Godfather OG Feminized Seeds

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Godfather OG Feminized Seeds

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Feminized Godfather OG seeds produce some of the most potent buds in the weed community. Enthusiasts flock to this strain for its high THC levels and indica-dominant genetics.

Godfather OG feminized seeds are a breeze to cultivate. They’re forgiving plants, perfect for beginners. Godfather OG buds provide tantalizing effects. Enjoy the best indica sensations and easy-to-manage heights.

Discover all there is to know about the Godfather OG feminized strain. Learn how to cultivate your own from our detailed grow guide. Uncover the effects, flavors, and aromas these buds provide. Look no further than SeedSupreme if you’re searching for “seeds near me.”


Bud origin


Godfather OG seeds, sometimes known as Grandfather OG seeds, have an undetermined origin. 420 enthusiasts conclude this strain comes from OG Kush and Alpha OG. Some sources state it’s an offspring of XXX OG and Alpha OG. 

Marijuana lovers praise Godfather OG for being more potent than many strains. It’s a 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup winner, a true icon of the cannabis community. It’s pungent and gorgeous to look at. Check out pictures of Godfather OG on this page.

The THC levels reach intense highs of around 30%. Most tokers who consume this cultivar are veterans, able to keep up with the rich sensations. Prepare for a wild ride when you buy Godfather OG feminized.

These feminized cannabis seeds produce 99% female plants. You won’t need to worry about weeding out males that may pollinate your crop.

Look for top-quality products when hunting for Godfather OG seeds for sale. This strain is a treat to grow, but having the wrong variant may cause unwanted results. 

Head to SeedSupreme if you’re wondering where to get Godfather OG. We guarantee pure genetics that provide bountiful crops and excellent benefits.


Growing Godfather OG feminized seeds


Godfather OG is an ideal strain for beginners. The plants are forgiving, and the yields are high. Expect a trouble-free growing environment wherever you decide to plant your seeds.

It’s time to begin your cultivating journey after buying Godfather OG seeds. This strain is a breeze if you follow simple guidelines. Grow cannabis fast by noting special requirements.

Choose to care for your crop indoors or outside after discovering where to buy Godfather OG. These plants fare well in both environments. Change the conditions according to the strain’s requirements.


Indoor growing


The buds from these magnificent plants are a sight to see. They’re forest green, decorated by bright purple pistils. Enjoy a colorful, flavorful room when growing feminized Godfather OG indoors. This strain is mold-resistant and forgiving, ideal for novice gardeners.

It’s crucial to understand how much light seeds need. The Godfather OG strain thrives with plenty of illumination. Provide the crops with 18 hours daily during the vegging stage. Switch to a 12/12 schedule once they’re ready to flower.

This strain isn’t an autoflower, so the plants rely on a lighting change to bloom. Use artificial lamps like LED or HPS. 600-watt globes provide the best results. Keep them at a reasonable distance from the crop to avoid light burn.

Plants grown from Godfather OG strain seeds need regular watering. Ensure the soil dries out between sessions to encourage deeper root growth. Avoid overwatering, as it may cause root rot. Use pure H2O with enough nutrients for your crops to thrive.

Godfather OG plants benefit from the Screen of Green (ScrOG) training technique. Its small stature calls for teaching the stems to spread laterally. Horizontal growth encourages larger yields. The crops have sturdy stems, so they shouldn’t need extra support.


Outdoor growing


Godfather OG plants thrive in natural environments. Provide them with warm temperatures and average humidity levels. The buds are ready to harvest once they’re dry and brittle. Notice the trichomes turning milky, mixed with a few amber ones.

Place your Godfather OG feminized plants in a well-lit area. Allow them plenty of sunlight to thrive. Ensure they receive 13–18 hours of illumination daily.

Crops grown from Godfather OG seeds work well with the ScrOG training method. Their thick branches protect against gusts of wind. Trim dead or dying leaves to allow nutrients to travel to new foliage. Since these plants aren’t tall, they need minimal support or pruning.

Allow plenty of space between each plant. The crops compete for light and resources if you place them too close together. Yields may lower if there isn’t enough room to grow horizontally.


What climate do Godfather OG feminized seeds prefer?


Godfather OG feminized seeds prosper in cool, Mediterranean climates. Their preferred conditions include chilly winters and warm summers. The plants find comfort with a minimal amount of rain.

Check the humidity levels, as these plants prefer drier climates. A dehydrated environment may encourage your Godfather OG crops to flower faster.

Maintain a relative humidity (RH) of 55–60% when vegging. Reduce it to 40% during blooming and 30% before harvesting. Indoor Godfather OG crops thrive with dehumidifiers and no extreme conditions.

