weed inside is that you can do it in your basement, garage, attic, or closet. You can successfully raise a good quality crop with all the necessary equipment.
  • Start small: If you’re unsure about the growing conditions of your indoor garden, then commence by planting only two or three plants. Nurturing these few will help you determine what you can adjust in the future. It will also help keep your water and electricity costs low.
  • Keep a record: Maintain a diary with some photographs documenting their development. It includes all problems that may occur and timelines between growth periods. The information will assist you in having success with future harvests.


Indoor marijuana seeds


Bringing the outdoors indoors

Who would’ve thought that an outdoor garden could do just as well indoors with just a few tweaks? As you embark on your indoor cultivation journey, make Seed Supreme your navigator.

We offer a wide range of the best marijuana seeds for indoor growing and some good gardening advice to go with it. Take a leap of faith and start your cannabis garden indoors today.

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