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Lemon Pie Regular Seeds

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A well-balanced beauty that has tokers soaring high on a buzzing cerebral wave of 22% THC before easing them back down into bliss and tranquility...

Tasty and Easy as (Lemon) Pie


Bud Basics

Bred by Snoop Dogg himself, expectations for this strain were always going to be high - and ladies and gentlemen, he did not disappoint. Lemon Pie Regular is a three-way cannabis cross that combines two legendary strains with a mysterious third party for 70/20 Sativa-Indica that goes above and beyond.


First up, this strain owes her namesake tangy, lemon aroma and energizing, mental buzz to her Amnesia Haze lineage, drawing on genetics from Afghani, Thai, Hawaiian, South Asian, Cambodian and South Asian to deliver an uplifting, citrus high that won the Cannabis Cup in 2004.


In the other direction, the second known parent of Lemon Pie is the remarkable 70s strain, Skunk #1 - a weed that boasts landrace lineage from Acapulco Gold, Afghani and Columbo Gold to converge with a cerebral buzz and pungent skunky smell.


Given what we know about Lemon Pie Reg, it’s likely that her third, unknown parent is Indica-heavy - maybe a hybrid, maybe a landrace strain. Either way, the final result is a well-balanced beauty that has tokers soaring high on a buzzing cerebral wave of 22% THC before easing them back down into bliss and tranquility - a tranquility that can be utilized by medicinal marijuana users to ease the mind of stress and anxiety, or to energize and combat fatigue.


Though usually found in her feminized form, these seeds are all regular, and thus -  should you choose - you can breed Lemon Pie to develop hybrids, with little maintenance required to do so, as she’s a sturdy strain that requires almost no interference to thrive.


Flavor and Fragrance of Lemon Pie Regular

Citrusy and stinky, the pungent aroma of Lemon Pie blends well with the classic Haze scents, evoking a pine and an earthiness that balances beautifully.


In flavor, her smoke is much the same but with an added sweetness that makes her almost dessert-like to the taste buds - ideal as an after-dinner toke, with faint spicy and nutty notes.



Lemon Pie Regular is one of those rare, long-lasting strains with effects that will have your body filled with energy and vigor, buzzing for hours after you’ve finished a joint. Profound and intense, the high is cerebral in nature, but not so much to become overpowering - instead, lifting you up and bringing on an upbeat feeling that will have you yearning to stay busy and active.


This strain’s ability to provoke creative thinking is one of her best and most popular traits, and Lemon Pie is an excellent choice of cannabis for anyone beginning new projects. She’ll have you brainstorming your most innovative ideas with no effort at all, and as such is popular with writers, artists, musicians and composers alike for her ability to initiate a masterpiece, filling you with ambition and purpose.


Once the physical effects of this strain begin to creep up on you, her body-buzz will have you relaxed but not lazy, and there’s no real feeling of lethargy as you might expect. The physical feelings Lemon Pie Reg evokes are perfectly at balance with her cerebral effects.


Some reports even say she’s so in balance that she’ll get you in the mood, boasting aphrodisiac qualities. Either way, this is a social strain, great for sharing with friends and getting people talking.


Since the THC is fairly high in this weed, overindulgence can be easy, and before you know it you’ve overdone it. We’d recommend keeping doses small, as the usual discomforts of dry eyes and mouth can be accompanied by heightened anxiety and increased paranoia in those new to cannabis consumption, or with low THC tolerances.


Medical Uses of Lemon Pie Regular

The euphoric buzz this strain induces makes her a great choice for melting away feelings of stress - and Lemon Pie’s uplifting and mood-boosting properties make her an excellent anti-depressant, so she’s popular with those struggling with anxiety and depression.


That better mood comes alongside a good burst of energy and vigor, which makes Lemon Pie Reg ideal for combating fatigue, as she’ll give you the stamina to get up and move once she’s fully kicked in, filling you with drive and a need for activity.


Since the munchies effect of this marijuana is fairly extreme, she can be a potent strain for resolving lack of appetite in patients undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy that are known to reduce appetite. Those with anorexia nervosa may benefit too.


Coming down from a joint of Lemon Pie, you’ll find the comparative sleepiness after all that vigor can leave you desperate to curl up in bed and fall into slumber, so in some regards, this herb could even be used to combat insomnia once the high has begun to die down.


Growing Lemon Pie Regular Seeds

Definitely a beginner-friendly strain, the process of growing Lemon Pie Regular is straightforward and simple. The most important thing to remember here is that if you’re growing for consumption, you’ll need to separate the males from the females once the pre-flowers appear, to prevent pollination.


Hydroponics or organic soil: both will do just fine with this strain, provided you ensure her temperature and humidity levels are optimum. We would also recommend that you keep an eye on the pH level of this strain, and ensure she gets plenty of nutrients to thrive.


Otherwise, she’s a sturdy and robust plant with heavy, grape-shaped buds - but her chunky branches provide all the support she needs. Once mature, you’ll marvel at this gorgeous ganja, as her bright pistils (hairs) make for a particularly pretty specimen, coated in crystal trichomes and whiffing of diesel and lemon even before she’s dried and cured.


Those choosing to grow Lemon Pie outdoors should consider locations where she’ll get plenty of sunshine. Her harvest time will come between mid to late October, and each plant should produce up to 21 ounces of nugs after 9 to 10 weeks.



Mixing traits from strains that were already legendary in their own right, Lemon Pie Regular goes above and beyond her background to provide delectable lemon and skunky flavors that are only the beginning of the energizing high she can provide.


Boosting your mood, your mind and your creativity, the energy that this strain ushers in is hard to argue with - her high wants you up and at it, motivated to create a masterpiece or maybe you just want to sit back and enjoy the buzz.


For medicinal marijuana consumers, the lease of life Lemon Pie provides will kick to the curb any lingering fatigue, ease mental struggles and relieve pain all in one joint - just be patient, and let her effects set in.


Growers, relax - Lemon Pie Reg does most of the work for you. Weed out the males, then leave her be and you’ll find yourself with nugs-a-plenty in only 10 weeks of waiting.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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