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A truly quintessential strain, Skunk Autoflower’s photoperiod variant is one of the most well-known and commonly bred strains in the cannabis community, famous for her pungent and...

Stinky Sweet and Cerebral

Bud Basics

A truly quintessential strain, Skunk Autoflower’s photoperiod variant is one of the most well-known and commonly bred strains in the cannabis community, famous for her pungent and acrid aroma. A backbone of marijuana breeding, her genetics can be traced in hundreds of hybrids available today, thanks to her mind-blowing highs and simple to cultivate growth traits.

This autoflowering variety has been developed by adding a Ruderalis to the genetic makeup, which though slightly less potent at around 14% THC content, functions to provide a pleasant and uplifting cerebral high that’s balanced by a calming body-stone.

Similarly, this herb functions just as well as a medicinal strain as any other skunk variant, and is commonly prescribed for the treatment and management of chronic pain for those struggling with migraines or arthritis. Thanks to her Sativa side, she’s also effective at calming those with stress and anxiety in addition to various other psychological ailments.

Growing Skunk Autoflower is easier than ever with autoflowering, feminized seeds that are sure to thrive. Suitable for novice growers, the size and structure of this plant means she’s designed to resist many pests and pathogens simply due to the adequate space for airflow and light amongst her foliage. This small stature also makes her ideal where space is limited, and her short lifespan is a great choice for cultivators who are short for time or perhaps just a little impatient.

Flavor and Fragrance of Skunk Autoflower

Though an autoflowering variant, this pot is just as potent and pungent as the original photoperiod when it comes to her aroma and taste. You’ll often hear this herb compared to all kinds of funky things, and Skunk is often described as smelling like a dead animal - but we disagree. Strong, sure, and there’s definitely something ammonia like and earthy to this stuff, but rotting flesh? Nah.

Inhaling this cannabis’ complex and balanced scent is more like something from the forest - a dank and woodland scent better compared to fungi than to flesh. And once that flavor coats the tongue, you’ll notice definite sweet-sour undertones that are utterly delicious.


As divisive as the aroma and flavor profile of Skunk Autoflower may be, the effects of this ganja are far more widely agreed upon. Manifesting both a mental and physical influence, she begins by bringing on an intense euphoric mood that ushers in happiness and clear away the cobwebs of the mind. This pot tends to invigorate and fill you with energy, though this is a short-lived effect as her physical side tends to kick in soon after.

While the cerebral sensations of this herb are in full swing, most tokers find that Skunk Auto enhances creativity, making her a strain loved by artists, musicians and all kinds of creatives looking to create their next masterpiece.

Work fast though, as once the calming physical side of this hybrid sets in, you’ll find though you’re able to move, you might be unwilling to.

Along with the usual munchies effect of most marijuana strains, Skunk is also commonly reported to include an additional extra heightening your sense of smell to seek out food. Odd as this may seem, really it makes sense. And, of course, is likely to increase your hunger pangs and consumption while you’re riding high, so keeping snacks to hand is recommended.

Many stoners will tell you that this weed will bring on some serious giggle fits too, so watching comedies and sharing this herb with friends is great for appealing to your sociable side.

As with most strains, Skunk Auto may induce dry, red eyes and cottonmouth as a side effect, so stay hydrated while you toke. For those more sensitive or if over consumed, side effects may be more severe. These can include dizziness, increased paranoia, headaches and anxiety.

Medical Uses of Skunk Autoflower

Skunk Autoflower is a little less potent than her photoperiod variant, but still enough to provide much coveted relief for those in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community seeking reprieve from physical or psychological ailments.

For those looking for a natural alternative to prescribed medications, this cannabis can provide prolonged relief from chronic pain and inflammation, particularly for patients suffering from migraines, arthritis, muscle cramps and PMS.

As for psychological aid, the sublime cerebral effects of this herb make her of great therapeutic benefit to sufferers of stress, depression, anxiety, mood swings and bipolar disorder.

Though the energy-boosting properties of this ganja dissipate fast, they can work to improve the muscle tension of those struggling with fatigue, functioning in combination with her analgesic properties. In addition to this, the hunger pangs these buds induce can encourage those suffering from lack of appetite to pick up a fork and tuck in.

Growing Skunk Autoflower Seeds

Like most auto strains, Skunk Autoflower isn’t a particularly tall specimen, standing at around 120 centimeters when fully grown, and that’s about as tall as she’s likely to get. Still, she has adequate internodal space to allow for good airflow, and this structure means she’s easier to keep at the proper temperature and humidity, and is less likely to succumb to pests and pathogens.

From planting to harvest, Skunk Auto’s lifespan is around 10 weeks long, and the last 6 to 8 of those weeks will be spent flowering. Much like her photoperiod family, this beauty will mature to sprout gorgeously huge buds that are dense and sparkling with sticky trichomes.

Indoors is ideal for growing this strain, as it allows for a more closely controlled environment and dramatically reduces the chance of harm of pests. This way, she can also be grown with 18 to 24 hours of light, which will help to boost her yields up to the top end, coming in at around 400 to 500 grams per square meter.

If you do choose to cultivate this cannabis outdoors, the warmer months are your best chance of growing her to her full potential. In the northern hemisphere, opt for spring and summer so that she can be harvested before the frosts set in, and she can have the full benefit of the summer sunshine. Once ready for reaping, yields should be around 100 grams of nugs per plant.


If you’ve always fancied trying your hand at the legendary Skunk strain, but were worried you’d manage to mess it up somehow, this may be your chance to shine. Bred with Ruderalis genetics to reduce her flowering time and reliance on light cycles, Skunk Autoflower is simple enough for any novice to grow - provided her divisive and acrid aroma doesn’t put you off.

Dank and ammonia-like in her scent, but sweeter on the tongue than the nose, these buds still deliver a mind-clearing, uplifting and energizing cerebral high that’s hard not to love. Followed by a sweeping and calming body-stone, the well-balanced effects of this weed can be used by MMJ tokers to treat not only chronic pain and inflammation, but to usher out the worries of those struggling with stress, anxiety or depression.

Growing this ganja is a dream come true, as her size, stature and structure all work in synchronicity to give you an extra helping hand as she matures. Quick growing, this hybrid will receive ample air and light without any extra effort on your part, and though pungent, will flourish with only the simplest amount of TLC.

More Information
Strain IconsAutoflower
SexFeminized Autoflower
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthAll Year
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)