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As an old-school hybrid, Purple Haze Feminized has been on the 420 scene since at least the 60s as a prominent Sativa-leaning hybrid capable of inducing psychedelic and euphoric highs...

That Girl Put A Spell On Me

Bud Basics

As an old-school hybrid, Purple Haze Feminized has been on the 420 scene since at least the 60s as a prominent Sativa-leaning hybrid capable of inducing psychedelic and euphoric highs. Due to this, she’s known in the cannabis community as the ultimate feel-good ganja - but however you’ve heard her referred to, she’s bound to deliver an experience like nothing you’ve ever toked before.

Considered by breeders to be a cross between Haze and Purple Thai, this ganja boasts a gorgeous palette of purple and indigo buds that once dried and cured correctly induce a hard-hitting, hazy mental state that perfectly complements a fragrant earthy aroma, and has you feeling spelled and compelled to sit back and enjoy the ride.

As a medical strain, doctors adore Purple Haze Fem’s ability to alleviate mental conditions and disturbances, as her energizing and uplifting effects usher in a profound positivity that clears the mind of the burdens of stress, anxiety and depression.

For cannabis cultivators in the know, Purple Haze tends to surprise as a Sativa-heavy strain that’s fuss-free and easy to maintain. She’s sturdy and resilient to most common pests and molds, and is ideal for outdoor growing where there’s plenty of vertical space. Indoors, she thrives in hydroponics and yields well after around 10 weeks of flowering to provide plenty of sticky, purple nugs that scream of her potency.

Flavor and Fragrance of Purple Haze Feminized

Opening a bag of Purple Haze Feminized is to release the delightful Haze aroma of earthiness, underpinned by subtle and faint notes of blueberry and tropical scents. Sweet and powerful, it’s hard not to enjoy the first impression this herb makes.

As for her flavor, she’s still just as enticing when lit up, with a spicy and sweet taste that borders on fruity and is mild and easy on the taste buds. Once exhaled, this fruitiness develops into berry and grape notes that linger in the mouth.


Sativa-leaning and sweet on the palate, everything about Purple Haze Fem is orchestrated to make tokers feel great, from the hybrid’s near-psychedelic high to the burst of happiness she provides. A couple of tokes of this weed will fill you with a magical buzz that goes right to your head and lingers there.

As this ganja really gets going, you’ll notice the giggles begin to descend, uncontrollable and delightful as you adventure through your euphoric experience. Your thoughts will be uplifting into positivity, and your mind will be overcome with feelings of happiness and contentment that accompany the burst of energy and creativity this pot brings on.

Since Purple Haze tends to bring even the most anti-social introvert out of their shell, she’s a choice strain for a quick toke before any social event, and will make sure you’re in a sociable and talkative mood.

Creative types, too, will benefit from the energy of this herb, as she gets your juices flowing and reconnects you to the Muses. Kept low and slow, office workers might also be able to utilize the effects of this weed as a wake-and-bake, as there’s no couchlock for this hybrid so she’s great for the daytime.

Still, like most strains, Purple Haze Fem has the potential to cause adverse effects. For those new to toking or those with a sensitivity to THC, the 18% content of this herb can overwhelm to cause dizziness, headaches, increase anxiety and paranoia. For those with more experience, there’s still a likelihood of dry eyes and cottonmouth, so ensure you remain hydrated throughout your sesh.

Medical Uses of Purple Haze Feminized

The medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community love Purple Haze Fem for her potent pharmaceutical benefits, as she’s great for easing psychological and physical ailments without the unwanted side effects of traditional over-the-counter meds. Since she’s Sativa-heavy, the mood-enhancing properties are ideal for creating a state of mental bliss that can lift negative emotions and thoughts and wipe them from the mind to endow tokers with a better, healthier and more positive mindset.

Due to the energizing qualities of this weed, those slowed down by extreme tiredness or chronic fatigue will find that Purple Haze provides just the vitality boost you need, making it a simpler task to complete everyday chores without causing hyperactivity.

For those suffering from chronic pain conditions, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this ganja can be of benefit, capable of relieving mild to moderate pain from headaches, muscle spasms, migraines, joint pain and arthritis.

Growing Purple Haze Feminized Seeds

A simple and straightforward growing venture, Purple Haze Feminized is ideal for beginners as she’s unusually hassle-free for a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Resistant to molds, mildews and many of the diseases that commonly target cannabis, this plant requires only the lowest level of maintenance and TLC to flourish.

For those who prefer to cultivate their cannabis indoors, growing Purple Haze Fem in hydroponics in combination with a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup is the place to start.

These seeds are feminized so removing males is not a worry, but since she’s an average sized specimen and can reach up to between 3 and 4 feet, you either need plenty of vertical space or an understanding of pruning and topping cannabis techniques to maintain her bushy shape.

As these beauties mature, their heavy colas may require some additional supporting structure to be able to hold their own weight. She’ll bloom into shades of gorgeous mossy green with purplish hues and beautiful blue-indigo buds. After 8 to 10 weeks, this herb can be harvested for around 1.31 ounces of nugs per square foot.

Outdoor growers will find that this plant really blossoms when planted in rich soil and left to sprout in plenty of sunshine. Since she’s hardy, she can thrive in colder climates, but you’ll need to be more aware of timing and seasonal changes. She should be harvested toward the end of October in the northern hemisphere to avoid frost damage, and in ideal conditions will yield around 14 ounces of violet buds per plant.


You don’t get a Jimi Hendrix song associated with a strain unless that strain has a damn good reputation, and Purple Haze Feminized entirely lives up to her name as the feel-good ganja of the 60s.

Recreational tokers love her earthy, fruity berry aroma and flavor that perfectly offsets the hazy, crazy purple highs this weed provides. Medicinal users find her uplifting effects to be the ideal remedy for clearing the mind of nasty negativity and ushering in pleasant and positive feelings.

Growing this Sativa hybrid is surprisingly simple, since she’s sturdier and more resilient that most. She may require a little support once her colas start to get heavy, but you won’t find cultivators complaining about Purple Haze’s dense, indigo nugs, which show up in abundance after 8 to 10 weeks of flowering to fill your stash with dashing purple people-pleasers capable of putting a spell on any toker. 

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)