CBD Jack Herer Feminized Seeds

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CBD Jack Herer Feminized Seeds

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Jack Herer, one of Amsterdam’s undisputedly finest cannabis strains, achieves the coveted 1:1 THC to CBD ratio with this all-star genetic medical marijuana masterpiece of ganja engineering...

Best Enjoyed With No Clothes


Bud Basics

Jack Herer, one of Amsterdam’s undisputedly finest cannabis strains, achieves the coveted 1:1 THC to CBD ratio with this all-star genetic medical marijuana masterpiece of ganja engineering.


The original wonder weed takes her name from iconic cannabis activist and author of the best-selling book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, and combines the famed genetics of Northern Lights #5Haze and Shiva Skunk in a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with an exquisitely balanced cerebral and physical high.


Sound amazing? Well, that’s because it is! This potent citric sensory delight has lent her rich genetic profile to countless perennially popular strains over the decades since she hit the scene, and though remarkable both medically recreationally, has been beyond the reach of those with low THC tolerance until now.


With the addition of undisclosed high CBD genetics, the Cannabidiol (CBD) levels have been significantly boosted in CBD Jack Herer, tempering the THC to an equal 8% content.


Finally, the energetic and unforgettable sensation that is Jack Herer has found her rightful place among therapeutic tokers worldwide. Make no mistake though, CBD Jack Herer is not just for the medical market, and should not be ignored by any die-hard fans of this fan-favorite specimen.


Quick-hitting, productive, creative and downright delicious - you’d have to be beyond mad not to give these beauties a try!



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Jack Herer

This spectacular strain comes with an abundance of terpinolene, caryophyllene and myrcene terps which translate to a strain crammed with citric delights.


Predominantly, expect to be treated to a mouthwatering orange scent with hints of lemon and subtler notes of pine on both the nose and the tongue. This award-winning flavor and aroma combination can be somewhat peppery in some phenos, though this can be overpowered by the fruitier tones at play.


Genuinely unfaultable and delectable from first to last, the taste and scent of CBD Jack Herer does her illustrious Amsterdam parent proud.




Jack Herer has long been beloved among the recreational tokers of the Netherlands and beyond, scooping up innumerable Cannabis Cup awards for possessing a balanced high that’s tough to beat.


With CBD Jack Herer, it’s much the same, merely with the psychoactive influence muted. 


Expect to feel the same deeply relaxing and quietly stimulating cerebral effects as with the original - energizing, motivating, focusing, calming and inspiring all at the same time. You’ll swiftly feel any stress or mental inhibitions melt away, clearing the path between you and what needs doing.


All this makes CBD Jack Herer absolutely perfect as a wake and bake strain for morning or daytime use, capable of replacing (or idyllically accompanying) your regular coffee, flooding the body and brain alike with energy.


Thanks to the tempered THC levels, you shouldn’t ever find the high from this CBD hybrid ever gets too much to handle, rather remains at a perfectly manageable equilibrium that leaves you alert and ready at all times.


Creative types, in particular, are in for a treat with these buds, which effortlessly aid in thought stimulation and serve as your marijuana muse.


Of course, given that there is 8% THC present, it’s entirely possible to overdo it and suffer some of the minor side effects of Mary Jane like dry mouth or red eyes, however, it’s not too likely with the CBD there to balance things out. Keep yourself well hydrated and avoid overindulging (despite the deliciousness) and you should be just fine.



Medical Uses of CBD Jack Herer Feminized 

Jack’s dual buzz of the body and mind has long made this high THC strain from the ‘Dam an ideal therapeutic specimen, providing recreational users with much-needed relief from everything from stress to depression, aches and pains, however, for those with no interest in the psychoactive properties of pot, the hybrid was simply far too strong.


With CBD Jack Herer, you can expect all the same tremendous therapeutic potential and then some, courtesy of a considerable 8% CBD and perfectly balanced 1:1 THC to CBD ratio which thoroughly tempers the psychoactive nature of the buds.


The fast-acting influence of this strain can provide practically immediate relief to physical and mental maladies such as headaches, migraines, PMS cramps, arthritis, stress, depression and anxiety.


As with many marijuana strains, this CBD-rich hybrid is also a dab hand at negating nausea, stimulating appetite and helping the user drift off into an effortless sleep.


Finally, standing out from the crowd of usual suspects, CBD Jack Herer is even reported to be a quite effective treatment for those who suffer from epileptic seizures.



Growing CBD Jack Herer Feminized Seeds 

Much like the famed non-CBD variety of this superstar, CBD Jack Herer is remarkably straightforward to cultivate, putting this strain very much within reach of even newbies attempting their first grows.


The marginal Sativa dominance of these plants also makes CBD Jack Herer an ideal training plant for those hoping to get to grips with the sometimes more challenging Sativa strains and their tendency towards grand heights.


If grown under optimal conditions, you can expect these beauties to reach upwards of 2 meters tall, though it is possible to keep this to a far more manageable size through a Screen of Green (ScROG) setup and Low Stress Training (LST) techniques.


Thanks to a highly stable genetic composition, these plants should be quite capable of fending of any mold or potential pest problems while growing.


Cultivation medium is worth considering carefully if you have a particular purpose in mind for your CBD Jack Herer buds. Opt for organic soil if you’re hoping to boost terpene production and the overall flavor, aroma and medicinal value of your nugs, or a hydroponic setup to help instigate explosive growth and maximum yield output.


After roughly 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, these stunning plants will be ripe and ready to harvest, speckled with countless crystal trichomes in a sea of deep and gorgeous greens. Indoor growers can expect anywhere between 400 and 500 grams per meter squared, while those who have cultivated CBD Jack Herer outdoors in a warm Mediterranean-like climate can expect closer to 500 grams per plant for their efforts.




A hybrid born to be a wake and bake strain, CBD Jack Herer exemplifies everything tokers have adored about the game-changing Jack Herer, from fruity flavor to exquisitely balanced high, in a CBD-heavy wrapper.


Simple and enjoyable to grow (and even more delightful to consume), whether you’re a novice grower, a first-time toker, a commercial cultivator or seasoned smoker, there’s something here for everyone.

Strain Profile
THC ContentLow (5-10%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentHigh (5-10%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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