Hawaii x Purple Skunk Feminized Seeds

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Hawaii x Purple Skunk Feminized Seeds

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Leaning heavily on her Sativa side, Hawaii x Purple Skunk’s high begins in the head, clearing the mind to make way for a euphoric buzz that both hones in your focus and calms your worries. Once she’s set in nicely, this night-time favorite 20% THC strain will...

An Upbeat High with a Sweet, Sedating Twist


Bud Basics

The origins of Hawaii x Purple Skunk Feminized are pretty easy to work out on one side of her lineage, but on the other, all we know is she’s the lovechild of some tasty strains and a mysterious, heavy-hitting Indica that gives this plant her gorgeous frosty coating of trichomes.


Named for her more well-known Sativa parents, Hawaii x Purple Skunk Fem boasts both the Hawaiian landrace strain and the oh-so-intense Purple Skunk in her lineage, and does a damn fine job of combining their effects and flavors.


Distinctive and pungent, the scent of this ganja will hit you hard - at first merely skunky, with that almost damp earthiness. But this hybrid is more complex than that, and her flavor and aroma both contain the sweet, chocolate notes of her parentage. These tastes and flavors blend together beautifully to bring out the tropical, citrus notes of the strain, making her particularly pleasing and hard to resist.


Leaning heavily on her Sativa side, Hawaii x Purple Skunk’s high begins in the head, clearing the mind to make way for a euphoric buzz that both hones in your focus and calms your worries. Once she’s set in nicely, this night-time favorite 20% THC strain will have your body melting into a puddle of numb, fuzzy jelly - enveloping your body in a comfort blanket that wraps you up and sedates you right down into sleep.


This exact sedation is what makes Hawaii x Purple Skunk Fem a great strain for sufferers of chronic pain or insomnia, capable of softening and soothing the body while that uplifting euphoria eases worries and stress.


Growing this strain is almost as simple as it gets for experienced cultivators - and not too hard on those just dipping their toes, either. Hardy, resilient and small in stature, keeping the environment optimal is key with this stuff, but feminized seeds do half of the job for you and you’ll get a healthy yield of 450 grams per square meter in just 8-9 weeks.



Flavor and Fragrance of Hawaii x Purple Skunk Feminized

Delighting the senses, Hawaii x Purple Skunk Fem blends the tastes and scents of her lineage, exuding the earthiness of Purple Skunk alongside the sweetness of Hawaiian to create a somewhat chocolatey combination that’s undeniably delicious.


Make no mistake, this is a fairly pungent plant, both when growing and when combusted, and as such, she’s not the subtlest of marijuana strains. However, the skunkiness of her scent is offset with a mild, citrus, tropical note that is likely to lure you in regardless.




Hawaii x Purple Skunk Feminized is much like any potent Indica hybrid strain, combining the euphoric buzz of a head-high with a sedating body-stone.


You’ll find the head high comes first, though. Lifting the spirit and boosting your mood, Hawaii x Purple Skunk will clear your mind from worry and strife, and usher in a joyful, relaxed feeling instead. This mind-clearing effect can sometimes enhance concentration, allow you to lock onto ideas and tasks and pursue them to completion. This, combined with the invigorating energy boost the strain provides, can make this stuff particularly motivating.


Once this has set in, and your brain is fully buzzing with euphoria, your body will begin to follow suit. Calming and softening until even the tensest and tightest of muscles have loosened, soothing and numbing you from head to toe. Hawaii x Purple Skunk Fem’s profound relaxing properties will soon pull you down into a lazy, chilled out couch-lock that’s likely to intensify into drowsiness and slumber before you know it.


Since she’s a THC-heavy strain, Hawaii x Purple Skunk  - like most strains - can lead to adverse side effects if not consumed responsibly, and as such we recommend that those with a low THC tolerance or newcomers proceed with caution. Adverse effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, and occasionally (in more extreme cases) heightened anxiety, paranoia and dizziness.



Medical Uses of Hawaii x Purple Skunk Feminized

As a high THC strain, the numbing and sedating effects of Hawaii x Purple Skunk combined with the uplifting, head-highs she provides, make her a particularly useful strain for medicinal marijuana users.


The mood-boosting euphoric nature of this strain makes for an upbeat feeling that alleviates stress and some adverse symptoms of anxiety and depression.


As an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, the sedating qualities of these buds make for a natural analgesic choice for those suffering from chronic pains. The innate anti-inflammatory properties of the strain also serve to ease and soothe aches and pains in place of traditionally prescribed opioids - without the long term side effects.


Those struggling with insomnia may benefit from the drowsiness that a joint of Hawaii x Purple Skunk Feminized can bring, taking you right from fatigue to a night of deep sleep in no time.



Growing Hawaii x Purple Skunk Feminized

Growing Hawaii x Purple Skunk Feminized is a fairly routine job for those familiar with cannabis cultivation. She’ll grow well in a soil-free hydroponics environment - but since consumers love the complex terpene profile of hybrid strains, we’d recommended growing this gal in organic soil. To further enhance her growth rate, try supplementing this with heavy-duty 600-watt grow lamps.


This specimen is naturally fairly small, rarely reaching more than 90cm - though she has a lot of lateral branches. Compact and resilient, Hawaii x Purple Skunk can hold her own against mildew and mold - all you have to do is trim and prune her regularly, particularly around the lower parts of the plant. This will ensure your plants get the circulation of air and light that they needs to thrive.


Maintaining these plants at a semi-humid temperature of between 21° and 26°C is essential, and will help to boost the quality and size of your final harvest - which takes around 8 to 9 weeks. After this, these gorgeous, purple, torpedo-like buds can be harvested for a prodigious yield of up to 450 grams per square meter indoors, and around 500 grams per plant outdoors.


It has to be noted, this is a particularly pungent strain - even when she’s still growing. If you’re growing Hawaii x Purple Skunk Fem and are trying to be in any way subtle, then a high-quality odor-filtration system is recommended to keep things under wraps.




Blending the very best traits of her Sativa-heavy parentage on one side with a mystery Indica strain, Hawaii x Purple Skunk Feminized presents a balance of flavor, fragrance and effects that’s unmissable when she’s just so simple to grow, too.


Sweet and chocolatey to the tastebuds, and pungent with a skunky earthiness in aroma, this combination surprisingly mixes to bring out sharp, tropical citrus notes that further enhance the delicious flavors of this strain.


Hard-hitting as a head high and hard-hitting as a body-high, this hybrid is a one-two punch that wipes the mind of worry by uplifting you into euphoria, before sweeping you gently back down to a body-stone that couch-locks and sets your snoring even as she soothes and loosens your muscles.


These heavy recreational effects can be utilized for the therapeutic benefit of consumers, easing the mind and body from stress, depression and chronic pain with just one joint.


Growing Hawaii x Purple Skunk Fem is straightforward even for the rookies, as she takes good care of herself - hardy enough to withstand most mildews and molds. With a little trimming and pruning to optimize airflow, in 8 to 9 weeks you can expect a healthy yield of 450 grams indoors, and up to 500 grams outdoors.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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