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CBD ACDC Feminized Seeds

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One of the world’s best-loved strains for therapeutic use, this CBD-heavy hybrid impresses with a huge CBD content and next to no THC...

Highway to Heaven?


Bud Basics

CBD ACDC Feminized has one of the most delightfully misleading names in the history of commercial cannabis. Think ACDC and you immediately picture a band of hell-raising Australian rock stars, getting up to no good and indulging in all-things decadent on the Highway to Hell. With CBD ACDC Fem, however, it’s all sweetness and innocence.


One of the world’s best-loved strains for therapeutic use, this CBD-heavy hybrid impresses with a huge CBD content and next to no THC. This stuff routinely tests for anything between 16% and 24% CBD, with as little as 0.5% THC in her composition.


The result of this is a purely therapeutic strain, which irrespective of how much you consume isn’t going to get you high.  From PTSD to epilepsy, mood disorders and chronic pain, this stuff has become a medicine cabinet essential for millions.


Along with a remarkable CBD to THC ratio, CBD ACDC Feminized also impresses as an exceptionally enjoyable strain for all occasions. There’s no compromise where fragrance and flavor are concerned, providing the opportunity to enjoy weed at its absolute best without actually getting baked. 


More and more people are showing preference to strains that are more about the all-round sensory experience than simply blowing themselves into kingdom come. CBD ACDC responds to exactly such demand, with a fruity and peppery fragrance that’s as irresistible as any classic cannabis strain ever conceived.


If you’re simply out to get as high as you possibly can, this high CBD strain isn’t going to get the job done. On the therapeutic side of the scale, there’s pretty much nothing that gets the job done betterthan CBD ACDC.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD ACDC

CBD ACDC Feminized does a great job of demonstrating how THC and ‘potency’ in the traditional sense have no real bearing on fragrance or flavor. 


This is a strain with a relatively elevated terpene content, which has particularly high levels of myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene. These bring a world of herbal, pine-fresh and peppery fragrances into the mix (respectively), which sit alongside aromas of juicy fruits and plenty of sharp citrus.


The simple fact of the matter being that to catch CBD ACDC Feminized on the nose is to have no idea that this is a purely therapeutic strain. She has all the fragrance and flavor of the kind of weed you’d expect to blow your mind, which is precisely where the huge appeal lies.


Skunky, earthy and incredibly rich on the palate, it’s the classic old-school dank experience – only without the psychoactive effects.


The therapeutic associations of this hybrid make her a particularly popular strain for vaporization, which can be great for getting to grips with the subtler flavor notes at a lower temperature.




Does CBD ACDC have any immediate effects? More importantly, does the strain have any recreational value whatsoever?


In both instances, the short answer is yes – though perhaps not in the conventional sense. CBD ACDC can be extremely enjoyable in a variety of ways, which go beyond classic psychoactive properties. The ceremony of smoking super-flavorful weed alone never fails to bring good vibes, just as inhaling smoke of any kind brings a mild ‘buzz’ due to the effects of mild asphyxiation.


Not just this, but the fact that this Cannabidiol superstar contains such an epic concentration of CBD means you know you’re doing your brain and body some good. Again, this can be great for bringing a warm buzz of satisfaction into the mix.


She may not have any direct psychoactive effects, but this doesn’t mean CBD ACDC isn’t amazing to smoke or that these buds won’t make you feel fantastic - they will!


The added benefit being that you can happily puff away on this stuff to your heart’s content, without having to worry about any potential social, professional or legal consequences (in most places).


She’s also fantastic for bridging gaps between more conventional stoner sessions, or for keeping cravings under control when taking a tolerance break.


Hence, the next time someone tries to tell you high CBD strains have no everyday recreational value, feel free to re-educate them.



Medical Uses of CBD ACDC Feminized

Of course, it’s on the therapeutic side of the spectrum that CBD ACDC Feminized really shines. There is growing evidence to suggest that CBD may be effective against the symptoms of an extensive range of medical conditions and debilitating diseases - some patients having reported more effective and long-lasting relief when consuming CBD than taking all the prescription medications money can buy. 


To date, research has drawn direct links between the measured consumption of CBD and relief from the symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms and countless other conditions.


Rather than bringing on an immediate wave of relief, CBD is more about building towards a cumulative effect over time. It’s not something you feel working instantaneously, but you soon realize that whatever was troubling you seems to have subsided significantly.


High-concentration CBD products (and strains) can also be used alongside THC-heavy products for a more balanced and controllable effect - CBD to some extent diminishing the effects of THC, which for some medical users is preferable.



Growing CBD ACDC Feminized

If anything, the only slight downside to factor in is a moderately challenging cultivation process. It’s not that CBD ACDC Feminized is difficult to grow outright, but more that these ladies need quite a lot of trimming, pruning and structural support along the way.


If anything, it’s a case of CBD ACDC Fem growing so quickly and prolifically that the plants often collapse under their own ambition without your help.


Other than this, you’ll find this CBD hybrid is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation in relatively cool northern climates. Flowering times will be extended if the weather isn’t great, maxing out at no more than around 11 weeks. The quality and consistency of the conditions will also affect the final yield, which can be anything from 12oz to more than 16oz of top-shelf therapeutic weed.


CBD ACDC Feminized has an extremely distinctive and skunky fragrance, but due to the minimal THC content is less likely to get you in trouble than conventional cannabis. That said, you’ll still want to check how your jurisdiction controls the cultivation of CBD weed, before starting your grow.




Long story short, anyone who thinks therapeutic weed with next to no THC can’t be enjoyable needs to get their hands on a batch of CBD ACDC.


While these buds may not get you high in the traditional sense, they’re still some of the most appealing and all-round pleasing specimens money can buy. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentMinimum (0-5%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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