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Skunk is synonymous with high-quality cannabis, and for a good reason. It describes buds that deliver pungent scents, notable potency, and a euphoric high with couch-locking physical effects. Get all these perks and more when you buy Skunk seeds at SeedSupreme.

This dank weed strain is the cornerstone of the 420 industry and a superstar in its own right. Experience its exceptional qualities through the countless Skunk versions available below.

Origin of Skunk

Skunk bud seeds for sale blend genes from across the globe. The original Skunk #1 is an Afghani x Colombian Gold x Acapulco Gold cross created by legendary Sam the Skunkman in the 1970s. The Cali breeder took it to the Netherlands, where it became an international sensation.

Three landraces meet in the genetically spotless Skunk #1. Afghani supplies soothing effects, bushy indica stature, and crop resilience. Acapulco Gold lends it a cerebral buzz, and we can thank Colombian Gold for the strain’s unmistakable acidic fragrance.

The original Skunk #1 won the first-ever High Times Cannabis Cup in 1988, giving rise to many easy-to-grow hybrids. This new generation contained the award-winning strain’s trademark scent, heady high, and heavy-hitting body stone.

Skunk seeds overview

What can you expect when our Skunk seeds for sale reach your indoor or outside garden? Here are some reasons why tokers and growers love this cannabis cultivar:

Taste & smell

Skunk’s name speaks volumes about its aroma. Nicknamed after the American mammal, this weed strain oozes uniquely funky fragrances loved by old-schoolers.

Blossoming buds emit wet earth scents, and curing awakens the sweet and sour aromas on top of the musky base. Connoisseurs note gentle floral and herbal notes adorning the strain’s bouquet.

Discretion is challenging upon combustion. The smoke is thick and permeating, smelling like earth, pine, and lemon.

There’s a sweet ‘n sour citrus flavor explosion on the tongue once you inhale, followed by an overripe fruitiness as an aftertaste. Sharp and sugary notes tickle your nose and palate throughout.


Regular buds grown from Skunk weed seeds contain 15% THC and are fast-acting and heavy-hitting. The mix of indica and sativa genes ensures a powerful mind and body punch.

Most Skunk specimens are from indica-dominant seeds and best saved for the evening hours. Their effects are predominantly physical, softening your limbs and inducing ravenous munchies. Many tokers relax on the couch and fall asleep after consumption.

The mental effects are equally potent. This marijuana strain is a psychedelic powerhouse that awakens your imagination, lubricates social situations, and inspires fits of giggles. Engage with a trippy piece of content, a profound conversation with a friend, or an artistic endeavor.

Overconsumption may make you slightly dizzy or sleepy, so monitor your dosage. Gauge your reaction between puffs and have water and eye drops on hand to combat dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Flowering & yield

The indica-leaning genetics of the Skunk family result in a relatively short bloom season. Most strains finish flowering in eight weeks, giving you enough time to harvest before the first frost.

Yields are regularly moderate to high, delighting you with dense, trichome-rich, and strong-smelling flowers. Mold and bud rot are rare, reducing the risk of a ruined batch. Crops are amenable to trimming and training, further increasing the harvest potential.

Medical uses

Many members of the medical marijuana community favor Skunk. Its indica-dominant genes and well-rounded effects lend themselves to therapeutic toking.

The sativa effects might temporarily ease anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and depression symptoms. They could also encourage healthier habits, socialization, and problem-solving.

Skunk’s indica side is some people’s go-to for pain management and natural nighttime healing. Tokers report relief from inflammatory conditions and pain post-consumption. The munchies promote hearty meals, and the post-high sleepiness might help you get a good night’s rest.

Growing Skunk seeds indoors

Skunk strain seeds are a rookie’s best friend: sturdy and insusceptible to common cultivation pitfalls. This cultivar prefers stable and consistent conditions, remaining compact but producing heaps of buds in controlled grow rooms.

Here are the prerequisites for achieving abundance indoors:

Temperature and humidity

All members of the Skunk family flourish in warm and moderately humid conditions. Although they easily resist mold, dry air helps avoid moisture issues in their dense foliage.

Maintain a 68–77°F temperature range (10° less during darkness) and 65–70% relative humidity for seedlings. Temps of 70–80°F and 40–50% relative humidity are ideal for vegging and flowering.


Skunk marijuana seeds develop into hungry crops. Seedlings don’t necessitate feeding, but generous fertilization becomes necessary from vegging onward.

