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CBD Cheese Feminized Seeds

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Perennial fan favorite and famously pungent Cheese finally gets her therapeutic marijuana makeover with this high CBD variety, bringing you all the pronounced decadence in a medicinally satisfying 1:1 THC to CBD ratio...

Cheesy Medical Ganja Goodness


Bud Basics

Perennial fan favorite and famously pungent Cheese finally gets her therapeutic marijuana makeover with this high CBD variety, bringing you all the pronounced decadence in a medicinally satisfying 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.


Cheese has been a quintessential cannabis strain in the United Kingdom since the late ‘80s, coming to us from the storied Skunk genetics and delighting recreational tokers with her pungent nature and hard-hitting high.


Famed for being an energetic and euphoric strain with a flavor and aroma profile you wouldn’t expect to love yet almost instantly fall head over heels for, Cheese was fated to be an instant hit, however, until this therapeutic hybrid, she had yet to find her home among the medical marijuana masses.


Thanks to the highly effective introduction of an undisclosed high CBD strain, this formidable and stinky British delight has achieved a perfect balance between cannabinoids, tempering the psychoactive nature of Cheese in favor of offering a milder and more manageable high and allowing those with low THC tolerance to savor the sumptuous flavors and benefits of this truly decadent hybrid strain.


While the prominent aroma of these buds (and plants) can certainly be classed as overpowering, even divisive among audiences, the scales are absolutely tilted in favor of CBD Cheese swiftly becoming one of your new favorites, building a certain kind of craving that no other strain seems to satisfy.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Cheese 

The powerful and unique mix of caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene terpenes that made Cheese infamous are in no way muted with CBD Cheese, which displays essentially the exact same characteristics as her stinky parent.


Coming from the fabled Skunk family, stink is pretty much the name of the game with these strains. Of course, there are those who consider Cheese to be little more than an imitation of the pungent chemically notes of Skunk, however, to most of us, the distinctive cheesiness on the nose and tongue is undeniable.


In certain phenos or among the more discerning palates, it’s entirely possible to detect lingering hints of citric fruits, but these tend to be considerably overshadowed by CBD Cheese’s funky cheese chops.


Even among you dairy haters turning your nose up in disgust right now - don’t knock this stuff until you try it. There’s a reason Cheese has been a cornerstone of British cannabis culture for decades.




Thanks to the sublime 1:1 THC to CBD ratio of CBD Cheese and the 10% CBD and 10% THC that brings to the table, here is where this CBD-heavy hybrid diverges quite dramatically from her stinky and fabled parentage.


While the effects can still be felt fairly instantly, rather than inducing a heavy-hitting dose of psychoactive influence capable of consuming the body and freeing the mind simultaneously, CBD Cheese takes a far mellower approach.


Expect a smooth and focused sense of serenity without the risk of headrush as this buzz glides through you far gentler, her volume turned down and the edges smoothed out.


While this may seem unappealing to diehard Cheese fans, the balance that the enhanced Cannabidiol (CBD) levels bring to this fan favorite strain are pronounced, offering a compelling and nuanced relaxation which still lends itself perfectly to end of the day chills.


Cheese has never been a strain particularly suitable for early morning consumption, especially as the quintessential drowsiness settles in when the high ticks on, and in such regard, this CBD hybrid is very much the same. While you won’t find yourself overly sluggish after consuming her, the effects are still quite counterintuitive to getting shit done.


Last but far from least, this strain (like her famous parent) can often bring on a wicked case of the munchies. This is not to be underestimated, and you should definitely prep your Netflix and chong sesh with ample snack supplies before toking up.



Medical Uses of CBD Cheese Feminized 

CBD Cheese takes the already hugely beneficial therapeutic nature of her famous parent strains and makes them easily accessible to those with lower THC tolerance.


This therapeutic superstar contains potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties which aid the elevated CBD levels in providing relief for a wide variety of physical and mental maladies that otherwise would require endless pills and trips to the pharmacy.


The list is practically neverending when it comes to what patients use this stinky wonder weed for. The cerebral stimulation and calming influence is ideal for those suffering from stress, low mood, depression, anxiety, mood swings and even ADHD. Many such patients find the soothing nature of CBD Cheese Fem truly irresistible in the literal sense, finding themselves drawn into the reprieve they so badly need.


On the physical side of things, everything from mild headaches to persistent migraines, deep aches and chronic pains can all be treated with extreme efficiency thanks to the strong sedative influence of CBD Cheese.


Cheese is also notorious for sparking ravenous hunger and quelling any feelings of nausea, and this CBD-rich version is no different, making her the perfect pot partner for those looking for a way to restore their appetite or gain weight.


As one final parting gift, this exquisite strain’s late-stage sedative influence is powerful enough to see even the most fervent night owl or insomnia sufferer off to a deep and rejuvenating night’s sleep.



Growing CBD Cheese Feminized Seeds 

When it comes to growing CBD Cheese Feminized, you can expect an experience practically identical to cultivating the original Cheese strain - namely one that is remarkably simple for even the more inexperienced growers to get their heads around.


The Sativa influence is strong with these stinky beauties, with plants capable of reaching enormous heights of between 2 and 2.5 meters in optimal conditions.


Thankfully, CBD Cheese responds incredibly well to High Stress Training (HST) techniques like topping, and is a terrific candidate for a ScROG (Screen of Green) setup - both of which can help you stay on top of those gargantuan ganja plants and even significantly increase yields by helping the plants make full use of all available space and develop more budding sites.


The buds do tend to grow rather dense, owing to the Indica influence at play here (which also affords CBD Cheese with a robust resilience when it comes to mold or pest problems).


Indoor cultivation is generally recommended as it’s far easier for growers to control the environmental conditions, which are best maintained at between 69.8 to 78.8°F with a relative humidity (RH) between 40 and 50%.


If you’re lucky enough to have access to a warm Mediterranean climate, feel free and confident in approaching an outdoor harvest of CBD Cheese, however, be prepared for the likelihood of your plants achieving truly monstrous sizes in these cases.


Given the potent and pungent aroma of these beauties, you’d best make sure you set up your crop with this in mind. Use odor control methods like carbon filters if you need to manage the (delicious) stink indoors, or perhaps warn the neighbours if outdoors is your cultivation choice. The scent of these stinkers is notoriously difficult to disguise - you have been warned.


Between 7 and 10 weeks is the average flowering time for CBD Cheese Feminized, after which, you’ll be looking at up to 500 grams of dense, dank and deliciously crystal-coated buds for indoor harvests. Outdoor growers, on the other hand, can reap an enormous bounty of up to 1000 grams per plant for their efforts!




Everything you love about the infamously pungent and potent Cheese in a perfectly balanced and supremely generous CBD-heavy hybrid.


While the 10% THC is considerably lower than most Cheese fans may be willing to accept, the equal levels of CBD help bring this otherwise identical strain a new means of delivering the goods (which are without question as delicious as ever).

Strain Profile
THC ContentLow (5-10%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentHigh (5-10%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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