Keep consistent temperatures to avoid shocking the plants. Maintain a daytime heat of 68–80°F. Lower by 7–9°F during the night.


Feeding Godfather OG feminized seeds


Correctly feeding Godfather OG is vital. This strain thrives with plenty of nutrients to help the plant grow sturdy and healthy. The best mix to give your crop is a cannabis-specific fertilizer.

The primary supplements are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Maintain a steady NPK ratio throughout the growing period. Opt to add calcium, magnesium, or sulfur for extra nutrition.

Mix organic matter into the soil you plant your seeds in. Well-rotted manure or compost are excellent choices. Add perlite or peat moss for more nutrients. Ideal earth mixtures allow your crops to absorb supplements well.

Begin feeding outdoor crops when they reach six weeks. Provide them with a balanced cannabis-specific fertilizer for the best results. Give them the correct amount to avoid over or underfeeding.


Flowering & yields


Aim to pick your buds near the end of September and early October if you’re growing outdoors. Harvest 19–23 oz./plant. Godfather OG plants can grow up to four feet tall outside.

Expect a short flowering time if you plant Godfather OG seeds indoors. Blooming takes 7–9 weeks. You may harvest 12–16 oz./m². The plants can grow up to three feet tall indoors.


Experiencing Godfather OG


Godfather OG cannabis nugs provide various effects. The aromatic buds also produce tasty flavors that many tokers enjoy. This strain delivers diverse sensations similar to other hybrid weed seeds.


Aroma and flavor


Godfather OG comprises several enticing terpenes, the dominant one being myrcene. It brings complex woody and earthy notes to the mix. Caryophyllene contributes peppery scents. Bitter and crisp flavors seep in with humulene.

420 connoisseurs feel like they’re in a vineyard when smelling Godfather OG. Expect hints of grape and pine, with a slight mix of floral and herb. You may even breathe in sandalwood aromas.

Godfather OG tastes as complex as it smells. Notice sweet berry and fruit flavors when you first inhale this strain. Savory spice, grapefruit, and bitterness enter the scene as you exhale. Experience notes of roses, mint, and musk.




Godfather OG feminized is 60% indica-dominant. It possesses 40% sativa. This strain contains a massive amount of THC, sometimes reaching 30%. CBD doesn’t show up much in this cultivar, with levels below 1%.

Effects from the Godfather OG strain are unforgettable. They leave you questioning life itself after going through the trip of a lifetime. Experience a kickoff of cerebral and euphoric sensations. Feel your stress and worries fade away.

Your mind settles and dips into a blissful buzz. Relaxation travels through your limbs, resulting in a total body high. Relish in complete tranquility. The intense calmness may cause you to experience some couch-lock. Keep snacks handy to prepare for the munchies.

The high levels of THC may cause you to experience adverse side effects. Some users report dry eyes, mouth, and throat. Keep eye drops and a bottle of water handy to combat these potential outcomes.


Medicinal properties of the Godfather OG strain


Buds grown from Godfather OG marijuana seeds produce potential therapeutic effects. The terpenes may promote mood-elevating and anti-inflammatory sensations. This strain might ease tension, body aches, or stress.

Godfather OG also has the possibility of relieving nausea symptoms. Users may find it easier to eat, as it could induce the munchies. It might help you fall asleep faster if you struggle with insomnia.


Strains similar to Godfather OG


Feminized Godfather seeds share similar traits with several other strains. Here’s a list of cultivars that have some resemblance:


  • OG Kush feminized exudes pine, woody, and earthy scents. Experience effects like sleepiness and euphoria. It may ease stress, pain, and anxiety.
  • Bubba Kush feminized smells like pungent earth and coffee. The sensations you feel are sleepy and relaxed. You may experience less stress, insomnia, and pain.
  • Blackberry Kush feminized tastes like sweet berries and blueberries. Relax with sleepy and hungry sensations. You may feel relief from pain, stress, and insomnia.


Where to buy Godfather OG feminized seeds


Are you looking to buy Godfather OG seeds? Your next step is to find high-quality products for sale. This strain is a must-have in your weed growing journey. It’s an indica-heavy cultivar and a breeze to care for.

Do you want to know where to buy this strain? Search no further than our store if you want to know where to get the Godfather OG strain. We have different pack options at an affordable price. The Godfather OG cost depends on what package you choose:


  • 4-pack: $55
  • 8-pack: $87
  • 12-pack: $109
  • 25-pack: $163


SeedSupreme is the best place to find Godfather OG seeds for sale. We provide free shipping for orders over $90. Expect discreet delivery straight to your door. Grow, toke, and enjoy this epic strain from the comfort of your home.

Strain Profile
Geneticsoffspring of XXX OG and Alpha OG
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyMostly Indica
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time7–9 weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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