Skunk Seeds

Even in non-cannabis circles, the name is synonymous with high-quality weed. Across much of the UK, it has become a label assigned to more or less all buds of notable potency. It’s a term which has come to apply to the strongest of the strong and evoke instant connotations of euphoric, powerful highs.

Quite an honour, given that the Skunk strain is indeed a breed entirely in its own right.

A perennial favourite since its birth in the seventies, this dank and potent strain has since become the genetic cornerstone of creating innumerable cannabis hybrids throughout the world. The original strain, while not typically testing strong enough to compete with the highest THC strains of some modern-day marvels, averages in the sixteen to twenty percent THC range, with some strains reaching upwards of high twenties.

This vital and independent weed is truly deserving of a spot in the Mary Jane Hall of Fame, generously sharing its powerful properties with all of its children, smokers included!

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Origin of Skunk strain seeds

Skunk weed strain seeds are a medley of top-tier genes from across the globe. Blending Afghani, Colombian Gold, and Acapulco Gold, this indica-dominant herb came out in the 1970s and took the 420 scene by storm.


The cultivar is the work of Sam the Skunkman, a legendary Californian breeder. He spent several generations selectively crossing phenotypes, launched his creation in the Sunny state, and took it to the Netherlands. Before long, Skunk seeds were an international sensation.


This strain fuses indica and sativa traits in one bud. The combination comes in a cloud of dank smoke, fitting its descriptive title to the T.


Weed from Skunk marijuana seeds is a favorite among recreational users, but it didn’t escape the medical community’s notice. Researchers are still deciphering its various applications, and its fame doesn’t seem to be waning.


Breeders are another demographic to adore with this plant’s landrace-tier stability. Today, there’s a horde of hybrids with quintessential Skunk traits.


skunk paradise bud


Skunk taste & smell

Skunk weed seeds carry a concoction of terpenes that create the unique aroma you experience upon lighting up this intense bud.


Flowers of Skunk seeds start oozing an earthy musk as soon as they blossom. Curing further deepens the fragrance. Sweet and sour aromas reach the surface, laced with surprisingly gentle floral and herbal notes.


Combustion makes the bouquet come to life and erases all possibility of discretion. A thick tobacco-like scent fills the room. Earth, pine, and a distinctly sour tone greet your nostrils.


The fragrance translates into the flavor. A sweet-and-sour explosion on the tongue leaves a taste of overripe fruit in its wake. The aftertaste is woody and sugary, with hints of something sharper and spicier.


Effects of the Skunk strain

Despite containing only 13–17% THC, Skunk seed-grown weed easily measures up to the highest THC strains. Its fusion of indica and sativa traits promises a pleasure ride for the mind, body, and soul.


Given the indica dominance, it’s best to save this flower for evening hours. Productivity is off the table upon consumption, but the inside-out relaxation helps you end your day right.


A little goes a long way with Skunk seed-grown buds. A puff sends a rush of euphoria to your headspace, unravels tension knots, and leaves you careless and social. The flow of creative juices may lead you to an artistic endeavor.


Larger doses push the powerful pleasure in a more physical direction. Warmth engulfs your limbs and softens your perception. You’re soon vegging out, munching on your favorite snack, and inching closer to your bed.


Although the THC levels aren’t sky-high by today’s standards, Skunk seed-grown marijuana is still a heavy hitter. Respect your limits to avoid dizziness, headaches, and paranoia. Use eye drops and stay hydrated to counter red eyes and cottonmouth.


Medical uses of the Skunk strain

Weed from Skunk seeds is a marvel on all fronts. Its terpene composition, all-encompassing effect profile, and indica-dominant genes lend themselves to medicinal application.

The therapeutic community uses this herb to tackle physical and psychological conditions with a single blunt. This cultivar’s potent, hybrid nature gives old-schoolers a new way to heal.


The sativa side may ease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Its cerebral properties induce a happy yet calm state of mind. Users report feeling peaceful, positive, and even more social under the influence.


The indica aspect of Skunk weed seed-grown bud makes it a go-to for pain management. From arthritis to injuries and migraines, tokers claim several hours of deep relief post-consumption.


With indica comes an appetite boost, and cannabis from Skunk strain seeds is no exception. It brings unstoppable munchies and may diminish nausea, encouraging large, nutritious meals.

Growing Skunk seeds

Skunk strain seeds suit cultivators of all levels. Its plants are easy to grow, sturdy, resilient, and forgiving of rookie mistakes.


They’re also a sight to behold. Tall, bright, and bushy, they carry a massive central cola and a mass of darker green leaves. Mature plants get completely covered in crystalline trichomes.


Most specimens in our store are feminized seeds, producing only female plants 99% of the time. This genetic modification facilitates the cultivation journey, promising nothing but bud-bearing crops.


skunk strain


The original Skunk seeds were bred for indoor cultivation. They prefer controlled and consistent conditions, so grow rooms often produce the best results.


Keep the space at 70–80° F and 40–50% relative humidity. Hydroponics works well, but it fares better in organic soil.


Crops from Skunk cannabis seeds reach five feet in most environments and benefit from a Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup. Weave the branches through a mesh to boost light exposure and optimize space use.


Flowering takes 7–8 weeks and necessitates a carbon filter and plenty of phosphorus and potassium. Each square meter of plant space produces 14–19 ounces of bud.


If you live in a dry and warm climate, outdoor cultivation is another option for your Skunk seed batch. Soil and sunshine drive the plant to reach seven feet in height. Its foliage is thick and vigorous, so trim regularly to bypass moisture issues.


Crops get heavy with buds in September and reach full maturity in mid-October. Do everything right, and each delivers over 21 ounces of sticky pot.


Skunk seeds: SeedSupreme recommendations

Original Skunk marijuana seeds are amazing, but breeders weren’t messing around when they crossed it with other cultivars. Their extensive family tree includes stunning indica, sativa, and hybrid strains in feminized and autoflower variants.


skunk strain


Find numerous renditions in our store. Need a place to start? We suggest these Skunk seed specimens:


  • Super Skunk is an Afghani x Skunk #1 cross. It’s even more soothing and spicy than its predecessor, delivering deep sedation and ultra-thick smoke. The 18% THC adds a dose of trippiness to the chill.

  • Hawaii x Purple Skunk feminized is indica-dominant and moderately potent, packing a soothing physical punch. The bouquet is herbs, mango, and pure skunk. The 18% THC takes you on a mind-and-body vacation.

  • Lemon Skunk feminized is a balanced hybrid between original Skunk seeds and Citral. Its rejuvenating citrus flavors infuse you with positive energy, while its 19% THC inspires creative and social endeavors.

These and a legion of other cultivars are waiting at the SeedSupreme library. What’s the wait? Hop to our shop, buy Skunk seeds, and begin exploring this renowned cannabis family today.