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Critical + Feminized Seeds

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Perhaps one of Spain’s proudest cannabis accomplishments, the award-winning Critical Plus (as it’s often also spelt), is an exquisitely balanced hybrid strain combining the best of both Sativa and Indica lineage...

Intensely Enjoyable and Beautifully Balanced Skunkiness


Bud Basics

Perhaps one of Spain’s proudest cannabis accomplishments, the award-winning Critical Plus (as it’s often also spelt), is an exquisitely balanced hybrid strain combining the best of both Sativa and Indica lineage.


Though she’s yet to find her full audience among American marijuana enthusiasts, the potent parentage of this strain is something all growers and tokers should take note of.


Courtesy of a supremely pungent Skunk pheno and the abundantly generous genetics of the prodigious producing Big Bud, what you have here is a specimen capable of effortlessly yielding enormous harvests comprising some of the densest, dankest and stinkiest nugs around.


With a high THC content hitting upwards of 20%, Critical Plus is definitely not the strain for anyone with a low tolerance for weed’s psychoactive influences, however, those that are - you’re in for a real treat with this powerfully relaxing, prolific and pungent pot.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical +

This award-winning hybrid strain follows very much in the footsteps of her notorious Skunk parentage when it comes to flavor and fragrance.


While it’s entirely possible to detect those lemon and lime notes on the tongue, the earthy and overpowering presence of skunkiness soon overcomes all. It’s a flavor profile much expected from the moment Critical Plus plants begin to flower and flood the area with that distinctive Skunk aroma.


Though the faint citrus notes are present throughout for both the nose and tongue to savor, it’s hardly likely to be the main aspect of this hybrid on your mind while growing or consuming.


Of course, there are those whose nose turns up at the description of a ‘skunky’ scent, however, far fewer fail to fall for this mouthwateringly sweet and sour, chemically profile in the long run.




In true Skunk style, Critical Plus makes her presence known with almost immediate clarity.


A euphoric sense of uplifting energy sweeps the mind and body after but a few tokes, inducing a notably altered state of being in which you can expect surges of creativity and cases of uncontrollable chatting - an ideal companion for loosening the tongue at social gatherings!


If you’re enjoying this strain with friends, be prepared for a serious case of the giggles - the kind which tends to extend far beyond anyone’s memories of what actually started everyone laughing (the best kind, of course).


As the cerebral stimulation establishes more of a presence, you might even find yourself adrift in those wondrously pot-influenced philosophical conversations (if that’s your kind of thing!).


Ultimately, the balanced Sativa and Indica influence of Critical Plus plays off like a dream, delivering all the quintessential cannabis relaxation while electrifying the mind and never straying too close to couchlock.


Of course, while this does make Critical + a great strain for use any time of the day, don’t ever forget the Skunkgenetics at play here - it’s very possible to feel sluggish as the high tapers off or if used in excess, so play your cards well and try to keep the dosage down unless you’re on that sweet pre-bed joint.



Medical Uses of Critical + Feminized

Thanks to a positively artful balance between energy and relaxation, Critical Plus has an ever-growing fanbase among the medical marijuana masses.


The uplifting nature of these buds lends itself well to mood modulation, whether it is caused from persisting anxiety or stress, or even simply the mid-afternoon slump, a dose of Critical + can be just the ticket to turn any day around.


Recapturing your motivation isn’t all, though, as these same tendencies are regularly sought and praised by sufferers of a great many unseen conditions, ranging from depression to PTSD and bipolar.


As with most cannabis strains, this hybrid comes packed with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it a perfect choice for combating everything from minor to major pain, whether that’s migraines or muscular aches, arthritis, multiple sclerosis or any similar condition.


If a loss of appetite plagues you, this strain’s high might not bring on the most intense munchies of your life, but it’s sure to help.


Likewise, if you’re struggling to sleep, while Critical Plus can be a great ganja boon that allows you to drift off, you’ll need to time your consumption right so that the high is petering out when it’s time for lights out.



Growing Critical + Feminized Seeds

The Indica influence of the Critical Plus Feminized genetics takes over when it comes to the structure of these plants, meaning you can expect a crop which develops in a reasonably stout stature, favoring width over height (though optimal outdoor conditions can see plants reach up to 2 meters!).


While this makes this hybrid strain ideal for indoor growing setups, you’ll want to keep in mind that head-turner of a stink these babies kick up - carbon filters or similar odor control methods will serve you well if discretion is called for.


Even though these beans are feminized, novice cultivators should approach with caution, it’s not all sunshine and roses with these plants.


First up, owing to the Big Bud genetics, these girls produce some seriously stonking buds. Those heavy colas make Critical Plus susceptible to suffering under her own weight, meaning you need to be ready to implement some swift branch support with stakes or trellises as the plants bloom.


Adding to the challenge, these plants aren’t the most resilient out there, so you’ll need to do everything in your power to make environmental and humidity control a top priority if you want to see your crop safely to harvest. Thankfully, if any buds do succumb to mold, the enormous yield potential should counter any loss.


For this reason (as long as you can disguise the “Here I am!” aroma, or don’t need to), it’s best to cultivate these feminized seeds indoors, where environmental control is that much easier. Aim for temperatures between 20 and 26°C and relative humidity between 40 and 50%.


As always, choosing the right cultivation medium for you is an essential step before you get growing, but thankfully, Critical Plus Fem does just beautifully whether grown in organic soil, hydro or coco coir.


Sea of Green setups can see you to absolutely mammoth harvests, as can High Stress Training (HST) techniques like topping and trimming.


After a roughly 7 to 8-week flowering period, indoor growers who’ve ticked all the boxes can expect up to 600 grams of these stinky bud beauties per square meter. Outdoor growers who aim for an early October harvest can expect closer to an astonishing 1300 grams per plant!


One final tip for the experienced - by subjecting these plants to cooler night-time temperatures it’s possible to encourage some princely purple hues from your buds. Keep in mind if this sounds appealing, this exciting coloring does nothing for the taste or potency of the weed and requires practised knowledge to avoid ruining your crop… but damn, purple buds pretty!




Though this hybrid strain has less than 1% CBD content, don’t write off Critical Plus as a recreational-only strain.


The high THC content and beautiful balance between Indica and Sativa genetics has created a high in these buds capable of satisfying a wide range of medical and recreational needs. Of course, if you have a low tolerance to THC, you might want to look elsewhere (or take it easy with low and controlled dosage).


Growers will need some experience, guiding hands or intimate knowledge to get the maximum potential out of these beauties, but with a stinky dankness her Skunk parentage would be proud of and jaw-dropping yields, Critical Plus is worth it. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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