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Bruce Banner Regular Seeds

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In terms of fragrance, flavor and freakishly high THC levels, Bruce Banner Regular really does take some beating. Even today, there’s almost nothing that comes close - aside from a few of its direct descendants, of course...

The Original, The Best


Bud Basics

Not only is Bruce Banner one of the most enjoyable and iconic strains of all time, but the herb has also lent its genetics to a long list of equally stellar specimens. Nevertheless, some would say (and perhaps quite rightly) that you cannot improve on the original.


In terms of fragrance, flavor and freakishly high THC levels, Bruce Banner Regular really does take some beating. Even today, there’s almost nothing that comes close - aside from a few of its direct descendants, of course.


To a degree, this marijuana more than lives up to its moniker. Like Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, the cannabis kingdom’s Bruce Banner is massive in size, bright green from head to toe and powerful enough to cripple even the most seasoned stoners.


It’s become the norm for this stuff to test for around 27% THC, making it one of the most consistently powerful strains money can buy right now. But with those meticulously balanced 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics, it’s also surprisingly versatile for such a hard-hitting strain.


This herb has all the makings of a monster, but isn’t nearly as terrifying as you might expect on the nose. This is a fruity and floral plant that’s bursting with beautiful berry flavors, often with a distinct hint of strawberry that gives an indication of its ancestry.


Bruce Banner Regular is created by combining the genetics of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, which (as is often the case) resulted in something far more than the sum of its parts.


This being the regular version, you’re looking at a relatively even split of male and female seeds. If you’ve been planning on pumping this hybrid’s high-THC genetics into your own new generation of ganja, you’ll be needing some male plants in the mix. Otherwise, it’s as simple as plucking them out of your grow at the right time - or opting for the a batch of Bruce Banner Feminized.


In any case, given how a single one of these plants can potentially produce upwards of 25oz of weed, it’s not like you need many to build a serious stockpile.



Flavor and Fragrance of Bruce Banner Regular

Bruce Banner has a long and varied list of terpenes in the make-up, dominated primarily by myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene. If you’re familiar with its superstar parent strains, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this stuff on the nose.


All the classic skunky goodness of OG Kush, with the sweet and fruity fuel-spiked punch of Strawberry Diesel. Complex to say the least, some of the subtler fragrances and flavors can be picked out more prominently when vaped.


If smoking is your preferred consumption method, Bruce Banner is a surprisingly palatable smoke with a sweet and floral flavor that lingers on the palate for hours. There’s a pronounced peppery spiciness on the exhale, with an even more prominent note of fresh strawberries. Rarely cough-inducing, the smoke is smooth, palatable and surprisingly light, providing little to no indication of what’s to follow.


The sheer deliciousness of these buds makes this a simple strain to take too far, after which you really won’t know what hit you!




Bruce Banner does a great job combining one of the highest THC contents of any strain on the market with a beautifully balanced high. Its genetic composition leans slightly towards the Sativa side of the spectrum, which gives a relatively accurate overview of the experience to follow.


The initial stages of the high are primarily cerebral, getting to work instantaneously with energy, enthusiasm and self-esteem. Negative thoughts are replaced with wave after wave of optimism, often crossing the line into outright euphoria. All of which will be familiar to anyone who knows good Sativa weed, but may not have experienced it with this kind of punch.


For a while, the soaring uplift can be almost incapacitating in its own right - almost always too hard-hitting for novice smokers to handle.


After a while, this skyrocketing cerebral high gives way to a deeply relaxing and somewhat clumsy body stone. This herb is known for its capacity to induce couch-lock, though in most cases is by way of choice, rather than outright incapacitation.


The sense that everything is great with the world continues for the duration, making for hour after hour of blissful laziness and enjoyment of your surroundings.


Bruce Banner Reg can therefore be an excellent social strain, though is best kept for private events and gatherings at home. Both stages of the high can be a little too punchy to be enjoyed in public, particularly when the more physical side of the stone creeps into the equation.


Munchies are to be expected, so make adequate preparations.



Medical Uses of Bruce Banner Regular

If you can handle it, Bruce Banner has the potential to be an outstanding therapeutic cannabis strain. As with most well-balanced hybrids, the fact that it gets to work on body and mind with equal effectiveness extends its appeal to a broad audience of users. Again, it’s simply a case of determining whether or not 27% THC is more than you can handle… which it might be.


Patients struggling with depression, anxiety and mood disorders in general have reported welcome and long-lasting relief after consuming even tiny quantities of this cannabis.


It’s also said to be one of the best strains on the market for artists and creative types, flooding body and mind with inspiration when struggling to get things done.


The physically relaxing effects of Bruce Banner can also be great for getting to grips with a wide variety of pain-related conditions. While heavy consumption can be physically incapacitating, it is not normally a recommended strain for dealing with insomnia or sleep issues.


Reports of negative side effects are minimal, though any strain with a THC content as high as this may trigger panic attacks or paranoia in novice users. Hence, it’s a strain to approach with extreme caution at first.



Growing Bruce Banner Regular Seeds

Again, this is the regular version of Bruce Banner, so you can expect an even split between male and female plants. Perfect for anyone interested in creating their own hybrids, or simply looking to grow original and untainted specimen at its absolute best.


Exposed to the right conditions - i.e. a warm Southern Californian climate - Bruce Banner Regular is a relatively easy strain to grow that mostly takes care of itself.


That said, it’s not a recommended strain for indoor cultivation due to its tendency to reach pretty towering heights. Cropping and topping could help keep things under control indoors, but at the expense of top-end yields.


Those who grow Bruce Banner Regular outdoors have the potential to produce more than 30oz of cannabis for every square meter of grow space. Which would be impressive enough with any strain, but is pretty much mind-blowing when considering the frankly ludicrous THC content. Flowering times average around 10 weeks, but this is hardly long to wait when you consider what you’re getting out of the deal.




Bruce Banner is one of the most remarkable strains ever to hit the commercial cannabis market. As potent as it gets and bursting with beautiful berry flavors, it’s also a relatively straightforward specimen to grow.


Over the years, this herb has become an exceptionally popular strain in recreational and medicinal cannabis circles worldwide. Famed for a fantastically balanced high and relentless THC output, it’s also fantastic for the production of concentrates and extracts.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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