Plants aren’t susceptible to deficiencies or nutrient burn, so supply ample amounts of fertilizer with water every week. Stick to nitrogen-rich solutions in veg. Transition to a mix with plenty of phosphorus and potassium for flowering.

Soil and growing medium

Skunk plants flourish in soil and hydro systems, although they slightly prefer the former. The traditional medium enhances the flavor profile and potency of your future buds. Hydroponics and aeroponics can slightly raise harvests and improve nutrient intake.

If keeping your garden conventional, choose organic soil with excellent drainage and aeration. That way, you ensure the roots expand and enable prolific growth. Hydro growers should pay extra attention to pH levels to avoid nutrient troubles.


Skunk’s light requirements vary with each variant. If you have a photoperiod, maintain an 18/6 ratio during vegetative development. Keep the lamps on non-stop for more intense growth. When plants are around ¾ of the desired size, flip to a 12/12 schedule to trigger flowering.

Skunk autoflowering marijuana seeds pay no heed to the photoperiod. If using this variant, employ an 18/6 light schedule throughout the crops’ life cycle to increase future harvest size. Flowering begins automatically after 5–6 weeks of veg.

In either case, employ powerful LED or HPS grow lamps. If not training crops, use supplemental side lighting for better penetration.

Growing Skunk seeds outdoors

Skunk weed strain seeds aren’t hard to grow outdoors, especially if you live in a warm and dry climate. Sow in a spot with six hours of direct daily sunlight exposure and a gentle breeze. Treat the soil with organic fertilizers before planting.

Germinate in mid-April for a late-September harvest. Keep seedlings indoors and move them outside once they produce fan leaves. Prune regularly to tame the bushy foliage, especially in rainy and humid regions.

Install protection against heavy winds and add companion plants to the garden to attract pest attention away from your marijuana crops. Feed with organic fertilizer and water every other day if there’s a drought.

Skunk crops enter flowering in late July to early August. Most strains have a flowering time of eight weeks, so you typically harvest before the nighttime temperatures fall under 55°F.

Best Skunk seeds: Supreme recommendations

What’s the best Skunk? Should you start with the original Skunk #1 or go for a breed like Super Skunk? Should you purchase autoflower or feminized pot seeds? The choice is yours to make, as our library provides every option.

This iconic family is full of superb marijuana specimens. Here are several excellent starting points for exploring Skunk cannabis seeds:

  • California Orange x Skunk feminized is a balanced hybrid with an exotic aroma to tame the sour pungency. Its 16% THC induces a soaring cerebral high and physical sedation. Crops reach six feet tall and yield 21 oz./m² indoors and 21 oz./plant outdoors.
  • Skunk x Northern Lights fast version combines two legendary strains and shaves two weeks off the flowering stage. Indica-dominant and psychedelic, this 18% THC bud suits nights of cerebral at-home exploration. You get 19 oz./m² inside and 21 oz./plant outside.
  • Skunk #1 autoflower is the speedy version of the cult classic. It’s a hybrid with 14% THC and effects suitable for high-energy afternoons that turn into relaxed movie nights. Indoor crops yield 17 oz./m² of pungent buds, and every outdoor plant produces up to 3 oz.
  • Early Skunk x Cinderella 99 feminized is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid with Cindy’s quintessential cerebral flight. This eye-watering and energizing 21% THC weed is perfect for daytime toking. Crops yield 17 oz./m² indoors and 17 oz./plant outdoors.
  • Afghan Kush x Super Skunk feminized is an indica-heavy combo of two super-soothers. Dank and sour, the 20% THC buds offer a relaxing end to your day. Crops are bushy and sturdy, producing 17 oz./m² indoors and 21 oz./plant outdoors.

Buy Skunk seeds online from SeedSupreme

You’re in the right place to buy Skunk weed seeds. Our library of regular, autoflowering, and feminized pot seeds from the Skunk family accommodates the needs of every grower and toker.

Scroll up to browse the Skunk selection from our in-house breeders and reputable partners. Fill your cart and pick a secure payment method. Remember, larger purchases qualify you for free shipping. A generic-looking package will arrive within two weeks, wherever you may live.

Our customer support team is available if you have questions, and our resource guides support your cultivation journey. Shop today to take advantage of top-tier genetics and benefit from our fair Skunk seed prices. Discover why the 420 community is all about this dank bud.

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