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Critical Kush Feminized Seeds

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With this hybrid of legends, buckle in for a powerfully sedative and stereotypically dopey high that perfectly showcases what being a high THC Indica strain is all about...

Dark, Dank and Deeply Decadent


Bud Basics

With this hybrid of legends, buckle in for a powerfully sedative and stereotypically dopey high that perfectly showcases what being a high THC Indica strain is all about.


Critical Kush Fem comes from the storied genetic lineage of West Coast fave OG Kush and the stupidly generous yielding Critical Mass, bringing you a hybrid known for boasting an astonishingly high 26% THC content and wildly bountiful harvests.


Fans of those incredible Critical yields will be all too familiar with this parent strain’s tendency to struggle under the sheer weight of her own buds, and while Critical Kush is just as prodigious with bud production, the Kush genetics serve to strengthen this hybrid and smooth out the entire cultivation experience - excellent news for you less experienced growers looking for satisfyingly epic yet easy-going beans.


While known as something of a creeper high with a significantly delayed fuse, this Indica-heavy hybrid is nonetheless one of the best on the market when it comes to a sedative chillout strain for the evenings or weekends.


This is definitely not one for anyone looking for an energizing specimen to smash through those to-do lists (though is perfectly suited for a supremely rewarding post-work spliff).


You’re definitely in for a more physical than cerebral experience with Critical Kush, though that’s not to say there isn’t notable mental stimulation or medicinal value to these buds - just be aware you’re in for one of the most typically ‘stoner’ highs you can imagine.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical Kush

The mix of myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene terpenes in Critical Kush Feminized come together in a flavor and aroma profile which is strikingly reminiscent (try virtually identical) to the quintessential and beloved OG Kush profile.


Kush lovers are in for a treat with these buds and their dank, earthy nuances which pop with the occasional citric zest and piney freshness.


It’s very much the same experience on the nose and the tongue with these buds, however, many users report a subtly noticeable spiciness on the exhale which adds an exquisite full stop to the toke.




With THC potential bordering on the mind-melting 30% mark, it should go without saying that you’re in for a decidedly powerful experience when consuming Critical Kush.


You’ll feel the tingling of minor mental stimulation working its way through you fairly quickly, helping to boost your mood and letting you know Mary Jane is with you, but the real brunt of the high takes a while before it settles in.


This is the very definition of a creeper high, and when it hits you’ll notice a strong sense of sedation spreading through you, soaking into every limb and fiber of your being. Pretty soon, you’re overwhelmed with sheer contentment, without much desire to do anything except chill out.


These traits have understandably made Critical Kush Feminized a highly desired specimen among seasoned recreational smokers, proving more than capable of knocking the socks off even those with high THC tolerance - as well as a perfect pot partner for any post-work unwind or lazy weekend.


Those with strong tolerance might find they’re still able to get through more monotonous tasks, however, certainly as the high wears on (or you return for seconds, thirds, fourths…), you’re likely to find yourself glued to the couch, snacking out and drifting off to sleep.


And don’t be surprised if you feel a chronic case of red eye or cottonmouth (dry mouth) coming on when consuming Critical Kush either - it happens to most of us.



Medical Uses of Critical Kush Feminized

Though Critical Kush only possesses just shy of 1% CBD - a concentration higher than many high THC strains yet still considerably lower than most medical users aim for - this strain is nonetheless capable of some potent therapeutic effects.


Of course, given that THC can err dangerously (or enticingly, depending on your perspective) close to the 30% mark, you’re going to need some serious THC tolerance if you’re going to medicate with these buds.


While the cerebral effects are far less prominent than the physical influence of Critical Kush, patients who suffer from everything from stress to negativity, anxiety or depression can find a brief and welcome reprieve when consuming these buds.


Sadly, the cerebral clearness is not as long-lived as many with mental maladies might hope for, but the profound sedative effects that follow are capable of working therapeutic wonders on physical aches and pains, as well as promoting a ravenous and healthy appetite for the duration thanks to their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-emetic properties.


Adding to the medical mix comes a drowsiness that’s almost impossible to resist and a perfect treatment for anyone who suffers from insomnia or even simply struggles to get to sleep at night - with Critical Kush Fem, you’ll drift off to a restful and rejuvenation sleep before you even notice your eyelids are drooping.



Growing Critical Kush Feminized Seeds

Critical Kush embodies Indica strains almost like she’s got no Sativa in her genetics at all. When growing this hybrid, you’re dealing with plants which remain reasonably stout, under 1 meter tall in most cases, are bushy and buddy, and come naturally strengthened against mold or pest-related problems.


Your plants will develop a lot of budding sites crammed with dense and crystally nugs, and while that’s certainly appealing, those who’ve tangled with Critical Mass before will know the price this comes with. Thankfully, Critical Kush Feminized plants are far better at holding their own weight as they mature and the buds begin to swell - but that’s not to say you don’t have some work ahead of you.


Brush up on plant training techniques and prep your crop with trellises to provide additional support when those branches start getting weighty. It’s also a good idea to top these plants early on as this kind of High Stress Training (HST) can work wonders at encouraging lateral development and increasing your yield output.


You’re also going to need to regularly trim and prune your Critical Kush plants, as well as use some Low Stress Training techniques like tying or bending the branches to help promote adequate airflow and light penetration to every region of your plants.


This should all help mitigate any chance of bud rot and maximize those supercharged Big Bud yields.


Expect between 6 and 8 weeks of flowering, after which the indoor grower can rake in up to 600 grams per meter squared, while outdoor cultivators are looking at roughly 650 grams per plant if their crop benefits from a Mediterranean-esque climate.


On a final note, if discretion is a necessity for you, consider some strong odor control measures like carbon filters - Critical Kush comes from the Skunk family down the line, and those potent and pungent genetics are infamous for making their presence known wherever they go or grow.




This amped-up THC powerhouse of a Kush strain isn’t too dissimilar to the famed OG Kush herself.


Critical Kush brings you all the explosive benefits of the Critical Mass strain in a Kush wrapper - fast to grow, bodacious and bountiful yields, and a THC capable of reaching upwards of 30% in the strongest of cases.


This is no hybrid to underestimate, and while best suited to those with high THC tolerance, these plants are surprisingly beginner-friendly (though… not too friendly - these beans aren’t strictly speaking a walk in the park).

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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