Purple Punch Feminized Seeds

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Purple Punch Feminized Seeds

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Eye-catching in every sense of the word, the fruity scent and purple coloration of this ganja give her some serious bag appeal even before you take into consideration her effects...

Purple Pot with Fruit Punch Flavors


Bud Basics

Purple Punch Feminized is an Indica-heavy hybrid strain that combines two herbs with well-known reputations for their intense and sedating body high. Blending genetics from the highly regarded medical strain Granddaddy Purple and the influential Larry OG, this weed will tickle the taste buds with her grape and berry flavors and stimulate the mind for a little while before her gorgeous purple nugs get to work on hitting you hard and tranquilizing you into a blissful body buzz.


Eye-catching in every sense of the word, the fruity scent and purple coloration of this ganja give her some serious bag appeal even before you take into consideration her effects. Thanks to her stable genetics, she’s also sticky with oozing resin and flowers quickly to ensure that growers get what they’re after in the shortest time possible.


This sedating and tranquilizing effects of this pot make her a potent and therapeutic strain at 23% THC, ideal for those looking for reprieve from mental ailments, due to her uplifting euphoria, and for those looking to kill pain - and even time, since you’ll be off to dreamland by the time you’re done with your joint.


Since she’s got some serious Kush lineage, this herb is robust and sturdy, though fairly small in stature. Ideal for newbies, a little environmental control and trimming is all that’s needed to Purple Punch Fem to turn into dense, dank nugs - and with no male sprouts to worry about, when you get a whiff of this one, you know the whole generous harvest is going to be ready for consumption.



Flavor and Fragrance of Purple Punch Feminized

It’s hard not to like a strain with an aroma and flavor like Purple Punch - bursting with fruity notes of grape and berry, there’s also the tropical taste of pineapple present in this herb, all underpinned with a subtle earthiness that only serves to emphasis the citric limonene in her flavor profile.




Though Indica-leaning, Purple Punch Feminized boasts the ability to balance the mental with the physical, pairing euphoric cerebral effects with a relaxing body-stone that’s fast acting, and brought on with just a few tokes.


To begin with, this weed will fill you with a sense of elation that builds in your mind until you’re overflowing with pleasant thoughts, washing away worries and stress until a positive, blissful mental state is achieved.


Once your mind is free of burdens, Purple Punch calls up your creative side, encouraging the flow of ideas so that artistic outlets seem more appealing than usual. But don’t get too caught up in conceptualizing - this herb walks a fine line, and her body effects can counteract her mental ones with ease.


The physical effects of this ganja get to work while you’re still distracted, blanketing the body with a sensation of relaxation that begins slowly but quickly intensifies to blast away tension and knots.


This is swiftly followed by a second phase that leadens the limbs and overpowers you with a heavy feeling of immobility. Around this time, you’ll notice any motivation to move is lost, and to truly appreciate this effect you’ll want to give in to the couchlock. Within a matter of hours, you’ll find that this further strengthens to pull you into slumber - so regardless of the earlier mental effects of Purple Punch Fem, you’ll want to dedicate this pot to nighttime only.


Like most pot, this strain tends to bring on a few unwanted side effects - simple concerns such as dry, red eyes and cottonmouth can be remedied by remaining hydrated, but if you're tempted to toke a little more for a bigger effect, then don’t. Larger doses can bring on lightheadedness, headaches, dizziness and increased anxiety, which we can guarantee will totally kill your buzz.



Medical Uses of Purple Punch Feminized

Almost instant in her hit and her high, Purple Punch Fem is considered an excellent therapeutic relief for a wide-ranging variety of conditions - though her sedating effects should be taken into consideration before toking, as there’s little chance of avoiding sleep after a joint of this weed.


Since the cerebral effects hit first, the initial use of this herb is to lift mood, induce happiness and encourage contentment - meaning that Purple Punch is great for appeasing the symptoms of such conditions as stress, anxiety, mood disorders, depression, bipolar disorder or PTSD.


As for those in the medical marijuana (MMJ) community who dose for pain relief, this plant has plenty of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that work to reduce inflammation and aid with the likes of headaches and migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia and muscle spasms.


Last but not least, the sedative, sleep-inducing effects of Purple Punch Fem are ideal for bringing on a deep, restful and restorative sleep, for those with fatigue or insomnia.



Growing Purple Punch Feminized Seeds

Due to the presence of Kush genetics in this herb, Purple Punch Feminized is a fairly straightforward strain to grow. She’s short and compact, and will flourish in even the smallest of grow rooms with limited vertical space.


Since her branches are chunky and robust, she’s in a good position to support her own growing colas without any aid, but does require a little trimming to keep her from growing too bushy. This will also work to prevent the buildup of moisture in her branches, and allow a better circulation of air and light to her lower budding sites.


When she begins to reach maturity, this strain's vivid green nuds will become scattered with amber pistils and a thick coating of sticky resin, that makes for a shimmering, golden, topaz effect. Should you be looking to increase her bag appeal a little more, exposing Purple Punch Fem to cooler temperatures at night will transform her into a magnificent mauve specimen.


Indoor growers should consider boosting yield size by using a Sea of Green (SOG) setup, as this can be particularly effective where space is limited. Her temperature should sit between 70° and 80°F, and Relative Humidity (RH) levels of between 40% and 50% are ideal. Stick to these environmental conditions, and this plant should leave you with a final yield of 1.8 ounces of buds per square foot following 7 to 9 weeks of flowering.


For outdoor growers, location is key, and Purple Punch will thrive in areas like Florida, California, Southern Europe and Australia, where the climate is warm and sunny. In colder regions, you may still be able to grow this herb during the summer season, but your yield is likely to be lower.


Harvest time for this plant is usually between late September and mid October, and in ideal conditions you should be able to harvest around 21 ounces of purple nugs per plant.




Nighttime strains can vary massively in their flavor, since often the Indica-leaning requirements make for a less than tasty result - but Purple Punch Feminized is the taste of summer in a joint, bursting with fruity grape and berry notes, and the scent of fresh lemon and earth to temper it to perfection.


Gorgeous purple nugs will greet you on opening a bag of this herb, and once combusted she’ll lift your mental burdens just enough to let you truly relax into her sedating effects. In no time at all, your euphoria will be more than just mental, as your body descends into bliss and tranquility before finally freeing you to the realms of sleep.


Ideal for insomnia, pain killing, and the relief of mental stressors, Purple Punch Fem is an all round easy to love strain, and cultivators will find she’s hassle-free and high-yielding despite her smaller size. As easy-to-grow strains go, this ganja ticks all the boxes as resilient, hardy and fast flowering - and with feminized seeds, there’s no real reason not to try your hand at cultivating her yourself.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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